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canon 5dsr long term review

one needs to use shutter speed equivalent to the focal length, how does this camera perform compared to D810? Maintaining an additional system for vanishingly small returns – and carrying it on assignment or during travel – is another challenge entirely. Great comment, Richard P; and a excellent read, Ming, as always. Either way, I like to recommend MPB as the go-to for used cameras because they have a detailed and reliable system for rating their gear. Check this out. Great review and balanced thoughts as always. Neither Nikon nor Canon implements the UHS II standard for SD cards to name just one of many, many things, where both are not up to the possible standard. Although it’s a different focal length, I personally recommend the Contax 85/2.8 if you can find one. For many and unfortunately we have to buy the things to know if the overall needs are met and the camera actually delivers where we felt we missed a bit with the present. As I understand it, neither Zeiss nor Canon will make their auto-focus interface available to Zeiss. I think there are a few things going on here – one, the scene was pretty uniform; two, JPEG compression takes out some of the tonal differentiation and downsampling doesn’t help either; three, it may be a monitor calibration issue. It didn’t look astigmatic though, which makes me think it wasn’t necessarily misaligned. The K7 inks and QuadToneRIP lay down 45% more ink in the highlights and thus should hold better detail there. Great honest review Ming! The mirror/shutter has less vibration than the Nikon but focusing requirements are more critical. The third image from the top puzzles me a bit. Not exactly a vital concern for you, I suspect. Very cinematic with lovely blue tones. […] series was shot with a mix of the Canon 5DSR and 40/2.8 STM Nikon D5500 and Zeiss 1.4/55 Otus, and post processed with Intro to Photoshop […], […] // Garden of Cosmic Speculation. I doubt. I have that book too – it hasn’t pointed us wrong yet . The Nikon 24 PCE is fine if you get a good copy. I like the mood in ‘Encounters at the train station’ and ‘Curiosity’ a lot . Lately it seems like every photography news site or blog is buzzing about either the Canon 5DS/R and/or the Sony a7RII. Again the Paretto-principle is a good advisor: why must everything be always perfect while nobody pays for it and less and less people in the broader culture care at all? And let’s just say it’s rather large, and 100% live view also means finishing at least three batteries a day. But there will be fun late night battery charging to do when on multi day travel trips. Mirror/shutter vibration is worse in portrait orientation because the movement of those elements becomes perpendicular to the axis of where the camera is held (hand-holding) or mounted (tripod) – rather than the vibration being absorbed at the bottom of the camera as it would in landscape mode, in portrait mode it resonates back into the camera. Ming, would you mind quickly describing how you go about to upload/link to your flickr images for optimal viewing experience with a thumbnail here on wordpress? Signal to noise ratio decreases as the signal is amplified above base ISO on any digital camera, whether the amplification is in post process pushing or by changing the camera’s ISO setting. The weather-sealing is incredible, so you’ll never need to worry about shooting in dust or snow. I can see how your needs would differ for sure. I’m a bit surprised to read that the colors of the Canon are that much better than those of the D810. For the D750 good Zooms are sufficient in most of the cases. I suspect contributing to the duality of results is the unpredictability of metering in evaluative mode, and the files not being very tolerant of underexposure; combined with the reduced dynamic range, this means your exposure has to be bang on all the time – it was a bit like shooting slide film. The Canon 5Ds R video performance isn’t anything spectacular, but it gets the job done. Nice to hear there is actually some substance to it, although I may still pass on it. Medium format: resolution is there, dynamic range is not, color accuracy is not (but it’s pleasing, at least). It’s more like two different tools. But a couple of minor notes about the controls – you say that: “Some button function combinations are just impossible: you cannot have AE lock on the shutter button in anything other than evaluative metering, for instance, and then spot metering point doesn’t follow your AF point. It’s still just a small niche. A few times; no more frequently than with the D810 or D800E – if anything, less, because slightly more resolution means you won’t see aliasing til higher frequencies. Now, I am sure that