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10 yards: I see my younger self walking down the hallway of my pre-school, eyeing all the other girls’ cheerleading outfits adorning shiny mums their moms all probably stressed out in making throughout the week. Tempting, I know, but I hope you enjoy! "This whole pandemic has really brought us closer. There is at least one thing however that remained the same this season: you've got to pass to play. Texas State Bobcats on Pluto, UT on the sun, A&M on the moon, Tarleton State on Neptune. The previous week I toured the University of Texas’ campus and caught a glimpse of that menacing stadium. Details about her love life are still under review. Create a Portfolio. And then I saw my family, smack dab in the middle eagerly waiting to embarrass me, I’m sure. So every little thing we were used to or took for granted we had to kind of think of how to make that work well with the pandemic and just getting used to that.". This is Mojica's 5th year as head coach for the volleyball team. Once I remembered this, I smiled and relaxed. I blink again and I’m taken back to fall 2011 and I see my friends, my senior class, and myself. Afterwards, my senior boyfriend comes and puts me on his shoulders as the entire community chants “Sinton Pirates, Sinton Pirates!” along with our award winning band. Game-time was also a different environment altogether. We all had different dresses on, but our facial expression was the same: pale, doe-eyed, most likely all nauseous too. So, we took on journaling!". Twitter; WhatsApp; SMS; Email; Print; Save; Buy Now. We really grew a new team bond and respect for each other," said Cooper. "It makes me think of how I could have been in that position and have your senior season taken away from you. 3,337 Followers, 2,461 Following, 1,076 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Leslie Adami (@leslieadami_tv) ( Log Out /  Leslie Adami joined the KIII-TV team in September 2019 as the weekday evening anchor for the 5, 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts. I am an awkward, brace-faced freshman, and yet all seems right in my little world at this moment. Despite the challenges, frustrations, and difficult moments brought on by the pandemic, the players and proud coach shared they've never been more grateful to play. 30 yards: I can feel the heat of the giant rusty iron Never-Ending S burning behind me and my volleyball team as we link pinkies and sway, singing our alma mater “Maroon and White,” a community favorite homecoming week tradition. Later this week was also our final Powder Puff game, where the junior and senior girls face off in a game of flag football. AJ Lopez; Facebook; Twitter; WhatsApp; SMS; Email; Print; Save; featured. Coming back home. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It was a breezy, orange-lit October evening. She shared that one of the most difficult challenges this year was keeping up with the ever-evolving updates to U.I.L rules and regulations. "If I could say something to my seniors and parents, it would definitely be thank you,” said Coach Gill. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Images, Youtube and more on IDCrawl - the leading free people search engine. All the time.”. "As the city grows, so does our call volumes. Although repping different teams, from different towns, when asked what their advice would be for underclassmen or other athletes in general, the girls and coaches seemed to share the same sentiment: “Never take it for granted,” said Harley Guerra (King HS). Get to know me better on: Facebook: Twitter: @LesMissAdami Instagram: @leslie.adami And that’s when I realized all those little homecoming week traditions aren’t for the students, it’s for the now. About two-thirds of heat-related injuries happen in August, according to doctors. Be smart out in the public. Subsequent to moving on from Sinton High School, she went to the University of Texas (Hook Them!) A lot of people lost their opportunities at getting seen by colleges and getting scholarships," said McCoy. He had been doing the announcements for the game since I was little. “Be smart outside of school, and athletics, and everything, you know. There are families across the world, the U.S., and right here in South Texas, who are now left with empty seats at the table after losing loved ones to COVID-19. After my next class we’ll be in the homecoming parade, and I can only hope my Mimi can catch me in our little sea of maroon sitting atop the hay bales on Amanda’s daddy’s trailer. Not necessarily winning — because we didn’t, and that’s okay because Cat did, and she’s the sweetest girl in our senior class— but it is every little girl’s dream for their name to be announced on Homecoming night as small-town royalty. Leslie Adami. I knew it would look different, but we would still get to play," Trujillo said. The players shared they're thankful for that as well, but that they made sure to take advantage of every second they were out on the court. Find Leslie Weber online. "When a kid enters the gym, they have a QR code that they scan and they answer all the COVID-19 questions to make sure that they don't have any of the symptoms. Facebook. He gave my arm a comforting squeeze and we smiled proudly for pictures. