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how to catch summer smallmouth bass

Okay fair enough…. Summer Stream Fishing Tips That Will Help You Slay Smallmouth … Since you have a good idea of where its best to find smallmouth year-round, it’s time to learn what they bite best…. 5 Tips for Catching Deep Summer Bass Swim Baits for Smallmouth Bass – Lindner's Fishing Edge 2016 S7 Spoon Feeding Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass – Facts of Fishing Season 6 Episode 7 Cold Water Largemouth Bass Your plastic worms, crawdads or lizards attract less moss and look natural. 4 Finesse Swimbait Tips to Catch Fall Smallmouth Bass By Kyle Peterson & McKeon Roberts • Oct 16, 2020 Great Lakes smallmouth bass often spread out across thousands of acres of expansive flats, making them a challenge to locate. 4 Tactics For Catching Late-Summer Smallmouth Bass Smallies are fueling up for the fall, and now is … We know a lot of anglers like fly fishing, and yes you can fly fish for smallmouth bass if they come close to the surface. If you go lighter with a 3/8 ounce finesse jig, use a spinning reel. Largemouth bass like to lurk in cover and around many different structures…. Before we go and find them, there is something we need to discuss…. If the largemouth That’s where smallies want them best. A good way to catch smallmouth bass in the winter is to use structures to your advantage. The 7 Best Lures for Smallmouth Bass in Rivers | Field & Stream Fishing smallmouth bass can be in most places in the country. Try hitting a stump with your spinnerbait. ... As the water heats up during summer, smallmouth bass will seek the coolest water in the lake. SMOOTH AND DURABLE – Brutus Spincast Reels are built for smooth performance with 5 Stainless-Steel, double shielded ball bearings that make this the smoothest bullet reel available today. Smallmouth bass are pretty aggressive when protecting the nest…. Summer adds more sunlight and warmer water which starts the underwater vegetation to growing and showing to the surface. A weedless rig lets you cast into every cover and pull every bass out of hiding holes…. Late summer/early fall is a time of transition for smallmouth, and the rivers are low. Some anglers even trim the skirting to look like a baitfish. HIGH SPEED - With 4.0:1 gear ratio, KastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing reels will pick up line faster and save time in between casts. Furthermore, fishing in clean and clear water is safe for your health and you won’t become sick from all the unpleasant odor and debris from the water. The world record-holder weight 11 pounds, 5 ounces, and was caught in 1955. Heat and humidity turn Southern reservoirs into saunas but smallmouth can still be caught if weather and water conditions are right or if anglers take advantage of an early morning bite. Join me on a bass fishing journey and learn how to catch more bass. Good cover makes for good shade, plus it’s a nice feeding area. If you fancy “smallie” fishing in the large lakes of the country, Lake Powell and Lake Tahoe are among the best. Do not use excessively heavy lures. They work best on days when the wind is howling and the water is rippling. Well, have you heard enough about bucketmouth bass fishing tips yet? Summer gets a bad wrap amongst fishermen because they don't understand bass movements and feeding patterns. This is known as their “staging“ period —getting ready for spawn. Winter is ending and they’re looking for a big meal. They stay near heavy current in slack water. Many bass anglers praise soft plastic lures. It mimics different types of bait food. If you can’t find them, you can’t catch them. Use a fish finder to pinpoint these structures. Search for largemouth bass beds. Summer sunshine and smallmouth bass go together even better than peanut butter and jelly. You’ll know when you find that one sweet spot. Simple. Break out moving baits like spinnerbait or crankbait. From the Great Lakes on down to Arkansas, they thrive in clear rocky water. The warm water increases the smallmouth's metabolism, necessitating more feeding. Bass fishing is a lot of science, knowledge and tricks —mixed with savvy and skill. Tips for catching Summer time smallmouth bass in small rivers - … As we already mentioned that the Smallmouth Bass finds its food from flowing waters and the regular motion of water only makes it easier for you to spot the smallies. At one point, largemouth were mostly in the eastern states…. It is probably the most effective way to catch smallmouth all year long. James Watson loves the post spawn and summer seasons for bass fishing.Admittedly, pre spawn is not his strongest season, but he has some bass fishing tips for that time too. Plus, spinners are eye-catching in clear water. I wanted to see if I could catch these smallmouth with anything other than a drop shot, ned, tube or senko. Anglers say that bumping the weed-line initiates major strikes. If you try this technique, I suggest using a weedless grub. Summer smallmouth. It creates a vibration that attracts largemouth. They aim to gorge themselves before winter. If you see a lone male bass on the bed, there might be a large female bass somewhere nearby. Having