35+ Most Scary Halloween Wedding Decor Ideas

Choosing a wedding theme in accordance with the celebration that will happen in the near future is a fun thing. Especially if you hold a Halloween-themed wedding. For those of you who love the colors of black and gothic style, Halloween theme can be a fitting alternative. Black ornaments, pumpkin-like ornaments, magicians, even skulls can be part of the party’s decoration.

The blend of black, orange and white is the choice of the right color scheme for the Halloween theme. Tips, make a blend of black, orange, and white with a balanced. Do not let the black color is too dominant until the feel of the wedding party changed grim.

The presence of colorful fresh flowers may not match the Halloween theme. Instead, the centerpiece can be selected from the black wooden branches and the beautiful black butterfly ornaments. Or if you want to keep bringing fresh flowers, choose a purple or black.

Most Scary Halloween Wedding Decor Ideas 360
Most Scary Halloween Wedding Decor Ideas 360

There is more that should not be lost from the wedding with a Halloween theme that is pumpkin. Because the pumpkin is always synonymous with Halloween can be decorated in such a way to be a unique entrance decoration ornaments. Here’s a wedding decoration with a Halloween theme:

Halloween theme is a theme that many people love. Because in addition to the terrifying sensation until someone feels challenged to stay in the middle of the party despite the creeps and fears.

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