40+ Best Ideas For A Glamorous Speakeasy Party

With The Great Gatsby and speakeasy themes poised to continue their popularity into, planners may need new ideas for keeping them fresh. For a corporate party in Washington, Evoke put its own spin on the glamorous theme with a luxe design scheme, multiple custom bar fronts, and roving entertainers including flappers who wore card tables around their necks for impromptu poker and blackjack hands.

“If you’re doing a networking event, the last thing you want is to have people have a drink and leave,” said Jodi Moraru of Evoke, which designed and managed the event. “If you want to keep people engaged, you have to be interactive.”

The details of your décor will depend on what type of 1920s party you’re hosting. Speakeasies were dim, smoky places with an intimate feel while garden parties lend themselves well to a light and airy atmosphere. No matter which direction your party theme goes, there are few essential décor items you can use to give your party space a healthy dose of the decade.

1920s Speakeasy Party Decoration Design
1920s Speakeasy Party Decoration Design

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation hosted the event late last year to coincide with an industry conference in town. The only directive was to create something interesting, and Moraru suggested the speakeasy theme. From there, the ideas flowed, starting with the exterior of the venue, Long View Gallery. Evoke boarded up the façade and put up a faux brick to mimic a speakeasy, complete with a sign that read.

Here are 43 ideas from the event for a glamorous speakeasy theme.

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