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busan metro map

As for walking map still usng kaokao Map... Busan. Busan Metro Map PDF File Download a printable, Official Web Site : https://www.humetro.busan.kr/english/main.do. Busan (formerly transliterated as Pusan) is South Korea's second largest city (3.6 million inh. Line 1 operates between Sinpyeong and Nopo and the length of the route is 32.5km. More than or equal to two persons can’t use the service at the same time with one paper boarding ticket, a traffic card or a season ticket. For updated / official map, click here. Line2 runs from east to west from Jangsan to Yangsan. Articles about South Korea. a user can be refunded after the cost he already spends and the service fee are deducted. Easy to understand, convenient for travel and business! After recharging is completed, please, select [receipt output] or [end] button and take back the card. Line 3 operates between Suyeong and Daejeo serving 17 stations. The passengers of the metro system, have three different ticket options to choose from. Maps & Navigation; Add Tags. Insert a bill or a coin according to the sum. Are we also to use the T Money card from Seoul? Population growth accelerated rapidly in South Korea in the last decades of the twentieth century. Hi. Location: Busan , South Korea === Features === - Large Metro Map. After selecting the number of a card you want using the number button, push [confirm] button. For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at: http://www.humetro.busan.kr/homepage/english/page/subLocation.do?menu_no=100601040101. There are a number of large markets along Busan Subway Line 1. Singapore, Singapore 169 contributions 19 helpful votes. The 1 section tickets for an adult cost 1200 won, for an adolescent it costs 950 won and for a child it costs 600 won. You select the card you want out of many card types on the right. Metropolitan Busan opened the summer of 1985. Be sure to download a Korean translation app like Papago and a Korean map app like Naver Maps, as those will have the best translations and directions (Google Maps is absolute crap in Korea). a user can use it twenty times for seven days without any limit in a section. When you wait for the train, you need to wait in line at either side of the door and after every customer to get off get out of the train, then you can get on the train turn by turn. The Seoul Metro is bigger & more comprehensive but Busan though smaller, is just as good. The available price for recharging ranges from 1,000 won to 500,000 won by the unit of 1,000 won. Are we also to use the T Money card from Seoul? https://www.humetro.busan.kr/english/main.do, one time use, two times use, for general public, for adolescent, for a multichild family and a child, for general public, for adolescent, for a child, one day pass, seven day pass, one month pass. The Busan Metro is a urban rail system in Busan, South Korea. Busan Metro offers cheap park and ride facilities to passengers near most metro stations. Elderly men of the age 65 or above can make use of the metro service for free. FARES You can purchase both ordinary tickets and term passes from an automatic ticketing machine in each station. ● Busan Metro Line 5 – Line5 is a light metro system which is known by the name BGL. With the 1 month pass, the user can make use of the metro service 60 times for a period of one month, this ticket costs 55,000 won. The length of the route is 45.2km and the route serves 42 stations. You select [traffic card/a season ticket recharging]button on your left side. We got a card from our home country before we arrived (Taiwan) and it was super-easy to load up once we were in Busan. A customer buys a paper ticket and one day ticket using the touch screen for himself. Initially serving just 17 stations in the year 1985, it now has 5 lines serving 121 stations in total. It’s managed by the Busan Transportation Corporation. Another large metropolitan. Public Transportation and Metro Rail Information. Later the line was extended towards the central station between Seomyeon and Geumnyeonsan and it was opened in 2001. – Fri.) when the subway is most crowded so we humbly ask you to cooperate for passengers’ safety. Does Busan Metro have the above map in which it is interactive to show the travel distance time & fare? The fares for traffic card users is slightly lesser in comparison with those who use paper boarding tickets. Derrick Wong wrote a review Jan 2020. Fares are … The fare of paper type ticket is different according to a customer’s destination. Despite the fact that South Korea is quite small in the territory of the country, it has the longest metros in the world. When you select a line, you need to select your destination on the screen to show every station. - No Settings Required. With the 1 day pass, a user can use the metro service any number of times during that day and it costs 4500 won. Get route, time and fare information. The 7 day pass, can only be used for a total number of 20 times during the week of purchase and it costs 20000 won. You insert a bill or coins according to the price you select. : Line 1:: Sinpyeoung - Nopo Dong (40.5 km): Basic plans for the Busan subway were drawn in 1979 and construction started in 1981 on Line 1, a north-south route. 3. The metro will bring you to a lot of underground shopping malls in Busan. You check the exit nb on the map you pay for it and then in the train you have all stations announced and written in Korean and English on a digital screen. Line 2 will be further extended towards east and the planning is going on. Main article: Busan Metro Line 1. The more trendier malls are probably in Seoul. You can’t carry your bicycle during weekdays(Mon. The Busan Metro began operation in July 1985. The description of Busan Metro Map. You need to pass the ticket gate to get off the urban rail and get out of the station. ● Busan Metro Line 1 – Line 1 was opened between 1985 and 1994. Very easy. Busan subway map. ExifII* Ducky d +http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/ &Adobed = w T 0 @ 4 6P`!135"2 #$ A% pB ! Busan Metro. Labels: busan South Korea 부산 도시철도. Busan subway map, Busan Metro Scheme, Busan Underground map. You need to confirm the sum you insert, and if the sum is correct, then push [confirm] button. The construction of Line1 started in 1981. Good for Busan locals and Tourists. 09/20/2016. This process was long and in 1… ; Urban rail use guide We inform you of how to purchase Busan urban train ticket and how to use it. Opening date: 1985. In case of one time use ticket, it comes out again from the opposite side and as you need to use it when to get off, you need to take it. By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these Games and Apps be more discoverable by other APKPure … Show More. Major attractions on Line 1 1 Busan Old Town Tour! Busan subway map. You put up your card to be recharged or insert it. Find information about the city government, news, events, residents, business, recreation and tourism. The future metro headquarters was built prior to this, on January 8, 1981. The second in the number of resident population of the city of South Korea was desperate for the subway, as the problem with the traffic jams caused constant crashes in vehicles. a user can use it without any limit in a section and how often he uses on the day of purchase. For more information on the park and ride facilities available, you can visit the official website at:http://www.humetro.busan.kr/homepage/english/page/subLocation.do?menu_no=1006010706. All the machines are in English and easy to understand as are the metro maps. Busan Subway Entrance by LERKBusan Metro Train on Line 1 by LERKBusan Metro Platform by LERKBusan Metro Train CC BY Raíssa RuscheBusan Subway Map by Rémi Cormier, Busan Metro Train on Line 1 by LERKBusan Metro Platform by LERKBusan Metro Train CC BY Raíssa RuscheBusan Subway Map by Rémi Cormier, Busan Metro Platform by LERKBusan Metro Train CC BY Raíssa RuscheBusan Subway Map by Rémi Cormier, Busan Metro Train CC BY Raíssa RuscheBusan Subway Map by Rémi Cormier.

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