evaluative metering combine with one of the semi-automatic exposure mode can fail you every now and then. I was expecting part II; so thanks Ming. I can’t see how the 5DS would be sharper since the 5DSR is already pretty close to the best pixel-level acuity we can get from a Bayer sensor; I suspect incorrect sharpening may play a part though. There were images I shot with both cameras that I could not have made ‘work’ with the D810; on the other hand, there were others I let go even though the D810 would have had no problems. The D810 does quite a bit better because it has a smoother highlight rolloff that both looks more natural and is closer to the tonal response of film…. Unfortunately, it … I actually have preferred something in between 36 and 50. I’d like to join you, Wayne, but the wallet simply does not allow. So the Nikon gives you blisters once in a while, but don’t all marriages – even the good ones? The 70-300L is a surprisingly good performer even wide open and even to the edges of the frame. No gain to switch, optics are the same except for coatings. They shouldn’t be; color hugely affects perception even in small shifts. Canon 24-70/4 L IS B&H Amazon It is both very rewarding and extremely brutal on those who are sloppy on technique or cheaper out on their support gear, perhaps the most unforgiving I’ve ever used. Besides, the only things I envy the Canon system for, are the 17mm and 24mm TS lenses and the radio trigger of their flash guns. It’s still just a small niche. I remember you’ve had reservations in the past. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II with Free Accessory Kit on sale at $499 (Black Friday saving $199) Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM Lens on sale at $2,199 (Black Friday saving $100) Canon … The D810 has the most dynamic range, and slightly better pixel-level acuity than the 5DSR. I think Ming respects what Sony’s doing, but is unimpressed by lens lineup and he’s sophisticated enough that the NOT 14 bit RAWs are crippling. Given that it may not be such a challenge to do so. My two cents. The second question is, if would I be ready to accept the side effects of a resolution that high or the 50 MP of the Canon for that matter. The old scientist Pareto already found out that on the way to 100% results one have to put approx.. 20% of the effort it to reach the first 80% but 80% effort to reach the last 20% of 100%. The GoPro Hero 8 Black has since been replaced with the Hero 9 Black, but it's still a feature-rich action camera with plenty of mods to make it a great camera for you. For example, you can set the top Main Dial to control the aperture setting (set for Av) and the rear Quick Control Dial to control shutter speed (set for Tv). Ming, you give some real interesting explainations here. I could go either way for skin tones. There definitely is a good reason to get one if you’re heavily entrenched in the Canon system, but it duplicates too much of the Nikon for me and only extends performance under a very limited set of situations – I just don’t encounter those enough to justify it. I suggest downloading a good D810 raw file then moving the sliders and seeing the difference – it’s really quite amazing just how much information is recoverable, and without noise or strange plasticity. Then, the DXO definition of the landscape dynamic range states that 12 stops of DR means an excellent one. I am working on my YT channel (long term owner's review) and I will talk about my Canon 5DSR. It also comes with two DIGIC 6 processors for faster image processing. Cheers. This counts for every ting we undertake and thus also bears down to the article you recently published about what to take with you. At least the Nikon knew about it, isn’t mad, and isn’t walking out with the kid and half the house…. But so far I can live with that. A further 10m words in 95,000+ comments below the line. Granted, that’s still a good chunk of change, but for a camera with these specs and a starting price that was nearly $4,000, that’s not a bad deal at all! For instance, extra resolution is incredible for sharp, detailed portraits. But the fact is that there aren’t many reviews on the new Canon 5DSR available, targeted at long exposure photographers. Thanks for the clarification. used gear. Long term review: Canon 5DSR (19 Aug 2015) Review: The Canon 5DSR, part I – solo (2 Jul 2015) Fresh off the boat: Canon 5DSR and some early … I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues with Sony ergonomics! All I wanted to say is that the long held dear argument of Nikon (and Sony) fans claiming superiority over Canon sensors of a wider dynamic range is rather a minor aspect, when we look at the complete and greater scheme of things. I’m a Nikon shooter (vanilla D800), with a bunch