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makita 36v mitre saw review

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The Makita DLS211ZU Cordless Mitre Saw has a 305mm blade diameter which gives this big 31kg machine a maximum cutting capacity of 92mm x 382mm. Since it also allows for some of the highest trim clearances across the back fence it reigns as the best dual compound miter saw. These days dust in the working environment is rightly frowned upon so Makita has a solution, Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) which connects to compatible dust extractors via Bluetooth. Also high on our list is the Skilsaw SPT88-01 12-inch worm drive miter saw. That makes this saw perfect for saving precious working space in your shop. We find it hard to overstate the incredible refinement of the Festool Kapex KS 120 REB miter saw. Sometimes you stick with what works. We also find it an extremely portable miter saw. You can get this saw as a bare tool and kit—plus you can opt for the tool with or without AWS Bluetooth support. Around here, we love keeping our miter saws on stands. Adding a front bevel control steps up the saw to a new level of convenience. I agree that the Makita should ship these saws with the blade parallel, but this is the only saw I have ever owned that the rails can be adjusted. Choosing the best miter saw means looking at performance & power, cut quality, accuracy, features, and value. Another thing we really love about some miter saws has to do with up-front controls. Although large it can boast a maximum mitre range of 60 – 60º and a maximum bevel range of 48 – 48º. Makita Mitre Saws at Total Tools. You can always make cuts on a tailgate. It's powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries for 36V power and performance, but without leaving the 18V LXT platform. It was very hard not to give the Makita XSL08PT the #1 overall spot in our best miter saw reviews article, even over corded models. The Makita miter saw … It’s all about giving you a legitimate recommendation and our honest opinion of each product. We actually wrote a very comprehensive guide on what to look for when buying a miter saw. In fact, you can cut 6-3/4 inch speed base and 7-1/2 inch nested crown. For extreme cutting power, torque and durability a Makita cordless mitre saw is near unbeatable. It also works in broad daylight! This powerful, accurate saw easily moves around the job site. This miter saw has tons of clearance and keeps you in front of it for all adjustments and cutting. If you need to load and unload into a smaller space, you may find that a smaller saw that removes easily from the stand works even better. That makes a wheeled gravity rise-style miter saw stand our top pick. This 10-inch single bevel miter saw offers up to 4-1/2 inches of vertical crown or base clearance. A sliding miter saw can cut a 2×12 or even a 2×14 depending upon your choice of setup. 00 The DLS211ZU is a body only model which is fully compatible with all LXT batteries and chargers. Believe it or not, the newest cordless miter saws are matching their corded counterparts in power. The Milwaukee 2739-20 cordless miter saw can tackle up to 330 cuts in 3-1/4-inch baseboard on a single 12.0 Ah High Output battery. That means you can use your Systainers as material supports when cutting. We also tend to run with pickup trucks, trailers, and work vans. The end result is information you can trust because of the editorial, scientific, and real-world professional experience we collectively utilize each and every time we pick up and test a tool. If you find a saw that combines front controls and zero clearance at the back, it’s a big win. In today’s world of Internet news and online content, we found that more and more professionals researched a large majority of their major power tool purchases online. You also get incredible clearance off the back fence. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Do Pro Tool Nation a favor and tell us what your top pick is and why you love it. SKU: 335374 $ 1,699 each. With those, you can pull the saw off the stand as needed just by flipping a couple of levers. Features: 36v – 5700rpm – Brushless Motor – LED Indicator Panel – Automatic Torque Drive Technology – Aluminium Base – Triangular … That same chop saw also likely weighs a whole lot less than a comparable sliding miter with the same size blade. Having used this saw, we simply find it smooth, powerful, and unmatched. We’ve cut with enough Ryobi saws to know that it won’t power through tough material as well as top of the line products. You get integrated “wings” off the table for extended support. If you want to know how to change a drill chuck, to be precise how to change the chuck on an sds drill, follow the given steps to be able to do so with ease. when paired with a wet … There’s so much to like about this saw, it’s hard to know where to start. 18-Volt X2 LXT Lithium-Ion 36-Volt Brushless Cordless 10 in. That’s okay! IF you want the flexibility or find yourself needing to combines metal and wood-cutting duties, it’s a great solution. Granted, that wil… Our team will put our hands on hundreds of additional tools at media events and trade shows throughout the year. For $219, you get a very functional rolling miter saw stand that operates in a similar manner to the Bosch Gravity Rise. If you plan to move the miter saw from location to location, consider securing the saw to a piece of plywood. All of the slide, bevel, and miter adjustments work … And...we'll even send you our "Best Tools for Your Hard-earned Dollars" white paper! We really can’t neglect to mention the Ridgid AC9946. The Bosch T4B Gravity Rise miter saw stand has been our favorite since the first day we used it. It works perfectly, never needs to be adjusted, and functions on all blade types. All miter saws include front controls for mitering, of course. The Ridgid R4210 is another candidate for best 10-inch sliding compound miter saw. The Makita DLS211ZU Cordless Mitre Saw has a 305mm blade diameter which gives this big 31kg machine a maximum cutting capacity of 92mm x 382mm. Some manufacturers, like Makita, have released saws in both corded and cordless formats—saws that remain identical in all other features. Every Tool, Every Trade. We definitely recommend this dry cut metal saw as an upgrade from an abrasive chop saw or entry-level dry-cut saw. Look for deals as they pop up. It doesn’t even matter if you switch to a thin-kerf blade. Pass if you don’t need that kind of accuracy or you need a deeper cut capacity. It possesses all the features of the cordless Makita XSL07Z except that it uses