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kimba vs lion king

But his comments confirm that at least some people working on the project had seen the cartoons and comics before, which is contrary to the initial reported corporate stance that the filmmakers were unaware of “Kimba” or Tezuka. As a number of journalists and fans watched Disney's animated feature film The Lion King, they noticed characters and events in the story resembling those of Kimba. Kimba the White Lion was created by Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tezuka and was first published in 1950 as a series of manga.An animated series aired in 1965 and was broadcasted until 1967. Back in 1994, Takayuki Matsutani, the president of Osamu Tezuka’s production company, Tezuka Productions, agreed with what Sito said today: Quite a few staff of our company saw a preview of “The Lion King,” discussed this subject and came to the conclusion that you cannot avoid having these similarities as long as you use animals as characters and try to draw images out of them. Claw himself looks like foreign, weak and with very female moves. Ever since fans found similarities between Disney's The Lion King and a Japanese anime series created by Japan's "God of manga," Osamu Tezuka, called 'Kimba, the White Lion,' theories have sparked up whether Disney copied the plot and scene-by-scene recreated the anime, complete with even the name of the lion. It was about an all-white lion coming of age as the king of the jungle. However, to do this, he, along with his friends, will have to fight the vengeful Zira and her rough gang of Outsiders. Disney did not respond to requests for comment. The allegations compare The Lion Kingto a Japanese manga and anime entitled Kimba The White Lion. Disney’s denial of any influence inspired petitions and protests from animators and fans alike who believed “Kimba” should have been acknowledged. In The Lion King, the main villain is an evil lion named Scar who has a black mane and a scar over his left eye. Kimba Vs Simba: The Great Lion King Controversy Jeremy. By this I do not mean that The Lion King is plagiarized by Kimba The White Lion. The Lion King, on the other hand, came out in 1994. “Honestly, I think it’s seriously coincidence,” the animator said. I grew up watching Kimba as a kid and when I saw the original The Lion King I came up with the same question. In light of Disney’s release of “The Lion King” remake, the old controversy hounding its originality has resurfaced. Tezuka died in 1989, but during his life he didn’t bother hiding his affection for Disney, especially his love for “Bambi,” claiming to have seen the film more than 100 times. Kimba vs Lion King Kimba The White Lion. Dick & Do (Tom & Tab) and Shenzi, Banzai & Ed: They are hyenas who are the main allies of the evil lion, although Dick & Do are a duo and both are males, while Shenzi, Banzai & Ed are trio and Shenzi is female while Banzai & Ed are males. Gargoyle and Pumbaa: Both are wild boar, the only difference is that Gargoyle is always alone, while Pumbaa always accompanies his best friend Timon. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. Over the course of 25 years, The Lion King has become one of the highest-grossing properties in all of pop culture. I have a head canon that Kimba exists in the Lion King universe, but as a different king of a different land. Sito explained that wasn’t necessarily the case. Today is National Voter Registration Day! This manga inspired a 1960s anime series that only ran from 1965-1966. I don't think it's a copy either, but I do believe that they have many things in common. From the epic vision of a lion standing atop Pride Rock to the unforgettable appearance of Mufasa in the clouds, “The Lion King” does appear to mirror “Kimba” at certain points. The stories behind them are totally different. Ever since “The Lion King” debuted a little more than 20 years ago, everything the light touches has been its kingdom. EDIT: I now realize I got some information wrong in this video.

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