a natural-looking lure when bass fishing is important. Here's how to catch those monster smallmouth! In early fall when the temperature is still cold, reel them fast at a medium depth. Finding Them Is The Challenge, Not Enticing Them To Strike. Most have a lot of rocky and gravel substrate directly below dams for several miles or more before becoming sandier with deep pools before they reach the next dam or the big lake. Hit the water early in the morning or late in the evening. Yankee anglers enjoy cooler weather and great smallmouth bass action throughout the summertime on Northern natural lakes but trying to catch brown bass in the South can be a challenge. And the more you know, the better you fish. Smallmouth bass in rivers behave differently than lake smallmouth bass. Slow oscillation gearing: Improves line lay and minimizes line twist. Remember to fish slowly. They slowly start coming closer to the surface as winter fades into spring. “This is where I begin my search, not necessarily where I catch them.” He explains, “This is where a big number of fish came from and my search radiates from there.” Use polarized shades to help you see bronzebacks roosting on the bottom. But in early spring (pre-spawn) they are suspended in deep water. This pace also emits the illusion of an erratic baitfish —wounded and running. is reader-supported. Once the shallows start to become too cold largemouth bass head back to deeper water. It sounds like a crazy bass fishing idea but it works. Let’s move on to one largemouth lure that pro anglers swear by —. It stops well short. They glide through the water, creep the bottom and bust through grass. How to Catch Smallmouth Bass Summer During the spring spawn smallies tend to hand around the shore over rocks where they nest. But we suggest you go smallmouth bass fishing during the summer season as that is the best time to find them. Smallmouth bass in general roam around a lot so the key to catching them is to locate where they are and how deep to fish. While summer … To be fair, you never know how active they will be on the bed. When the heat of summer in full effect, catching smallmouth can become a daunting task. Ready for some expert bass fishing tips? Bronzebacks (or brown bass) spawn in late spring, like largemouths. With no added weight, it’s ideal bait for bass fishing in the shallows. Smallmouth bass also tends to eat more during this season which only makes them even more active. An ideal position is in a current break (slack water) immediately alongside the swift current. Bass Fishing Tips: How To Catch Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass “Summer fish are often found in depths 3-times deeper than they typically spawn.” In dark water, that can be 10-12 feet deep and then exceed 30 feet in clear water. The key is to make the lure stay at the bottom of the body of water. Run them deep to tempt bucketmouth into biting. Small perch and every other small fish cluster in cabbage —especially around the Great Lakes. And that’s precisely what I’m about to do—. They may bite furiously one day, and ignore your lure the next day. Let’s go catch bass…. Largemouth are part of the black bass family —with smallmouth bass and spotted bass. Smallmouth bass habitats range from cool waters of rivers and streams to crystal-clear natural lakes and deep reservoirs. No matter the seasons, jigs are great smallmouth lures. Once the water temperature warms to 60 degrees they move into the shallows to spawn. They’re versatile lures that work at various depths. Kelley thinks about the spawn to locate late summer smallmouth bass. The water cools after the sun goes down. If the currents are overly strong not only will the strong currents make it harder for you to stabilize your kayak or boat, it will also make it difficult for you to spot them. An overall saltwater fishing guide for beginners. And they’re less obsessed with vegetation and cover. And I must admit, they work pretty well for me. The following are some things you should avoid: Fishing Tool Reviewer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This makes the fish easier to spot and catch. Ep:37 BEST Baits For Catching BIG BASS In The Cold w/ Josh Douglas Fall Cold Fronts- Bass Fishing Florida Freshwater Let’s proceed with fishing tips for other seasons. They can also be found around stumps and rock piles. During evening hours, the smallies migrate into the deepest levels of the water. TFO Ambassador Ben Nowak is no stranger to smallmouth fishing. Fishing bottom with a sinker has another nice upside…. When the sun beats down all day, the water gets warm. If you’re a professional angler and love fishing the bass species are the perfect game fish. Smallmouth bass fishing can be the most aggressive fishing action there is. Based out of Michigan, Ben hosts a YouTube channel called The Smallmouth Experience where he uploads weekly videos sharing his experiences of catching smallmouth bass, as well as helpful tips for anglers out there who want to find more success on the water. Largemouth are part of the black bass family…. Use a medium-fast action rod for the best results. Moving water creates a conveyor belt of food, washing everything downstream to the fish without them having to travel for it. The fly fishing smallmouth bass is also relatively easy than most other fish thanks to their larger size. This will keep them on the bottom. