30+ Romantic Winter Wedding Dresses Ideas For Perfect Wedding

What type of wedding dress do you wear to a winter wedding? It’s a question we always get asked. Do you go for a long sleeved winter wedding dress or brave the cold in a strapless gown with a cape or a faux fur stole? Whatever your style, we’ve rounded up 34 beautiful wedding dresses for your 2017 winter wedding.

Here at hitched we absolutely love winter weddings. They are always filled with sleek silver and white color schemes and have the best décor, and one other highlight is the stunning winter wedding dress which you as the bride, gets to wear.

Instead of looking for lighter fabrics like chiffon or silk linens, feel free to find gowns that pay homage to the fact that there may be a slight chill in the air the morning you wake up on your wedding day. Fabrics will more weight can easily be donned throughout this colder time of the year. Jacquard, satin and even Mikado are all great options.

Winter Wedding Dresses Design
Winter Wedding Dresses Design

In terms of silhouette, ball gowns will always bode well – any time of the year. But don’t be afraid to try out a neckline that’s a bit higher or a gown that has a beautiful sleeve. And then there are the accents, beadwork that sparkles like the snow on a mountaintop or textural skirts are beautiful ways to look like you’ve been fitted for the right season.

We have 34 of the crispest and stylish designs that will add the extra frosting to your magical festive winter wedding.

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