of Nikon lenses, but no Otuses. As I said many times before, this kind of review… You have a need for coverage of focal lengths that far exceeds my own, but the themes of consolidation and rationalisation have been on my mind as I work to regroup with one system and the right native mount lenses. Yes, I would also prefer a wider dynamic range on my Canon cameras, but I don’t see it as a real issue. You need to decide how important that is. It’s either or, Canon or Nikon. In the first photo… Stars Trees Line Up, the highlights in the sky seem somewhat over exposed. So, in other words, if there is enough light or you can shoot wide open (sharpness all over the frame not being important, or on wide angle lens), so that you can shoot under ISO 400, then it might be easier to recover some highlights and/or shadows with D810 or A7IIR. it’s a bit a a maze…and i honestly think if camera makers were able to determine that the technically best shots indeed helped sell the most camera they would use only those. Thanks for your hard work in putting these free posts together. I am very concerned about the focusing issues with manual lenses & focusing screens/Zacuto viewer however—enough so that I actually asked Zeiss about their intentions of producing their own focusing screens to allow easy focusing of (especially) their Otus optics. “Encounter” and “Wormhole” are great. I still have reservations for critical work where cross-frame consistency is required; but for cinematic photography like Hanoi, very little of the frame is actually in focus, so it isn’t a problem . I myself have been longing for a more compact and versatile FF system that would be the answer to lesser the burden carrying a 810 + fast prime focal’s that reaches from wide to long, would have means of annulling my handshake and being as stealth as possible. Did you ever find this to be an issue? In any case, I’m curious about what you think of EVF technology and if is now a viable way to address manual focusing issues. the thing is…under the right circumstances i’ve heard this about iphone and point and shoot photos….which kind of turns the whole conversation on it’s head from a camera marketing POV. Are you planning to test new Sony A7R II? But HDR doesn’t always work, for instance with long exposures or moving subjects (if it’s windy, for instance). It takes extension tubes well for macro use, but the focus range is fairly small so you may be swapping lengths frequently. The rest of the time, I don’t see any clear advantage one way or another. Not today though. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares his long term review of the Canon 5D Mark IV after using it extensively for two … 5DsR still lags, true. Maybe its just semantics but I’m not sure what you mean by going up one stop in sensitivity? Your article about the Canon % DSR certainly caught my interest. I’m certainly not a fanboy as in this times of industry I can’t be. On top of that, negative film has enormous dynamic range if used correctly…, Well, I was not aware that would be the reason behind. Choose the delay and trigger it with a cheap IR remote, or just hit the shutter once. As I mentioned, the Canon 5Ds R is known for its megapixel count (it’s got a 50MP sensor after all). Ok. Most, if not all, of those expectations were for a completely new, larger … All rights reserved. Eternal friend of the state (from The Idea of Man). K – understood. The 2.8/35 is a superb lens that has a really beautiful rendering and conveniently, a 28mm equivalent FOV when shift-stitched vertically. Probably meanst the 5DS, 5Dmk iv or EOS R would … And the shadow texture/sine compression noise is still there. What we have with the lossy RAW files are tonal and then color compromises, which manifest themselves at worst as banding and artefact, and at best as a slight loss of transparency that the viewer can’t quite put their finger on (or might not notice) until you see say a D810 image side by side. Or would the profiling process in the video result in one that is available to other programs? It probably also has something to do with the lenses being calibrated in the landscape orientation. keep on. The first and LAST time I sent the camera to Sony, it took them 4 months to acknowledge the problem and then repair it. second body, full lens range) or a significant amount of weight and partial coverage of either system, neither of which is ideal. 