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utilitech pool cover pump won't turn on

Do you have any idea what I need to do to remedy the problem. Highlights. At 1 ft. of standing water, it runs at 1,200 GPH. $325.00 New. Often what appears to be a pool pump problem is actually a filter problem or a valve problem, so the first step is to rule out any mis-aligned valves or obstructions in the filter or pipes. It clears most of the dirt, debris, and water accumulated on your pool cover. The features and the pros and cons of the best pool cover pumps are listed above. The intake screen is also easy to remove and clean. The pump doesn’t get clogged by dust and ice. Replace with the exact same MFD number, printed on the capacitor. I set up to measure motor current, using 100amp, 100mv shunt, the current draw is 6.5 amps @241V (Pump pressure about 17-18 psi) The breaker on the panel tripped. We recently noticed the plug and cord are getting hot and the rubber is beginning to melt. It removes the water as well as dust and debris from the pool cover. The power cord is 16 ft. in length. There are two sealed bearings inside pool pump motors. It comes with a strainer base which filters the dust and dirt. Hi, make sure that the switches are not loose, the centrifugal switch on the end of the shaft and the Stationary switch at 6 o’clock. Hi Dave, check that the centrifugal switch is screwed on tightly to the end of the motor shaft. Thermoplastic construction eliminates corrosion. You may be able to remove the basket and reach thru the volute to the eye of the impeller, and may be able to feel debris. I shut it down again before the problem got worse. I was wondering if the Hayward Cyclac Ball Value could be leaking? Depending on the make of the pool pump, the capacitor will be under a hump cover on top of the motor, or it will be under a cover on the electrical end of the motor, or both. Moreover, the iSwitch technology switches the pump on and off automatically. The 40 GPM pump clears water out quickly. Maybe that’s off. Most pump breakers are not GFI, it might not trip if it is a regular non-GFI. It looks like no one has them in Stock and if I can’t filter the pool, then it won’t be usable. I have a dual flow 2 speed pump. I owe you a beer if you are ever around my neck of the woods. I just replaced my pump/motor at the start of this swimming season. Otherwise, the pool cover will be ripped, torn and damaged. In fact, if you live where temperatures are low, there might be ice too. The pump includes a garden hose adapter as well. The design of the pump allows air to enter the hose. It's already happened to several homeowners in the … Older suction side valves can leak air (pull air in) through stem or lid. Internal electrical faults in the pump, such as a short circuit or improper ground, also can cause the device to draw more power than necessary and excess heating. Do you have any advice? Since it has a simple design, it won’t break easily, and it will provide a safe pool for you year round. It’s either too powerful for the incoming plumbing, or too many suction lines are closed, or the skimmers are clogged. The opposite of a water leak, and air leak pulls water into the pump, and is always located in front of the pump impeller. Gail, good luck! Upon reaching the level of 3 ¼ inches, it automatically stops. Suction side valves (skimmers, main drain) are open. Pool Cover Pumps are put on the top of the pool cover, and a water level is set. Not a good sign usually. If the motor was submerged, it may not recover. The speed of the process depends on the flow rate of the pump. I would say you are likely needing a new motor, and pump. Go through all the above mentioned best pool cover pumps before settling on one! We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Hi Davy, Thus, it can be a little difficult to buy the best pool cover pumps which suit your needs perfectly. We only use the pump in the summer months, since we live in Canada. In the last couple weeks it started getting louder at various times throughout the day. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Utilitech Pool Cover / Submersible Pump 1.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Water must contact the pump sensors in order for it to turn on. An electric pump is easily operated with a simple on and off switch. You are not alone. I let the pump cool down, then reset the thermal switch and it runs for another hour and shuts off again.The wiring is the same and it doesn’t trip the breaker switch. WAYNE WWB WaterBUG is a pool cover submersible pump. Pump does not drip water from plugs or seal when pump is off. When I turn the pump on, the Thicker hose Between the pump and sand filter pops out of the end that is connected to the filter. I put a new 1 hp motor on the pump, and new mechanical seal in the pump, problem still the same. Just wired and installed a brand new Century 1 hp pump motor on a Hayward Super pump filter, getting power to the terminals of the motor but motor does not start, shaft spins freely. You can remove the wires and call your local “Electric Motor Repair Shop”, and see if they have this capacitor in stock, just read them the MFD number range printed on the side of the black cylinder. We have a Hayward ultra pro lx series pump for our above ground pool. Little Giant 500500 is a submersible pool cover pump. If it is a union valve, cream also on the union nut. It can remove water up to a depth of 1/8 inches. Hi, my Hayward pump is about 5 years old. A loud or noisy pump can be either a plumbing or electrical problem. Check timer clock or switch for burnt terminals or wires. The intake screen is removable, thus enabling easy cleaning. The power cord is 