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rhetorical question about marriage

Aporia comes in many forms but the most celebrated example is a quote from Shakespeare that almost everyone who went to school as quoted at least once. So I was wondering, suppose that there is a man and a woman cut off from civilization, on a desert island if you will, who have no means of obtaining a proper sacramental marriage, but would if they could. The outward sign of dedication to the LORD was betrayed by the treachery of uniting with paganism in marriage. Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” Romans 6:1 ANSWER: “God forbid. A rhetorical question may be used for an already asked question as a metaphor. Some may find that it is too late, because they have lived through a failed marriage and there is no going back. Israel was mentioned because it was the name of the covenant people; Judah and Jerusalem emphasized the center of the theocratic kingdom, the religious center of the nation. Ultimately, it is about your happiness. Malachi delivered his burden to the people of Israel well after the time of the return and revivals of Ezra and Nehemiah, somewhere between 440 and 400 B.C. The message brought a clear rebuke from the prophet because a violation of the covenant has been committed. Rhetorical questions are a great way to achieve that. The prophet at this starting point speaks in general terms to get the people’s attention; when he has it, he narrows the focus to the actual sins involved. Malachi also says that the wife is “your companion.” This adds to the treachery. Still, child marriage is much more common in the developing world because one of the main driving factors is poverty. Marrying an idolatrous woman was one thing; but dumping a legitimate wife for her is another. What is a rhetorical question? IF two people were in fact cut off from civilization, God would be working out many things with them outside of His sacraments, and would judge them on the knowledge they had, and lacked through no fault of their own. She was the wife of his youth, the one who had his first affections when they were the strongest, the one who probably gave him children, the one who had lived through it all with him. 19. For people to sin, say, for them to get rid of their spouses in order to marry pagans, biblical Law would have to be challenged, qualified, or set aside in some way. That plan was simple and clear: one man and one woman becoming one flesh throughout their earthly lives, to produce a godly seed. Everything You Should Know About Using Rhetorical Questions in … The intended purpose of the text is to promote the new wave of feminist ideologies. Perhaps a better view is that the “one” refers to the nation of Israel, the covenant people. They shared everything together, grief and joys, successes and failures, hard times and good times. The expression “wife of your youth” should be understood as “youthful wife,” the wife the man married when he was young and full of love and devotion and ambition and plans. These are figures of speech (metonymies of subject, meaning the people in these areas). Jennifer Maggio is a national author and speaker who is also a wife, mother, and founder of The Life of a Single Mom Ministries. They had been told by the prophet that God was rejecting their worship; but their response was not fear and repentance. The final section is clearly set off as a warning for those who are in a marriage. A rhetorical question about gay marriage maybe, "why do some still oppose gay marriage?" If reconciliation was possible, it was to be pursued; if not, then the people had to accept responsibility for their acts, find forgiveness and healing from God, and get on with their lives--like any other person forgiven and restored. The reason that God loathed it was that it “defiled the holiness” of God that he loves. Their personal blessing depended on preserving this covenant; and the well-being of the nation depended on the marriages doing what they were supposed to do. What then is the one? the rhetorical question should be about if we are born with our identity or not. Try these road trip questions for couples too. Marriage is an institution of God. 1116 §1. But in this modern day and age, no one is pressured into an arranged marriage. No passage in the Bible deals with all the details of marriage and divorce. They, of course, might choose to take their chances and rely on God understanding their predicament and intentions, but His work outside of the sacraments is a mystery, while His work within the sacraments is dogma. Rhetorical Question Examples. And all such hypocritical worship was completely rejected by God. Verse 15 is the most difficult verse in the book. In the Jewish writings the verb came to mean “act violently, faithlessly, and rebel.” So the people had been unfaithful to God, traitors to the covenant. From the very beginning of Genesis people have attempted to change God’s institution of marriage to suit their desires. For marriage to be “holy” matrimony, it must be pleasing to God; and to develop this there must be a real giving of soul to soul in the Lord, so that the husband and wife truly belong to one another, and truly see their marriage as service to God. We do, however, know if/when He works sacramentally. That rhetorical question was a method used to get someone to understand perspective and put ideas in context. 14:2). We are always called back to the ideal, to the standard of God. What did Malachi mean by “the holiness” of the Lord? Argument Analysis on Gay Marriage There are many controversies surrounding today's world, such as abortion, animal testing, and social reform issues. Here is real treachery. But over here were their unfortunate wives, now abandoned, praying and crying to God for help. And it still is. This should not surprise us. Therefore Malachi warned them to take heed not to deal treacherously, against the wife and therefore against the covenant plan of God. Now a second thing that they did is mentioned by the prophet. Share patient's GPS location with designated Emergency contact. RHETORICAL QUESTION AND THEIR ANSWERS IN ROMANS RHETORICAL QUESTION: “What shall we say then? When the Sun Sets: Jacob Meets God (Gen. 27:41-28:22). or "what makes you you?" - i swear someone just asked that question on yahoo a … 21:14, 15 and Neh. Rhetorical Questions in Literature. Leaving a question lingering in the air will allow the reader to spend further time in contemplation. Rhetorical question: Marriage. He hates it when they destroy their marriages, because he knows the pain that will cause, and the effect that will have on the faith for the future. 