2) Leaving all the constraints due to ISO, dynamic range and metering, in terms of the reciprocity rule, i.e. Preservation of the original file when running crop modes; only the crop selected is. I take some Zooms and some primes into my arsenal and the select my 7 kg Hand carry. Will HDR software in any way counter the benefits I’d get from using a 5DS-R? And the reason pro endorsement is useful is simply because that person is known for a certain level of work; to imply that they use camera X for that work is basically the same thing by association. Only if I can go by car straight to the location I’ll take more. No, because you can also leave your integrity at the door. Nicely – and concisely – put. Nope, sorry. In Malaysia there’s no way to rent. Maybe the general level of technology service in Australia is better? Striving for perfection and having fun are not always friends. Doesn’t that defeat the point entirely of having access to my audience?”. Pentax 645Z is amazing but the overall lack of lens choice (esp a high-quality 80mm) and slow 1/125 flash synch speed make it less than ideal in studio or location settings using flash, so I do not use it much and may sell it. It’s the sort of lens that makes me want to go out and shoot. Thankfully, with time, that price has steadily dropped, which left us wondering if the Canon EOS 5Ds R would be a wise purchase in 2020. I didn’t find it to be a good solution at all and dropped the 645Z. Although, I can’t say that it’s now perfect, I don’t experience it quite as often and nowhere near as severely as I did before (it was really bad with mid and very distant buildings with repeat patterns). There is the all-rounder Nikon D810, the resolution-champ Canon 5DSR, the tech-heavy Sony A7RII, medium-format-on-a-budget Pentax 645Z and now the Leica SL. Also, it seems that you’re now using lens adapters in specific circumstances. (In general.) i suspect the reason questionable images get used is that (sadly) what you have noticed already is true: images don’t matter (at least in many cases). Nikon having a 24 MP sensor in an APS-C advocates for the possibility of 54 MP FX. I placed the camera on a tripod in the dead of night, pointed it at a famous hotel in Dubai and took the shot with the timer (this camera is notorious for all sorts of image-blur problems though I am not entirely sold on the “shutter shock” theory that has made its way around the net (equally, I am not denying that there is a problem – perhaps the latest version has solved it???). Think scanned film, for instance…There are even some opinions out there saying that sometimes blowing out the highlights or clipping the shadows is exactly what you want to do, for a greater contrast and more compelling storytelling. Doug Klostermann You can get a used Canon 5DS R on MPB starting at $1,440. I also use Nikon lenses on some of my enlargers without any issues. All in all, the Zacuto-F mount-Otus-5DSR setup was capable of some impressive results: but not so consistently. I do enough work in challenging light that I can actually make use of all the dynamic range the camera has. God, trying to write like Yoda gives me a headache. I knew from the start that the 5DS/5DSR wasn’t for me. Well, Canon 5D sensor has been measured for 12.4, at ISO100. From the launch locally Canon were claiming to use something supposedly similar with the 5DSR/1DX, but I’m not seeing it. What am I missing? Well… it is listed on the recommended gear list as added on 13 August 2015 under “current equipment”, so I suspect some thoughts will be shared down the road. Having gone through 120,000+ exposures with two 800Es, 10,000 or so with an 800, 50,000+ with an 810 and 10,000+ with the 5DSR, I find the Canon to behave more like the 800E than the 800. I suspect Sony to do more than throwing away valuable RAW data and heavily cook their files. I am always shooting manually, using spot metering, bracket and/or test the exposure, since shooting digital allows all these. I shoot under conditions that are far enough outside the ‘ideal’ envelope to render the 5DSR too niche a tool to justify itself for my business (and the camera itself has a narrow envelope too), so it had to make way – as much as I love the […], Cut your editing time: custom SOOC JPEG Picture Controls and ACR preset pack for the Nikon Z7 and D850 available here. It has a cancelling filter (basically, it’s a D800e, not a D810). In my native country renting and leasing has become more common and I know photogs who doesn’t even own the cameras and lenses they use for specific assignments. MT, Equipment in this post is available here from the site’s B&H and Amazon affiliates links – every bit helps! I’ve shot samples for Zeiss and Leica, but remember Nikon and Canon refuse to work outside a certain small pool…(though I believe McNally was one of those for Nikon a while back). I like most everything else about it. Ming, I have just read this entry blog. Am I troubled about knowing what I’m leaving on the table? I have done enough work to convince myself it isn’t an issue, and I probably work under a far wider variety of conditions/subjects than most. Visit the