6 Gorgeous Simple Wedding Bouquet Ideas Ideas To Make You Happy

Holding a wedding is one of the events that everyone has been waiting for because this is a big event that is only done once in life. Fancy or simple, of course, there are many things that need to be prepared, starting from the design of the decoration, the wedding gown to several other gifts that can be offered to our guests and those closest to us.

When talking about flowers in marriage it can’t be forgotten. flowers cannot be thrown away when dealing with wedding decorations. Starting to beautify the decorations on the table, walls, to a bouquet of flowers for a happy bride. If you are carrying out modern customs that don’t miss the flower throwing session, you need to prepare decorations for the flower bouquet. Although thrown, but the flower will accompany you until the event is over ?. Therefore, you need to prepare simple flowers and not make them heavy. Some of the simplest wedding bouquet inspirations you can try.

Below Are Gorgeous Simple Wedding Bouquet Ideas Ideas To Make You Happy

White Wedding Bouquet Ideas
For decorating a simple bouquet, small flowers that are familiar with the white color, are the right choice. In addition, the stems are not too large, will fit to be held with one hand. Simple and will not make you bother to make it.

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Wedding Flower Bouquet Ideas
The symbol that this flower holds in a marriage, symbolizes sincerity, purity and true love. No wonder this flower is often used as a bouquet of flowers in a wedding. Do you want to try using this bouquet?

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Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas
This is a collection of several flowers that you bind to be a bouquet. Usually, flowers with bright colors like this are suitable for you who will hold a wedding in the summer, so it will look very beautiful if you hold this bouquet.

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Small Wedding Bouquet Ideas
Simple search is easy, adjusted to your liking. If you want to be in contact with calm colors, this combination of phoeny flowers and roses can be your choice. The colors orange, pink, and white already represent the simple and calm impression that you want, right.

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Simple Wedding Bouquet Ideas
Roses are flowers that can represent the feelings of a person’s heart. White, simple and the sincerity of love is implied. In your grasp and heart, you can carry that sincere feeling of sincerity in a bouquet of flowers at your wedding later.

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Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas
The white color will always be perfect for mixing and matching with any color. The muted light green color never goes wrong. Are you sure you don’t want to adopt this simple flower bouquet decoration? So you don’t need to be complicated anymore to make it.

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Hopefully, some of the inspirations of the wedding bouquet that we reviewed above, can be useful for you in holding your special event which is only held once in life.

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