2:3; Deut. But by focusing on one as the means of bringing blessing to the world, he would form a righteous people on earth. Hence the question. Only in the strictest of religious settings. there's the old rhetorical question : "Would you buy a car without test driving it first? If a person competent to assist according to the norm of law cannot be present or approached without grave inconvenience, those who intend to enter into a true marriage can contract it validly and licitly before witnesses only: 2/ outside the danger of death provided that it is prudently foreseen that the situation will continue for a month. If we are to look to the institution of marriage for progress in truth, stability, and progress in society, then we will be disappointed. The sin is introduced as a “treachery” before the sin is defined. 1:2; and Jer. A rhetorical question is one for which the questioner does not expect a direct answer: in many cases it may be intended to start a discourse, or as a means of displaying the speaker's or author's opinion on a topic.. A common example is the question "Can't you do anything right?" “Holiness” means “distinct, set apart, separate” to God. It was definitely a rough patch but it also brought us closer together. This was very harsh language; the sin must have had greater implications than, say, a couple not getting along and divorcing. The ancient Athenians believed that success and charm of an individual depended on his rhetorical ability to speak and debate. The prophet closes with the same warning: Take heed. It was an integral ingredient in the happiness of Eden, and so is an integral part of society. But the principle as it will be related to marriage is well summarized by Hengstenberg: The one who annulled the distinction between an Israelite and a heathen woman proved by this very action that he had already annihilated the distinction between the God of Israel and the idols of the heathen, that he no longer had the theocratic consciousness of God (Christologie, III:381). It accords with the dictates of nature and the laws of divine inspiration. The words “defile, profane” and “holiness” are cleverly put together--they are antonyms. Her narration evokes feelings based on her reasoning towards marriage. Thus, it seems to lack prudence to make that presumption. Best to trust in dogma in this case. The general statement is given first: “the man who does this.” Then the specifics: “him that wakes and him that answers.” There are many suggested interpretations for this difficult phrase. The two would have to be committed to the faith and to the training of children in it. She makes her audience think of the need for marriage. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” Romans 6:2 RHETORICAL QUESTION: “Know ye not, brethren, (for I speak to them […] Perhaps rephrase the question. No marriage is perfect. 7:1-4). It would be normal to think of Genesis 2 because Adam and Eve were to be “one flesh.” God could have done it differently--he had the residue of the Spirit, that is, he had all the resources and options available. However, the greatest question is why she wanted to have a wife. Oh, it is regarded as a tragedy, certainly a stressful experience, and a failure on some level. The scenario offered is that there are no witnesses, hence my opinion that there can be no valid marriage. need a rhetorical question supporting gay marriage, please help Both violate the covenant and bring pain to God, but the latter causes great pain to the women who were put away. Read this useful list of other common rhetorical devices and boost your rhetoric! Third, Malachi begins his book on the fact that God loves Israel. Catholic canon law provides for an extraordinary form of marriage for those without access to a pastor or other person authorized to witness a Catholic marriage: Can. “Defile” means “common, profane, separated from the sanctuary” or from God. CompSciGuy June 22, 2011, 1:58pm #1. 4:22; Deut. Indeed, God sees and knows all. ... We went to marriage counseling and it helped a lot. Xper 1. Leah: The Woman No Man Loved But Every Woman Envied (Gen. 29:15-35), 1. is that they are not asked, and are not understood, as ordinary information-seeking questions, but as making some kind of claim, or assertion, an assertion of the opposite polarity to that of the question." Did they not learn from their history and their exile? This word for violence is a word for social injustice. Similes and metaphors are familiar ways to convey complex ideas through language. The final step in this violence against their wives is putting them away, divorcing them. John W. Lv 6. But the human race embraced every form of profane and vile activity; and within the marriage relationship the laws of God were broken at every turn. You did misread, but it could have been my wording. The word has a use in Job that illustrates the meaning. Nowhere do I have a teaching that presumes He Himself would serve as that witness in a post-Eden world. These heightened the boldness of the sin--it was no marginal problem of people who had no biblical training; it was in the very center of the political and religious community. What Malachi is doing is offering the quintessential reason for trying to keep a marriage together come what may--God hates divorce. To him it was a blessed estate, and so he clothed it with honor and sublimity. But he chose one wife for one man. 2. It is a way of adding style to your essay.. The idea would be that some Israelites were bringing pagan idolaters into the Lord’s house and therefore profaning it. The word for “treachery” here means a willful betrayal of confidence, trust or truth. He takes them back to the marriage of their youth, a marriage covenant that God himself witnessed, and so one signed and sealed in heaven. Moving from the general description, the prophet now identified the exact problem. He ratified its contract; he guarded its obligations; he expounded its laws; and he graced its celebration with his presence. She was not only the wife of his youth, but his comrade, his partner.

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