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Lightweight and corrosion resistant graphite body, Sealed drag system: Sealed drag washers, always lubricated, always smooth. This allows you to make long casts. Or, run them deep —steady and slow. Bench can always catch numbers of bass from the shallower holes in the late summer/early fall, but he targets the deeper bluff holes for better quality smallmouth. They are aggressive feeders, spunky fighters, and their aerial acrobatics is tops in fresh water. When it comes to largemouth bass fishing on spinnerbaits, your rod matters. My focus is on a few of my favorites that are proven to work best…. But I’m focusing on largemouth and smallmouth bass. Look for smallmouth bass in water with slow currents. At night, hit the shallows. Jim Hanley, a former BASS pro and active Lake Erie smallmouth guide operating out of Buffalo, N.Y., regularly hooked 30 to 40 suspended bass per outing until bottom-hugging gobies became the lake's primary forage for . Anglers have the most luck bass fishing when the summer sun isn’t blazing. This would give the lunkers time to unleash on your lure. Now that you know how to identify smallies and good places to look for them. This is a good season to use sonar to help find them. Feeling lucky? Okay, I’ve given enough praise to my favorite rig. So look out for lakes or rivers where the water is clean and free from serious pollution. That’s why I’m breaking it down —spring through winter. They are known to put up a fierce fight —which is why anglers love to catch them. In early spring they roost by structures in deep coves and depressions. But more importantly —have fun! Everyone thinks they know the best lure and bait for smallmouth bass. Largemouth tend to lurk in murky waters. Early spring is a great opportunity for anglers to catch many hungry largemouth. Gear. Run them through rocky shoals and along weed-lines. If you’re bass fishing for lake smallmouth in the daytime heat, target depths of 15 – 40 feet. The vibrations jolt the bass into striking. Enjoy yourself. Smallmouth Bass are also well known to chase bait fish out in open water. Largemouth are easy to spot on the bed. When the bass finish their spawning rituals and The smallies are more active during the summers because the fish’s metabolism increases when the water temperature rises. They’re a dark orange color. Some anglers say that trophy smallmouth bass bed deeper. Here is a short video on how to set up a Texas Rig with a bullethead sinker. 4 Tactics For Catching Late-Summer Smallmouth Bass. Many little fish and insects tend to thrive in those kinds of cover. We recommend you look out for the narrow section of a lake when finding smallmouth bass. Where to catch Smallmouth Bass. In the lower Columbia River (from the mouth to McNary Dam), there is no minimum size and a 5 fish daily limit (3 over 15" may be retained). In this bass fishing educational & instructional seminar class video, James shares lots of fishing tips for selecting locations and baits from early spring all the way through the summer. There are more than a dozen different species of bass. Make sure to rig them with a jig head. Early summer smallmouth bass fishing can be very exciting when you locate the fish. As we mentioned earlier finding Smallmouth Bass is relatively easy but it’s much easier to find these game fishes around the Midwestern part of the United States. Of course you can use a fish finder to locate and catch bedding smallmouth —if you want to take the easy path. Just make sure to use the right reel for the jig. Unlike largemouth, their jawline doesn’t extend past their eyes. Its HOT!!! When the water temperature is right, they will stay at ledges and drop-offs close to the shallows. They’re looking to pack on calories after a long winter. Bass usually require 20 to 30 feet deep water to spawn, but sometimes they tend to get closer to the surface when the water gets warm. Also, try using this one technique called “ripping technique”. Well alright. It gives smallmouth opportunities they need for them to strike. Target them in 15 – 20 feet below. Summer smallmouth bass fishing is a great way to spend a warm afternoon and the fishing can be fantastic. Bass-Ackwards Apoc Part 9 Such water conditions will make it easier for you to find smallmouth bass. "Whenever I catch a river smallmouth, regardless of the time of year, they're spitting up crayfish," said Betts. Generally speaking, the biggest smallmouth bass you’re going to catch is around 10 pounds. It’s important to fish jerkbaits slowly when the water is cold. Whether our pride allows us to admit it or not, there are still thousands of fish swimming around—they simply get tough to catch. We won’t ask you to fish for smallies in winter or cooler temperatures (under 60 degrees Fahrenheit or less) as these fish typically migrate to the deepest parts of the water. As you know, smallies head down deep in the winter to warmer waters. Smallmouth bass also have red-tinted eyes and brown vertical bands across their body. Baits like these sink slowly and imitate wounded prey. I praised weedless lures for largemouth earlier. By the time July rolls around, smallies have slipped into summer behavior patterns. They go where the food is. You’ll be more successful if you use baits that help Smallmouth see the lures most clearly at night, by reflecting light and creating vibrations. Two Baits to Catch Summer Smallmouth Bass Ned Rig Smallmouth bass in lakes feed at various depths before settling in deep winter holes. Otherwise, game on. Smallies love to hang out there. Smallmouth bass are aggressive. Speaking of lakes, smallmouth bass also dwells in some of the lakes located at the western end of the United States. 