25+ Amazing Garden Wedding Lighting Design Ideas

In the event the wedding is in the comfort of your own garden, speak to your lighting pro about how much electricity you’ll need and ask if they’ll be bringing a generator. Generally, outdoor weddings are usually easy and hassle-free, but this is definitely not a universal rule. The best-kept secret when it has to do with designing the ideal wedding all comes down to picking the ideal event lighting!

The lighting in an outdoor wedding can not only form a functional aspect to the day but create a beautiful form of decoration. In the summer months it may not get dark till 10 pm but as dusk falls it’s time to get out your tea lights, fairy light whatever takes your fancy and add another level of atmosphere to your wedding.

Lighting plays a vital role as it allows you to acquire excellent photographs. After all, it can affect your wedding’s whole atmosphere, creating a particular kind of experience for your guests. Cove lighting and recessed spotlights might also be used throughout the space.

Wedding Lighting Ideas
Wedding Lighting Ideas

Very best Wedding sheltered outdoor as it is more inclined to be turned off. If you would like to continue to keep your wedding as basic and as straightforward as possible, then you will never be able to fail with this wonderful shabby-chic multicolored ribbon you can easily and effortlessly wrap around your chair. If you’ve planned an outdoor wedding that takes place right in the center of nature, then you’ll just make sure your dress and accessories fully match the decor ultimately, it would be quite out-of-picture to wear diamonds if you’ve planned a rather easy and modest wedding.

Planning an outdoor ceremony or reception? Consider how you’ll light your celebration. These ideas from real weddings offer excellent inspiration for lighting a party outside.

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