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scythe board game solo review

The Automa is very aggressive and will attack you if you fear it will. It’s Scythe, Jamey Stegmaier’s Kickstarter success with beautiful artwork and lovely gameplay. To gauge other vulnerable locations, you have to be aware of the other Factions’ abilities, such as the Nordic ability to cross lakes, which can take you by surprise. These cards vary in value from 2 to 5. And I’m not even talking about the expansions and the upcoming campaign expansion, The Rise of Fenris. All this sets the scene quite nicely and undoubtedly, before your first game, you’ll be imagining yourself carrying out great deeds as the leader of such and such Faction, and valiantly leading them into battle or pushing them towards greatness through clever economic play. It had to be him, sitting there all smug, knowing that next turn he would spread his units far and wide, place his last structure, and with that star, end the game – he had winner written all over his face. In Scythe, each player represents a fallen leader attempting to restore t This basic premise of his artwork is the core of the game. Jamey made this game starting from the artwork and working towards a game that matches the art in every possible aspect. There are a couple of things that do stand out: The rulebook is littered with designer notes and strategy tips, and then there are the quick-start cards. The solo game is an excellent way to refine your strategy, as is the 2-player game, whilst at the higher player count the game is tight and sees an increase in player conflict but rewards bold play. However, since the Automa gains combat resources to complement their aggressive stance, they can put their money where their mouth is. They have mechs, fueled by technology from the legendary Nicola Tesla – who has disappeared. This currently allows me to either, move two different units to an adjacent territory, or to gain a coin. When someone places that sixth star, you want to be in the best position possible to rake those coins in: lots of territories, lots of resources, have those structures in the right place, and, of course, have as much cash in the bank as possible. The winner is the player with the greatest number of coins. It’s this attention to detail that makes the production stand out. The rulebook is 31-pages of glossy loveliness. Short Stories and Poems - Mostly dark ones! As you have probably already made out, I really, really enjoy this game. The amount of value in the base box is just stellar. The cards seem confusing at first but are actually quite clear when you get the hang of it. Expect to pay: Around £52 (£51.99 on Chaos Cards at time of writing) and worth every penny, as the production is superb. The following turn I took the produce action again, gaining another worker and 1 Steel. Rather than reading out situational text, and giving the player a choice of options, the card art depicting a scene, with a choice of options for the player to then choose from. Scythe – a solo (Automa) review The year is… wait, that doesn’t matter. Whilst the Automa works very well, I did feel that the games I played changed somewhat and became a concentrated effort of efficiency. Ideally, you want to win the combat spending the minimum amount power, which is a skill all of its own! The moves carried out below are not necessarily the best available, but are done to show how the game works. But get your timing wrong, and mister smug over there, with only two stars but resources coming out of his ears and a whole pocket full of cash, will smile sweetly, as you crawl back into your hole! The miniatures, whilst not the most detailed in the world, are more than acceptable for a board game in which they are by no means the main focus. How will this mats Structure abilities tie in with the uncovered Enlist bonuses? For the most part, I’d expect gamers to know what they are getting with this product. Picked up Scythe: Invaders from Afar.It added two new factions to the game and two new player mats. It also tells the player when it gains the ability to cross rivers and lakes. The rules in the adaptation are exactly the same as the base board game so don't expect anything different there. Leveling system. Stars can also be placed for the following: When a Faction places their sixth star the game ends immediately, and end game scoring is carried out. We are forging our great faction from the ashes of lost nation. Let’s start with some clarifications then. The recesses also make it obvious what goes where, which makes upgrading nice and easy, as you move a cube from one recess to another. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. level 1 I had a wonderful time playing this: discussing those close-run games, relishing the momentous victories, and drowning my sorrows over disastrous defeats. When it’s you who places that final star to end the game, you’d better be sure you timed it right, and if you did then it’s a great feeling, as everyone else groans, ‘I only needed another couple or so turns!’