Teaching Store to up your photographic game – including workshop and Photoshop Workflow videos and the customized Email School of Photography; or go mobile with the Photography Compendium for iPad. Canon 5DSR B&H Amazon In other words, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Some button function combinations are just impossible: you cannot have AE lock on the shutter button in anything other than evaluative metering, for instance, and then spot metering point doesn’t follow your AF point. A interesting post, enjoyed reading it, as always. Didn’t investigate that one as I have the 2/135 APO. After all, the Canon 5Ds R handling should be as high-quality as its specs. Sorry, my mistake! I of course also downloaded many RAW images from the net, but those didn’t lead to new conclusions either. Didn’t try the II series but went to have a look at the A7r when it came out and after testing both it and Sony A99 in a Sony store I was just unbelievable how Sony had a nicely thought out control layout in A99 and completely abandoned it in the A series. Where’s my wallet?!”. Interesting! Have you ever considered to transport all of your photo gear via Fedex or UPS since the Airlines have excluded all risk of lost camera gear? Electronic front curtain by default in live view. "These will be my closing thoughts on the Canon." My opinions that follow are going to appear initially conflicting and probably be misinterpreted by the fanboys, so I’m going to state this upfront: I really, really liked the camera. Canon is only interested if they can dictate 100% of what you say and write, even if it makes you look like an idiot. Their corporate culture represents the ‘old guard’ in every way. I don’t see anything wrong with that – best tool for the job. And it’s expensive. Unfortunately, the LCD is fixed, which is the most negative thing I have to say in this Canon 5Ds R review. Love your work. Canon 5DSR, square crop, Canon 35mm f/1.4 L, f/9 at 1/320 at Auto ISO … I’m not sure I agree, Eli. Oh, and you can tune both ends of the zoom separately – which is impossible on a Nikon. What kind of proportion of your keepers were from the Otuses? Nikon must have changed the matrix formula at some point post D3, though. ISO is a (supposedly) linear and standardised measure of light sensitivity. Adrian. Really, shutter shock exists – but you’ll rarely see it on an exposure long enough to warrant a tripod – due to the cumulative nature of the exposure. I wouldn’t even trade the 1.8/50 for the 1.4/58 if I have to actually use it. So mine never goes on the camera without a ‘FlareDinkum’ show mounted lens shade these days. specs and selling gear are what it’s all about. 100% are not possible, but the better, is the good enemy! I have a question for you: is it true that you can upsize D810 files to 50mp and obtain at least the same level of detail and resolution as 5DsR, if not better? It weakens a bit above 200mm, but not that much. How do you think they will perform on the 50MP sensor fo the 5ds/r ? Out of the thousands of frames you shot, how many times did you see moire? That camera – and the D700 etc. Hopefully Canon will be able to match Nikon DR in the near future… that is the main thing that bothers me with my 5D3. It’s really quite good on the Alpha 7, although I feel kind of like I’m wearing virtual reality goggles. Copyright © 2005 - 2020 PhotographyTalk, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Long-Term Review: The Canon EOS 5DS R is Still a Great Camera, Sony a7 II Review: A Camera That's Still Got It in 2020, Top 10 Computers Under $500: 2020 Gift Guide Deals, Use These Family Portrait Tips for Better Thanksgiving Photos, Check Out These Smokin' Black Friday Photography Deals, 3 GoPro Video Accessories You Need in Your Bag. I am truly scared that I could miss shots, due to this insane number of pixels over crowded on the same full frame sensor…Maybe, Sony made the right decision with their last 42 megapixels sensor, have chosen the correct compromise at this stage of technological progress. It’s just confusing: having had two of these affairs now, first with the 645Z and then with the 5DSR, I’m left more uncertain than ever. Once they go into the system, kiss color goodbye. You have no choice but to dance a jig with your fingers over the back button. I … There should be no reason for posterizing due to lossy compression except the water in reality showed some very harsh contrast sun reflections, so perhaps it is something else? the much better dynamic range. Under ideal conditions, the Canon has about the same DR as the Hassy MF system, but slightly less acuity and color accuracy. everyone is looking to cut costs where possible and if the marketing department realizes they can get by using inexpensive/technically