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Images, Youtube and more on IDCrawl - the leading free people search engine. I swear for a second my heart becomes one with the drum line. Just the thought of sitting that high up almost made my nose bleed. “Leslie from the House of Adami!” boomed the announcer’s voice up in the press box above the stadium. In addition to the COVID-19 safety protocols, there was another change to practice this season that was a bit more welcome: journaling. While the pandemic has led to some major adjustments at school, practice and at games, she shared that her girls handled the changes well. Leslie has not yet revealed her net worth. “Let’s just be thankful we have this moment, because within a blink of an eye, it could be gone. And it wouldn’t be a Powder Puff game without the man pageant preceding it of course, where the homecoming court trades places with their escorts, AKA drag in it’s ripest form. "I really like it personally! I could have sworn my heart had transformed itself into a hummingbird as soon as I had stepped onto the field. JOURNALISM/PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE Texas Student Television News- Associate Producer Fall 2012- present Through my … Create a free Muck Rack account to customize your profile and upload a portfolio of your best work. The players wear their nicest button downs and fathers’ ties, with two fall favorite accessories in each hand: a homemade good luck bag in one, and that of the cute girlfriend’s who spent all of the previous night making it, in the other. Although a small town, there are actually a good number of things that make Sinton unique, that make it “home.” And as Dorothy Gale once said, “there’s no place like home.”. “We get energy off of the fans and only to have like two or four fans, it’s just different, you have to feed off of the benches and off of the court for your energy,” said Autumn Moses, also a senior team captain and six-rotation outside hitter. … All these years and I have yet to see him, but I always pictured him as a tall, broad-shouldered man with perfect blonde hair and a big, toothy smile. We clenched our stomachs as we cried laughing at the escorts dressed ever so fabulously in our clothes and makeup, and nearly lost our voices cheering on our fellow senior girls out on the field. We will update this section when we get and verify information about the wealth and properties under her name. I just finished the story and thought I’d share on here for anyone interested in small town life. This year the King volleyball team had no seniors, meaning Mojica will fortunately get to work with the same group of girls again next season. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Email: Lnadami43@gmail.com Phone: (361) 960-9165 And who doesn’t love new followers? We can reflect on it," said sophomore Harley Guerra, who plays all-around for her team. Before entering the gym at King High School in Corpus Christi, volleyball players not only had to mask-up, but also scan a QR code that would check them in and also help monitor for COVID symptoms. ( Log Out /  AUSTIN, Texas — A golf course that has been a staple in Downtown Austin for 70 years could be changing hands. I had looked forward to this moment my entire life. Overall, he’s coached the sport for 14. My mom says he is a very good, very short Hispanic man, rather, so I’ll take her word for it. It’s about being able to look around at our sign that reads “Sinton, Texas: the City of Parks” and laugh to ourselves because Sinton has a population of just under 6000 and there may be four parks total; or knowing that we’re home to the biggest squirrel statue in Texas who spends her days happily looking across the street to the Valero and Court House with a famous Aunt Aggie De praline in her paws; or something as simple as driving down Main Street and rolling down your window to speak with Sheriff Moody at a red light. Coronavirus updates in Central Texas: 2021 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon postponed, 3M … CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For high school athletes who did have the opportunity to play their sport this past fall semester, despite it being significantly different, we heard from athletes who didn't express remorse or bitterness. AUSTIN, Texas — Many folks may know the first of May as "May Day," an international day dedicated to the working class. The KIII-TV team has treated Leslie like family. I pass through the gates and am pinned with a little white ribbon that reads “Ex” in shimmery maroon letters by a younger teacher whom I do not know. CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Saturday was a long day, but so many 3 News viewers, whether it was here on TV, on our app or our Facebook live, stuck with channel 3 for all of it during our coverage of Hurricane Hanna. Congratulations to each of these teams on what turned out to be successful and truly historic seasons for their volleyball programs. I was digging my freshly manicured nails into my escort’s arm. House action on Trump's $2,000 stimulus check demand expected Thursday 'Mississippi Queen' guitarist Leslie West dead at 75 . In high school, the teachers try to prepare you for college to their best ability, but they manage to leave out the weird, heart-wrenching feeling of returning to your town’s homecoming game. From socially-distanced bleachers, scanning QR codes upon entering gyms, to journaling at practice, here's a look back at how different teams navigated the pandemic. LinkedIn. He had been doing the announcements for the game since I was little. ( Log Out /  … By Leslie Adami kiiitv.com — Viewers shared video and pictures that helped the 3 News team more than they might have realized. We will let you know when she gets in a relationship or when we discover helpful information about her love life. Trujillo said the gym was cleaned each time between matches on game day, bleachers marked off for social-distancing, fans would need to wear masks… etc. Find Leslie Warren online. Leslie Adami Verified News Anchor — KIII-TV (Corpus Christi, TX) Corpus Christi U.S. They'll follow the rules because they know how quickly their season can be taken away," said head coach Maddie Mojica. "I really wanted to make sure my kids were getting the mental side of the game, the emotional side of the game, not just the physical. Twitter; Latest News Stories. Latest from Leslie Adami Uniquely West Texas: A look inside the Bruno Steel House of Ransom Canyon KLBK News / 2 years ago. Change ), Stage 2 Water Restrictions in Corpus Christi- KRIS 6 News. "She [Gill] really does push us to have our grades high and sets us to a very high standard, so we try to focus on that during the volleyball season," Cooper said. Standing in the end zone, I could easily make out the faces of the people who had impacted my life. The 2020 volleyball season was Tuloso-Midway Head Volleyball Coach, Jamie Gill's, 9th year with the district. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. The Exxon gas station off of South Colorado Street in Lockhart suffered serious wind damage from Sunday night's storms. This is “Homecoming”: People aren’t kidding when they talk about small town football like it’s an actual “thing.” Small town football is a culture and creates a sense of unity, and Sinton, Texas is no exception. Wait, is that an air horn I see in my uncle’s han-. LIST: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by school district. “Trust the process,” said Lillian McCoy (King HS). ( Log Out /  It's year 3 as SHS Head Volleyball Coach for Michael Trujillo. From left to right sits main anchor Joe Gazin, 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. producer Miranda Lindley and Leslie Adami. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. “Alright, you two will be standing at the 50 yard line. "We really had to look at that with a microscope. "There's no routine. Regional. There should be generally an uptick over the course of years, the trend, the up for the volume of calls," Viers said. It makes it very difficult for someone who likes to have everything structured," said Gill. Don’t trip!” My counselor said cheerfully. “Leslie from the House of Adami!” boomed the announcer’s voice up in the press box above the stadium. She says the return to the Coastal Bend has a been a warm and welcoming experience. And the thought of being just another face in those stands, made this moment all the more special. The closures will allow work crews the space necessary to safely pave the inside lane and shoulder. Are you a journalist? “Take advantage of every moment that you have,” said Emma Thomas, senior captain and outside hitter for Sinton HS. Often those tickets went to immediate family members, which the girls shared they were grateful for, but that they missed getting to hear their fellow classmates and rowdy student sections cheering them on. Video. But here, right now, none of them seem so far away. While things remained fast-paced on the court, it was a different energy beyond the sidelines. Cheers and chants begin to ring in my ears and I feel my heart begin to pump maroon blood yet again. We thank them for allowing us to share a glimpse of how they navigated a season unlike any other amid the pandemic. There was Mr. Baker in the lower right with his wife, I would surely miss him making me late to class with his life talks at Stripes at 7:50 am each morning (not a second earlier, not a minute later); I could also spot Mrs. Berecka in the top left doing her (in) famous butt shake in the stands waving maroon-painted water bottles with little beads in them alongside her other English department groupies. Win the day mentality, but also you don’t know when that day is your last day, so you wanna win that day and make sure you take advantage of it,” Trujillo said. So, play your best game. They're [the players] playing like it's their last.". Much to my surprise it came from the Bob Bullock museum, a woman was working on a piece for the museum called “Stories Around Texas.” She found a story I did in my time with San Pat News on the internet (posted to this blog, in fact!) The amount of tickets granted per player depended on a gym’s capacity limits. Sinton Pirate spirit radiates throughout the town on Friday evenings, but at no other time quite like during homecoming week. Wear your mask,” said Courtney Hesseltine, libero and one of the senior captains for the team. In a satellite interview with KIII Anchor Leslie Adami, Governor Greg Abbott responded to the number of recoveries among Texans saying, "Texas ranks … Since then eight of my classmates have gotten married and had babies, four have died, and two of my best friends now live in completely different states. The closure is expected to be reduced to a single-lane closure the following two nights. I look to the stands and am frightened, but humbled at the same time. I turned around to see my fellow homecoming court staggered behind me with their dates. I blinked. In that time, he's seen and worked through a lot. My name is Leslie Adami, I am a student journalist currently entering my third year at the University of Texas where I am working toward a bachelors in Journalism and Certificate in Latino Media Studies. As seen in: KIII-TV (Corpus Christi, TX) ... Twitter. It was a 512 number, assuming it was a university number I let it go to voicemail, because let’s face it: I’m just not mentally or emotionally ready for classes to start. "We really had to focus on setting a new set of new norms, wearing face masks, sanitizing a lot, sanitizing the balls after every practice," said Kyla Cooper, a senior defensive-specialist. The first 2,000 fans through the gates get a 20th-anniversary coin to commemorate the start of a historic season. Leslie N. Adami 2704 Rio Grande Street #604D, Austin, TX 78705 (361) 960-9165 • Lnadami43@gmail.com lnadami43blog.wordpress.com OBJECTIVE Journalism student seeking to further experience and skills in broadcast/multimedia journalism. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. See all 344 articles → Search Articles Articles. Mojica explained with the extra weight the pandemic has brought on everyone's lives, it wasn't enough for her girls to just be physically strong. Seniors won of course, with our stellar ‘We’re Out of Here’ galaxy theme decorating each planet with our new future university colors. It’s about creating a home for us “has-beens,” the alumni, to come back to. And just like the players, several parents and loved ones also rose to the challenge and changes this year, by cheering proudly for their team. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. "It's been this whole long journey together," said senior defensive-specialist Amaris Aumada. "It acts as a reminder before games what we really play for and what our real motivation is," added sophomore middle-blocker Lillian McCoy. The pandemic though, was a different beast.

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