. The solo game is an excellent way to refine your strategy, as is the 2-player game, whilst at the higher player count the game is tight and sees an increase in player conflict but rewards bold play. Working your Player Mat to its best does require a certain amount of thought, and you need to be able to think a few moves ahead to get a feel on what you need to do now. Name: Scythe (2016) I think it was because I could see where I went wrong, or maybe because I had an idea on how to improve my strategy, or was it simply a thirst for revenge (or to prove it wasn’t a fluke!)? Other than that, the board is excellent. The Automa provides a rich and challenging experience that makes you feel like a war commander trying to outwit the aggressive opponent. The replayability is outstanding AND there are some fantastic expansions if the base game ever gets boring. Lead your mechs to war and your people to victory! ( Log Out /  … and the player draws his starting money, places his popularity marker, and draws objective cards, as indicated on the Player Mat, as well as placing his Power Marker and drawing an amount of Combat cards as shown on the Faction Mat. There’s nothing difficult about it, it just takes some getting used to. If a Character or Mech moves into a territory with another Factions unit in, then Combat may ensue. For this I place my token in the Bolster section and gain 2 Power on the power track. When you set out on your first game of Scythe, it is easy to form certain impressions: it’s very ‘heads down’ and lacks player interaction; it’s a race to get six stars; there’s not actually a lot for you to do. Very much enjoyed this post Justin! ( Log Out /  The multiplayer game feels a bit like solitaire – everyone is on their home peninsula, not gaining much ground at first because there’s rivers blocking you. It was easy for adjacent players to be perceived as a threat, and as they were puffing their chests out, the other Faction quietly got on with the business of winning the game! ... Top 10 Solo Games (Featuring Liz Davidson) more . The Player Mats may all have the same top and bottom row actions, but they are paired up differently, and the bottom row costs will also vary. Packing away takes a little longer, but the handy diagram on the side of the box helps tremendously in fitting it all back in, nice and neat. The other two abilities are specific to their Faction. It pays to take note of the in-play Structure Bonus Tile, which was drawn at the start of the game, as you can gain a bonus at the end of the game for where your structures are placed. Created by lead designer Jamey Stegmaier with the assistance of Morten Monrad Pedersen (solo variant) in the stark but beautiful world of artist Jakub Rozalski, Scythe successfully funded by Stonemaier Games via Kickstarter from October 13-November 5 (2015) and was released in August 2016. But vulnerable locations aren’t always obvious, especially to inexperienced players. The player also gains any Structure bonus that they may have gained by the positioning of their Structures. I am so happy that this thing exists. Finally, I get to place my Mech. All of this makes for game that has longevity; a game that will keep you coming back for more, time and time again. Jamey Stegmaier went on record to say that his goal with Scythe was not to make the most money, but to give people the most value for their money when they buy the game (without bankrupting himself or his company). Writing, gaming, miniature painting, physical culture, and other dark procrastinations. Enlist enables me to remove one of the recruit markers from the Player Mat and place it on the Faction Mat, claiming one of the four one-time bonuses – 2 Power, 2 Coins, 2 Popularity, or 2 Combat cards. A worthy opponent that feels like a real opponent, Very tense and tight game with a real challenge, If you buy more decks you can play against more Automa’s, The movement for Automa units doesn’t feel intuitive, You need to have multiplayer games under your belt to be able to understand the Automa better, This game is so good I’m having trouble thinking of negatives. This review of Scythe has two parts. It will certainly appeal to those who like to think and plan ahead, and, despite being easy to teach and learn, it definitely has a depth that takes some mastering. I’d say my only criticism of the components, and it is a very minor one, is the colour of the encounter tokens. This reduces the cost of that action. I could trade, which would give me 2 wood, but that would waste the upgrade bottom row ability, as I only have 2 oil. Anyone active in the hobby have had their expectations set one way or another before they got this to the table, and even this dedicated reviewer will have had his experience of the game put in the light of this expectation. Removing a Mech from the Mat uncovers a special ability. But, once you get into your third or fourth turn, you will inevitably have forgotten all about the theme, and be busy concentrating on just what it is you want to be doing three turns ahead! About Scythe. So, it’s about time I review one of my favourite games of the year. Each faction has its own unique leader and unique set of mechs; the coins feel different from each other and resources are not just cubes but wood in the shape of the resources they represent. I found it clunky, I don't recommend it if you are going to be playing primarily solo. Late to the party? I remove 3 Steel from my territories, then take one of the Mechs from my Faction Mat and place it where I have at least 1 worker. 