Awesome Pink And Navy Bouquet For Your Wedding: 30+ Beautiful Pictures

One of the hot new styles is the contemporary orange and blue wedding. And one of the highlights of a wedding is a bouquet of flowers. Interesting indeed speaks bouquet. Many types of wreaths we usually see in a wedding. And the white color that we often encounter.

How about you, do you want a different color of the wreath in your marriage later ?. Red, orange pink are the colors that you can choose for your wedding bouquet later.

In addition, the blue navy also looks pretty if you combine with the color pink and white. Looks so fresh and romantic. Try to make wreaths with a combination of the white, pink and blue navy.

Awesome Pink And Navy Bouquet For Your Wedding 310
Awesome Pink And Navy Bouquet For Your Wedding 310

In addition to the color of the wreaths, the combination and way of arranging the flower arrangements will also create a separate art of beauty. Many people use the rose as the main flower decorated with other flowers. Look at the wreaths below:

You can try one of the beach wedding colors mentioned above and you will not fail. This is one of the traditional autumn wedding colors and is perfect for your wedding.

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