25 ft. in length. It is pretty easy to install. owner’s manual also indicated that the switch needed to be replaced every two years to comply with the terms of the so-called lifetime warranty If the water is running down between the pump and motor, determine if it’s dripping out of the plumbing fitting on top or the shaft seal on the bottom. I opened the back and was spinning the rod and it eventually started. If the pump sounds like it’s gargling rocks, or there is heavy vibration noise, it may be cavitating, a term that means it’s starved for water. I presume I’ll be looking at buying a new pump next year. This water is then discharged via a hose. We may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Normally they last longer…. Despite its compact size, it has a flow rate per hour of 1,700 gallons. For the green water, drop the pH to 7.2 and add enough shock until the water turns blue-ish, and run the filter 24/7. If the pump won’t catch after a several attempts to fill with water, check for an air leak (see above) on the suction side of the pump, an obstruction in the line, or low water level. Upon resetting an electrical short sound came from the pump motor tripping the breaker a second time. Current Price $82.45 $ 82. You can also order capacitors online. Check the motor diagram for the Low Voltage / High Voltage wiring diagram. Product Title 14942702 0.75 in. When I try to turn the pump back on, it only hums. If you need a new one in a few days, I would not consider getting one from Hayward, that could take a month. So, if the pump flow rate is large, the removal of water becomes faster. Common air leak sources are a loose or cracked pump lid or dirty lid o-ring, or just a loose lid (they must be tight!). For optimal discharging of water, this pump uses Multi-Flo technology. Pool Filter is clean, and filter valve is on Filter or Recirculate. The pump need not be completely air tight, but has to pull more water than air! Other causes of a pump shutting itself off include loose or broken wires or incorrect voltage, more than 10% more or less of the rated input voltage. Reply InyoPools Product Specialist Matt S. Posted: 11/10/2020 . If the next day the chlorine level is nearly zero, shock again. It has a 25 ft. long power cord, thus eliminating the need for an extension. There are loads of best pool cover pumps on the market, so there are a lot of options for you to choose from. The pump was working well since opening the pool in May, but the last few days it was quite weak. Even if it looks good, it could be bad. It’s likely good advice you are getting. The power cord is 25 ft, 110 V. It works well with large pools. The print and bearings were replaced. I don’t really know if my pump can be repaired or if the only solution is buying a new pump so soon. Or could it be a dirty motor or ground wire that isnt connected well enough? If so, shut off power and see if the motor shaft will spin. It is very lightweight, weighing just a little over 11 pounds. The Aquatrol kind of jumped and the breaker tripped. That is the black cylinder in the rear of the motor, located at 9 o’clock. While it is normal for an appliance plug to become warm, it is abnormal for such a plug to get hot. My pump seems to trip the GFCI breaker each time it is plugged in. Hi Matt, sound like the bearings have gone bad, and now they are so bad that the shaft has locked up or is binding, and that trips the breaker. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $249.95 New. If the motor makes no noise at all, check the wiring and terminal connections. It is a manual pool cover pump. If the motor hums but does not start, check that the shaft is free-spinning, then check the capacitor; If the motor makes no noise at all, check the wiring and terminal connections. My prior one was over 12 years old so I’m feeling uncertain. Inherited an old Hayward super pump that hums but doesn’t turn over, checked the shaft which moves smoothly and replaced the starter capacitor to no avail. Hi Jennifer, many Matrix pumps have an on/off switch on the rear bottom of the motor cap end. They are higher voltage or whatever…but could that be the problem? If water accumulates over the top of your pool cover, it is hard to remove the pool cover. CHECK for DAMAGED PUMP WIRING; Water Pump Won't Start - If the Water Pump is Not Turning ON Try These Steps: If your well pump won't start, 1. When I turned the pump on it is very loud and the pump is not moving water. Little Giant APCP-1700 is an automatic swimming pool cover pump. It is a Century switchless pump. The main panel feeds a Tork timer, which I don’t use the timer, I disconnected the timer motor. Includes 5/8 in garden hose adapter Utilitech 1/2 HP Submersible Waterfall Pump R EBL 1 Central Loan has the hottest gear on the web! It is plugged into a gfi outlet. It was off this morning and I reset the breaker. In the winter, the pool cover keeps the rain, dust, dirt, and debris away from the pool. Utilitech 1-HP Cast Iron... 1 Answer Utilitech pump wont build pressure. Check that the drain plugs are tightly inserted with Teflon tape, and that the pump basket is inserted in the proper way, and is sitting all the way down. Pool Pump Not Turning On—What Does It Mean? The loud noise could be the bearings, or it could be the impeller having come off the shaft and contacting the volute – if you have an older bronze or brass pump, with an impeller that uses a stub shaft. I changed the GFI Breaker in the main panel, problem still the same. Not the power leads, but other connecting wires from the terminal board to the switch, to the cap…? Check the switches in the back of the motor, the centrifugal on the end of the shaft, and the stationary, mounted at 6 o’clock, to look for any loose screws or insects, or mis-alignment. {Thinking it could be the timer motor) Problem still the same. A pump that is leaking water is usually a bad shaft seal or a loose pipe connected into the top of the pump. If your hose has union connections that are tightened to connect to the filter, you may try some Teflon tape on the valve threads, or may need a new hose assembly, if the union threads are damaged. The drain hole is of ¼ inches, and there is an added garden hose adapter for it. It becomes a necessity to remove the water from the pool cover. The base of the pump is wide, thus keeping the pump stable while it pumps out water. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. The pump said it came prewired for 230V, but we are running 115V. It is lightweight and compact. Checked breakers etc tried again and it came on…but very loud. I do not think it’s the breaker…it’s relatively new. Let everything dry and put the pump on again and it just hums. If the motor does not turn on, check the breaker and, If the motor hums but does not start, check that the shaft is free-spinning, then check the. Having difficulty removing accumulated water from the top of your pool cover? Whats people lookup in this blog: Utilitech Water Pump Replacement Parts; Utilitech Water Pump Parts 30 GPM water flow transfers water forcibly to different locations. We carry the other brands, but Hayward pumps and filters have always been our flagship line. Sparking motors can be caused by loose wire connections or two wires or terminal connections touching each other, which is usually easily fixed. Typical applications include, removing standing water off basement floors or construction sites, draining aquariums, and water beds. Since it uses the standard electrical output, you can use it almost anywhere. The outlet the pump is plugged into, I suppose that is a 240V outlet. Therefore, you do not need to clean your pool as well when you open it. I have 2 extension cords running to plug it in. Once I get it going, it works fine for as long as I leave it on. Please help! It protects the pool cover from accumulated water and dirt. Carefully remove any visible debris from the disc-shaped impeller by hand until it spins easily. You can now easily remove the pool cover and open your pool for the season! Provide shade if necessary, and make sure that air is circulating freely under all parts of the motor, and that the motor vents are open. Hi Ray, the GFI breaker you replaced, is that the pump breaker? In fact, it works well for medium-sized pools. In order to safely remove the collected water, you require a pool cover pump. Page 6: Care And Maintenance OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. I have a Utilitech 1hp shallow well jet pump which turns off and on rapidly while using water. It has a flow rate of 1257 gallons in an hour. If breaker still trips, replace the breaker; they go bad eventually. Impeller is not clogged with small debris. A pool cover pump may look like an ordinary item. Any idea how to fix this? Hi Gail, overheating can be caused by the wrong wire size from breaker to motor, or loose wire connections, or over-voltage coming into motor, or lack of ventilation around the motor (mulch piled up, or big bushes close by, or placed in a box cover), but it’s can also be a fatal fault inside the motor. It worked fine for the first 2-3 years and then every time it needs to restart, it trips the breaker. So, you need to remove these things from the pool cover before you can take it off for the summer. Check the motor shaft, the impeller should turn freely by hand. Upon reading alot of articles and watching videos, it seems the pump came with the clamp on the 115V setting? Swimming Pool Maintenance Schedules: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual, Energy Awareness Month – 7 Ways to Save Around the Pool, Has Fall Landed in your Pool? Yours may have become weak, or damaged somehow. Check electrical connections and wiring for loose or broken. It is energy efficient as well. Makes No Noise: If you flip the switch and nothing happens and you hear no noise at all, check the circuit breaker by flipping it Off and then back On again. The impeller is jammed with some kind of debris. So, have a look at the eight best pool cover pumps! Plenty of water, outlet is working and hose is kink free and laying flat. Utilitech 0.5-hp Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump 090ECD518 . Check the skimmers, to be sure that water flow is not blocked. Is this a pump problem, priming problem (filter, pipes losing water somewhere)? I then plugged the pump into the outlet and it tripped again. I think I have some air leakage on my supply side of my Hayward Super Pump. How fast the pool cover pump works depends on the flow rate of the pump.  Generally, the higher the flow rate, higher will be the speed of the process. But still, the role of a pool cover pump cannot be neglected. The pump continues to work until water is drained down to 3/8 in., then shuts off by itself. I would look on the capacitor and order a new one online, with the same MFD number, or call some local electric motor repair shop and see if they have one available. If it continues to overheat and shut off, replace the. Similarly, it can be used for transferring water from one place to another. 12 ga or 14 ga? I have a thermal switch on it,thank goodness or the motor would probably be fried. Pump shutoff during 24 hours of pouring rain. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $149.95 New. Utility pumps are multi-purpose pumps. The number of pool cover pumps available in the market is very large.

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