🙂 I’m late to the party because I wanted to take my time reading through it! And the (currently) $19.00 price is well worth it. Set in an alternate history 1920s Europe, in Scythe players control factions which produce resources, build economic infrastructure, and use giant dieselpunk war machines called mechs to fight and control territory. Instead of using the default game board for Scythe, you have one that changes up each time you play. Create a free website or blog at When I first opened the box of Scythe, one of the first things I saw was the Automa deck. Even then, each faction’s Mechs are different when they could easily have just made them differing colours. Oh! Use the buttons to draw turn cards, combat cards or discard and advance the star tracker, or optionally double tap to draw and dismiss cards. I am sure Gunther will re-establish our faction as one of the world’s greatest. The multiple combinations of Faction and Player Mat means that, for the first half-dozen or so games, you’ll still be figuring out the best way to go about things. I can’t take the same action twice, and so I place my token in the Move section. It is actually quite easy to teach and learn, so you can get into it pretty quickly, but there is a depth in strategy that does take some mastering and learning to play the game well takes time. The graphic design is also excellent throughout; everything is easy to read and the symbology obvious. You have to keep an eye on the progress of the other players at all times, at least if you don’t want to be caught napping (more of this a little later), and it’s good to get involved when characters have encounters, but there are also opportunities to form alliances, or even bribe others with coin to do your bidding, and there’s also the Enlist action – pay attention to the players either side of you, and what you’re doing that may benefit them, equally, can you turn their strategy into your good fortune? A friend of mine got his copy on Tuesday and we've played at least one game every day since then (with the exception of Friday, had to get in some TM). Solo games can be knocked out in 20 minutes! The same applies to the wooden worker meeples, each faction having their own unique pose. Many common board game mechanics are present in Scythe, including: worker placement, area control, resource management, and combat. This is what you learnt when that penny dropped! I would really like to deploy a Mech, but to do this I need 3 Steel, so I need to work towards that aim. This stems from the way you select a unit to move, and where it will move to, which involves working out a unit’s ‘neighbourhood’. The game is based on the fantastic artwork of Jakub Różalski, which generates an interesting atmosphere of mechs and civilians working and living together. Playing time: Solo games can be as quick as 20-minutes, and 2-player games often come in under an hour. There is also a paragraph dedicated to each character, which provides a little of their background, and a section giving a thematic reason why each Faction has the ability they have. Next turn I take Trade, gaining 2 wood, and take the Upgrade action, using it to free up an extra unit move, and then reduce the cost to build. Set in an alternative-universe Eastern Europe in the 1920s with mechs roaming the countryside. Each of these actions is called a ‘top row action’, since there are also four ‘bottom row actions’. I hardly had any power, but I did have a power card, which I chose to play. Painting, Modelling, Miniatures, 1:6, Games... Whatever else I find interesting. Support the Show: This Game: SU&SD for more cardboard … The artwork contains various easter eggs which are great to discover. I already had a decent stock of resources, and plenty of coin in hand; by my reckoning I was in front, but only just, as I only had four stars down. Scythe Review - with Tom Vasel Tom Vasel takes a look at Scythe! Newsletter sign-up. A race for stars? For example: On the Patriotic Mat you may do a Trade top row action, and then pay to do a Build bottom row action, whilst on the Mechanical Mat, Upgrade is the bottom action. SCYTHE. Scythe Review - with Tom Vasel. This mechanic is called an Automa player and debuted in Viticulture, a previous game from Jamey Stegmaier en Stonemaier Games. You farm goods, conquer regions and try to win over the people and gain popularity. As you can gather, working this out is going to mean fair amount of time staring at your Player Mat, and this can lead to people thinking that player interaction is quite limited, but that isn’t wholly true. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Created in 2016 by Jamey Stegmaier, it’s still a relatively new game that offers up to two hours of play and is suitable for up to five players and is recommended for players aged 14 and over. And yet it rarely stutters due to analysis paralysis, as limiting the choice of actions works to keep the pace up, and being able to start your turn whilst the previous player carries out a bottom action also helps.

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