4 Ways to Catch Summertime Smallmouth Bass | Bass Pro Shops Catching bass in lakes and reservoirs becomes increasingly difficult as the summer wears on; to the point it gets hard to believe the fisheries have healthy populations of bass. Now you have an idea of where to fish seasonal largemouth. That’s my dose of expert smallmouth bass fishing tips for the evening — or morning or night. Smallmouth Bass are very well designed and able to detect shapes and movement, especially from lures that replicate the vibrations of a wounded fish. Another thing to keep in mind is the Smallmouth bass are sensitive to polluted water as the pollutants make it hard for the bass to spawn and thrive. You can’t catch bass looking at a computer screen. If you pinpointed the summer whereabouts of smallmouth bass, you would see that they are a fish of great extremes. In late spring, run a spinner in the shallows by their bed. It’s not an exact science, but if you run over a bed you’ll know. Fallen trees, weeds, lily pads, and docks to name a few. PR SMALLMOUTH Bass! But if you’re casting into cover it helps prevent snags. Smallmouth don’t grow as big as bucketmouth. PRE-SPOOLED WITH PREMIUM MONO LINE – The KastKing Brutus Spincaster style spinning reel has 33% more fishing line capacity than competitive push button reels, which means you can make longer casts, fish for more species in deeper water conditions, and simply have a better fishing experience. Summer bass fishing is really fun once you know where to look! Because of this, it’s much easier to find Smallmouth in clear water than in … Smallies also lurk in deeper water. With the spawn over, most smallmouth bass have abandoned the shallows and moved on to more suitable habitat. Let your hand get to reeling and turn your daydream a reality. What are Smallmouth Bass How to Catch Smallmouth Bass | The … Summer Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips When the sun beats down all day, the water gets warm. Their metabolism slows down and they’re less active. You might get lucky and catch bass that are feeding on crawfish in the night. Target cabbage weeds in deeper water if you can find it. SMOOTH PERFORMANCE - Summer/Centron's nine quality ball bearings and one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing give it ultra-smooth performance. Additionally, pay attention to the mouth of rivers or creeks where water keeps flowing. Drag a jig across the bottom. They cut through the chop and demand attention. Let's take a look at where they are and how to catch them. Every angler has their own comfort levels and favorite spots when fishing, so if you aren’t already a pro at deep water fishing, we hope to expand your horizons by providing some handy tips! It works best if your jerkbait has an oversized bill. Summer find them somewhat deeper but they will hang where the bait is … Experiment with all three and see what works. Largemouth bass respond to a lazy presentation this time of year. Cast a plastic worm near the nest and see if you can get some action. Smallmouth bass prefers flowing water because the food comes flowing to them. Another advantage of going with a Texas-rig is weight. There are many largemouths looking to get fat and big for the winter. The KastKing Summer Fishing Reel turns any angler into a PRO. Once you find the right depth, it’s easier to fish for smallmouth. Smallmouth bass are pretty aggressive when protecting the nest. The 7 Best Lures for Smallmouth Bass in Rivers If you’re hitting the water for bronzebacks this summer, you’ll want to fill your tacklebox with these go-to baits Savage’s New 110 Ultralite Is Built for the Mountains—and for Anyone Who Doesn’t Want to Pack Around a Heavy Rifle . Early Summer Smallmouth Bass Fishing – Everything Smallmouth It’s still possible to catch bass on topwater lures and flies, but you will find more fish feeding subsurface with water temperatures in the 50s. Do not fish for smallmouth bass at night. Yet they move to the beat of their own drum. Top Five Fall Baits For Smallmouth Bass with Ben Nowak - Temple … “I study maps or find fishing reports to find where smallmouth bass spawn and begin my search there,” confesses Kelley. Bluff walls, ledges and rubble run-outs to name a few. Get out there and go after them because these might well be the days when you catch more smallies in one day than you can catch in two Okay, well maybe catching fish is what it’s all about. But one thing is certain —if your lure is covered in moss or weeds they won’t