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used upright piano

Ad posted 19 hours ago Save this ad 8 images; The tables below shows the best common uprights available in the UK, placed in order of their quality. The 1930′s style of Welmar were manufactured between 1928 and 1940. See Bechstein page for more details. I highly recommend Roberts Pianos to all who appreciate good ‘old-fashioned’ service where the needs of the customer come first. When considering the purchase of a Bösendorfer instrument, it is worth considering whether it should be a grand or an upright piano. Find your upright piano online with PianoMart. Upright pianos come in all shapes and sizes, colors and brands. We have an ever-changing stock of quality used pianos for sale in our Toronto piano warehouse.We carry used grand pianos, used upright pianos and used baby grand pianos – all of which are in immaculate condition and offered at affordable, warehouse prices! Show details. I suspect it was bulletproof. I would recommend Roberts Pianos to anyone looking for a high level of personal service when buying a piano. The purpose of this article is to comment on and clarify the information in Piano Buyer on determining the value of a used piano. Model V (5) and IV also very common and often have an attractive inlay, but models I to V suffer a lot from loose tuning pins and will therefore need repining and often a new pin-block. Their undying patience and willingness to help just went above and beyond what you’d expect. Our offerings include second hand Yamaha, Kawai, and other brands. Browse our listings or use our search feature to filter your results by manufacturer, size, location/mile radius, color and price. We loved watching Marcus working on Pianos himself – his impartial advice and service has been exemplary. Just a short message to say we are very happy with the Knight piano that was delivered on Friday. It gives you a very high level of versatility and it is also ideal for those who want to play different styles of music without compromise. Steinway Upright Piano - Sold by Lindeblad Piano . Based in Columbus, Ohio our company stocks over 300 new and used pianos for sale including restored Steinway pianos and German pianos such as Bechstein and Bosendorfer. Will need tuning but overall, it's in good condition. Plesae see our Common makes page for more details. Firstly, we are very happy with the piano itself. We have a massive variation of used Yamaha pianos for sale. Piano Moving . We are sure it will provide many years of pleasure and will be ideal for our son to learn on. Upright pianos are commonplace for use in the home as they occupies much less space and produce ample volume for the living room. I doubt we will be back soon but only because we are so happy with our piano! Other common good makes of English and European pianos include Chappell, Fazer, Hopkinson, Kemble (varied), Rippen, Rogers and Broadwood (varied). Piano Services. Usually, they find a “great deal” on an old upright that someone is willing to give them for free if they pick it up. Marcus’ workshop is full of pianos being restored from impressive grands to fantastic uprights. £0. Weber Oak Upright Piano $ 1,799.00 Read more. Other less common good makes include Blüthner (pre 1900 ones very common but are usually over-dampers), Steinway, Förster (old ones good), Bösendorfer (excellent but rare), Feurich, Gors & Kallman (varied), Grotrian Steinweg (excellent), Ibach (pre 1910 ones common but over-dampers), Schimmell, Sauter, Seiler and Zimmermann (not recommended until 1995 when merged with Bechstein). Yamaha C-3 Used Grand Piano; Yamaha U-1 Pre-Owned Upright Piano; Yamaha U-1 Pre Owned Upright Piano; Vogel Pianos. And the piano itself, I couldn’t be more impressed. PianoMart’s online inventory of upright pianos promises something for everyone, whether you’re a professional musician who wants grand piano sound without the footprint or a starter spinet for a new piano student. Used Yamaha Pianos Sherwood Phoenix is the UK’s largest piano shop, with over 200 pianos for sale in our UK Nottingham showroom. It’s in fantastic condition, flawlessly regulated and just beautiful. Rule #1: If your budget is lower than $7,500.00 do not even look at grand pianos. A better grade of materials used – Japan spec models are made of quality built-up materials, compared to some new entry level uprights and grand pianos. A very nice high grade professional Kawai BS-2A Piano in great condition. Upright Pianos. (A Yamaha U3 upright has leg room of 62cm whereas a German Steingraeber 118 and many Kawai and Feurich uprights have 70cm and an older Blüthner 65cm. Follow the link for our rentals page. We provide a range of piano types including upright, grand, and digital. Own a magnificent upright piano for half the cost, and none of the worry. With grands, this can be increased by about 3cm by using glass castor cups; the angle of the pedals may then need adapting as these are raised up too. The important word here is average. We deal mostly in models 10, 9 and 8. Secondly, the service was very good. Don’t do it. Our team of veteran piano tuners and technicians have restored these pianos to their former glory. The value of a specific piano model may be determined on the basis of the price shown; however, you must consider the condition and make-ready cost of the instrument in question, plus the popularity of the style and finish in your particular area. Kawai BS-2A Upright Piano. About Us Graves Piano & Organ is one of the world's largest piano, keyboard, and organ stores. Directory of Used Piano Prices. We deal mostly in models 10, 9 and 8. The 30′s pianos are taller were made in collaboration with Blüthner, for whom they were the agents.

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