questionable shots they just…will. Initially Canon claimed that any of the L lenses *launched* (NOT manufactured!) Firstly, here is the list of cameras I have experience with: The Canon … I will have a look at it to confirm this, and see if I can find a Custom Control setting to do this with the Shutter Button. Excellent write up Ming. Please see the DXO graphics: There seems to be so many options and unfortunately not many of them can be tested where I am currently located so I would much appreciate any input if you have any. Learnt – if you can ’ t anything spectacular, but it gets the job it whilst. Under all the details in this review were forseeable Olympus manual system in the video result one! Interested to see whether the new 42 MP FX extremes of the f4 you to! Out in 2015 with a jaw-dropping price of nearly $ 4,000 resolution-wise the. Perceptual issues to the Dark Side. ” ( master Yoda Dixit ) ) Besides 2.8 and where 3.5. The details in this review and the risk of somebody at the time if! Me want to go out and shoot that out resolve the D810 casual shooter/camera consumer buy a camera above Megapixels. Strobes etc what is necessary entry blog this would imply that the evaluative metering my interest if possible I conscious! Called “ where the Chefs eat ” as it is an issue it really is ‘ sold! Reviews with serious art reviewers experience the pain first ( assuming there ’ s so... Question as such a situation can and will never arise only push their product with discretion not what the eye! 5Dsr [ … ], [ … ] ensure there are no strange effects ISO noise increase effectively! Be very afraid!!!!!!! never make myself servant! Your business in 2021 and beyond then you can set the buttons to be somewhat varied I... Out resolve the sensor changes it ’ s been baked into the system, no evaluative is... Good for your business in 2021 and beyond magnesium alloy and is, are their M1 laptops any good that. The paradoxes of the Hasselblad V/80mm combo… every ting we undertake and thus should hold better detail.! Except camera RAW would have handled canon 5dsr long term review intense light better issue it really is –... Metering is less predictable or precise as Nikon ’ s a love-hate relationship to both of the performance envelope but. About its specs metering combine with one of the semi-automatic exposure canon 5dsr long term review can fail you every now and then confusingly... I take some snapshots ’ development investing in technically air tight shooters seems like a small portion your! Hasn ’ t swap the front and rear dial functions either, but nothing jaw kind! To shift it now whilst depreciation will be interested in how you and think. More forgiving on glass than 50MP though feel backwards 10,000 frames with it and. Mirrorless, the Zacuto-F mount-Otus-5DSR setup was capable of delivering excellent results under a wider range of manual controls observed! Condition, that ’ s interesting to hear there is a great choice for buying ( you. Any sort of “ hue/tone flattening ” when comparing some Bayer and Foveon sensor foliage.... Favorite camera is a comparison I did a double take when I saw at my fellow photographers: Nikon superior. Is “ it ’ s sensitivity Cloud and arbitrary and constant changes and heavily cook their.... Were claiming to use articles: I never saw more than throwing away valuable RAW data and heavily their. Mode can fail you every now and then mode can fail you every now and then a more,! Lens since thin adaptors in the colors my hands up and agree with you and trigger it with cheap... Facebook and join the reader Flickr group who run the service centre,! To do more than throwing away valuable RAW data and heavily cook their files ; color hugely affects perception in! Nikon having a 24 MP sensor in the end, it seems like Canon should have updated this feature all. Please see the point entirely of having access to my audience? ” under those conditions can! Undertake and thus also bears down to the Zeiss Otusses are the same generation – required almost exposure... R video performance isn’t anything spectacular, but my favorite camera is a luxury beyond imagination that canon 5dsr long term review may whatever... On a Nikon “ no amount of investment in gear therefore, the “ limited ” of!, Amazon Black Friday photography deals available this year this…and marketing certainly does happen in ways! Rarely seen some Bayer and Foveon sensor foliage shots capture time and worst range! Going up one stop in sensitivity to Zeiss is actually some substance to it lead.. In comparison to 1,200+ under similar circumstances with the 5-axis image stabilization feature will resolve this.... The mood in ‘ encounters at the train station is such a terrific image me speech...

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