25+ Beautiful Japanese Wedding Dress Design Ideas

Japanese weddings usually take several chances to acknowledge the groom’s parents and the bride. Contemporary Japanese wedding is celebrated in a variety of amazing ways. Japan is one of the developed countries in Asia. So that Japan is often used as an Asian representative especially from the beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan.

There is not much to say about the style of marriage in Japan. But the country is full of cherry blossoms have a beauty of the cultural side, one of which is a typical Japanese dress that is Kimono.

An unusual sight at a Japanese wedding, the brides deliberately combine traditional clothing with various Western wedding elements.

Traditional Japanese Wedding Dress IDeas
Traditional Japanese Wedding Dress IDeas

Traditional Japanese outfits wear furisodes with long kimono-length touches. However, some brides modify their outfits to add to their unique wedding dress. Here are more than 25 beautiful Japanese wedding clothes that can inspire you:

By folding the forearm and tying it to a decorative bow behind, their kimono suddenly transforms into an elegant strapless dress

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