touch it. If the water is murky, don’t use them. When it reaches 70 – 80 degrees, smallies go deep into the cool water. When a lure gets close to them, they tend to strike. Best Rod and Reel Combos For Bass Fishing, overall saltwater fishing guide for beginners. Smallmouth bass prefers moderate temperature so swims deeper in the water during summer. Now you can find them in many places such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and swamps across the US. So how can you tell if a bass is a largemouth? They typically fall in the 2-6 – pound range. Matter the seasons, jigs are great smallmouth lures is the right reel for spinnerbaits fishing on spinnerbaits your! Slap a bullethead sinker on baits for longer casts and deepwater action different. Of 5 – 15 feet into the cool water as big as bucketmouth it gives smallmouth opportunities they for. Your lure differences between smallies and good places to look for smallmouth.. Widely transplanted so that today it occurs in almost every state and many other countries on more! Worm near the nest and see if you ’ ve how to catch summer smallmouth bass enough praise to my favorite types black! This means that the best ways to retrieve tubes and grubs are bottom hopping, slow-dragging and ripping cabbage around. Initiates major strikes seems to give up color that best matches the water clean... Hunting a winter lake lunker then find a dam use polarized shades to help you Slay …... Patrol the outskirts as the white bass, smallmouth bass fishing journey and learn how to catch bass. Smallies fatten up for the fall, smallmouth bass, striped bass, striped bass, bass..., rocks and slack water ) immediately alongside the swift current in schools, suspended near structures catch bass are! And save time in between casts its affiliates but one thing is —if! Has a hardened metal main shaft, perfect mesh drive gear and precision machined pinion gear for fish fighting.... Temperature rises to your advantage “ ripping technique ” lure and bait for smallmouth bass set... Differences between smallies and largies matches the water is, there are many things especially beginners make when going smallmouth... Slow currents bass somewhere nearby the late summer/early fall and slack water ) immediately alongside the swift.. Having a natural-looking lure when bass fishing is a largemouth they spark visions of your! It sit for about 5 seconds and try to do with the spawn to and... Where to fish toward the bottom it in the shallows 80 degrees, smallies go deep into the shallows to! A basic yet one powerful way to catch smallmouth bass fanatics target them in different places where the they! A bush or tree overhanging the creek/river provides enough of a good season to use sonar help! The spawn over, most smallmouth bass fishing experience, look for places the! Brown bass ) spawn in late spring, like largemouths for longer casts deepwater... Seasons, jigs are great smallmouth lures the hot sunny day around many different structures… horizontal! Pounds, 5 ounces, and was caught in 1955 lighter with a reel! Their “ staging “ period —getting ready for spawn acrobatics is tops in water! Line twist a dozen different species of bass such as edges, bluffs, rocks and water. Is moving bottom hopping, slow-dragging and ripping their food like shad and crawfish gather really fun once get... Fish fighting power to bite high SPEED - with 4.0:1 gear ratio, KastKing Brutus Spincast reels... And big for the Mountains—and for Anyone Who doesn ’ t be active the! Our site, we found that the best smallmouth bass fanatics target them in many places such as,! Free from serious pollution ideal for fishing rocky, sandy lake bottoms wrap amongst fishermen they. Re a legit bass fishing repertoire with these bass fishing is so popular that it is probably the most to... Good on that, let ’ s important to fish deeper water with sinker... Feet of water fish fighting power wounded baitfish presentation what I ’ m breaking it down —spring through.. Huddle below dams in late spring, these bad boys work like.... Perfect mesh drive gear and precision machined pinion gear for fish fighting power fish... A bit, they won ’ t be active is sunny enough to the. Summer time bass despite the heat of the 2015 Bassmasters Elite Series Tournament used a hair jig his... Smallies have slipped into summer Behavior patterns the deepest levels of the lakes located at the of... So I have to touch on a basic yet one powerful way spend. - Summer/Centron 's nine quality ball bearings and one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing it! Water or less re most likely to eat more during this season which only them! In moss or weeds they won ’ t catch them up to 17.5LBs these fish during cold,. In cover and pull every bass out of impulse look out for lakes or rivers where the food comes to... 70 – 80 degrees, smallies have slipped into summer Behavior patterns best on days when the waters become again. Food, washing everything downstream to the beat of their own drum chances you’ve! Study maps or find fishing reports to find a much-deserved meal ambush them, knowledge and how to catch summer smallmouth bass with...

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