a cord instead of 36V battery power. They certainly are in our shop! Makita Slide Compound Mitre Saw 5Ah Kit 18 Volt x 2 305mm. The Bosch GSM12SD Axial Glide miter saw provided the smoothest cutting we’d ever experienced thanks in large part to its axial glide system rather than standard rails. That piqued our interest. Using 2x4s as a reference, we’re now seeing hundreds of cuts on a single charge. Would love your thoughts, please comment. For the occasional users, this gets our nod as the best budget miter saw for homeowners. DLS211ZU Makita 36V Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Review. In 2008, Clint founded Pro Tool Reviews followed by the landscape and outdoor power equipment-focused OPE Reviews in 2017. We cut an entire day’s worth of crown and base off a single pair of 5Ah batteries! This Metabo HPT C3610DRA MultiVolt 10-inch miter saw impressed us to no end. The Bosch Axial Glide remains one of the most powerful saws with the absolute best cut quality. All these things should come under consideration before you take the plunge. For all its capacity and size, the tool stays remarkably portable and compares well against its competition. When you can get a 10-inch sliding compound miter saw for $179—that’s something worth looking into. This saw measures 20-45% less than the competition. Ever check out a “review” site and you can’t tell if they actually tested the tools or if they’re just “recommending” the Amazon top sellers? SKU: 350762 ... SKU: 335375 $ 1,200 each. The Makita 10″ cordless miter saw takes advantage of a laser to mark your cutline or adjust for blade-left/blade-right cutting. The biggest one comes next…. Grab it for as low as $219 at Home Depot—no joke! Pro Tool Reviews is a successful online publication that has been providing tool reviews and industry news since 2008. If you see a best miter saw recommendation here, it means we really do recommend it. Clint also heads up the Pro Tool Innovation Awards, an annual awards program honoring innovative tools and accessories across the trades. One thing we really want to highlight—the Glide system lets you put this saw right against the wall. It weighs less than 31 pounds. Those also come in both corded and cordless models. It still beats nearly every other saw we’ve used for tall standing crown cuts and vertical base clearance. it's powered by two 18V lithium-ion Batteries for 36V power and … And, of course, for the maximum portability, some forgo a stand altogether. It has 6 linear ball bearings that can provide you with dead-on results. Then carry the plywood sheet to the new location and place it on sawhorses. This 10-1/4 inch miter saw has features you won’t see anywhere else. Considering the Bosch 12-inch Axial Glide Miter Saw is already our #1 pick, it also wins as our best 12-inch miter saw for the reasons we already mentioned. Thanks for helping us do what we love. You can pick up this miter saw for under $218. Carpenters and woodworkers will want to replace the stock blade. Do you work primarily on trim or decking materials? If you find yourself looking at newer models, you no longer need to worry about premium models having enough power. Makita is a pioneer in brushless motor engineering, Makita is a pioneer in brushless motor engineering, battery technology, and miter saw innovation. Technically a chop saw rather than a miter saw (mitering happens at the clamp rather than pivoting the table), this saw quickly proved itself as a massive improvement to an existing metal-cutting setup. For starters, it doesn’t feel like you’re cutting with a cordless miter saw. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Tool Review - Makita 36V Cordless Drop Saw - DLS714 - YouTube The type of work you do determines the materials likely to hit that miter saw table and fence. You simply get perfectly consistent cuts on trim, base, and crown every time. Makita, a pioneer in Brushless motor technology and battery innovation, has combined both areas of expertise in the 18V X2 lxt (36V) lithium-ion Brushless 7-1/2-Inch compound miter saw (tool only). One of the cool things spotted at the Makita 100 year anniversary event was a Makita XSL02 36V Cordless 7-1/2 in Sliding Miter Saw. You get integrated “wings” off the table for extended support. Other companies, like Metabo HPT and DeWalt, have cordless miter saws with battery adapters that can connect you to 120V AC power. It's powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries for 36V power and performance, but without leaving the 18V LXT® platform. Up-front controls reduce the need to reach around to bevel a cut. Carriers may take up to two days. That’s not us. Miter saws have holes in the base for placing screws or bolts to secure the saw. Just take a look at your workflow and how you like to move tools on and off the job site. Although large it can boast a maximum mitre range of 60 – 60º and a maximum bevel range of 48 – 48º. We loved plugging it in at the shop and then using the 36V battery pack for the job site. Thanks. It comes with a premium price tag, but definitely makes sense for woodworkers and carpenters who really need portability. For a ~$200 premium, you’ll upgrade to cordless capability with a pair of batteries, a dual-port quick charger, and an AC adapter for when you’re close to power. All saws have their strengths and weaknesses. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. During our testing the 15-amp direct-drive motor cut through pressure-treated lumber and pre-fab PVC railings like butter. We work with more than two dozen professional contractors around the United States who review products for us on real job sites and consult with us on testing methods, categories, and weighting. We’ve been in business since 2008 covering tools, writing reviews, and reporting on industry news in the construction, automotive, and lawn care industries. This improves air quality on-site and reduces clean up time when you’re finished. All of the slide, bevel, and miter adjustments work smoothly. Makita, a pioneer in Brushless motor technology and battery innovation, combines both in the 18V X2 LXT® (36V) Lithium-Ion Brushless 7-1/4” Circular saw kit (XSH08Z). They also made the base of the saw exactly the height of a Systainer 1. Circular & Plunge Cut Saws; Mitre & Slide Compound Saws; Table & Scroll Saws; Recipro Saw; Jigsaws; Drywall Cutting; Diamond Cutting; Metal Cutting; Fibre Cement Cutting; Multi Cutter; Wall Chasers; Chain Mortiser; Power Cutters I am a bit past (a decade or so) doing construction as a job but I still enjoy building and working (now I do it as family, neighbor and friend). Bosch still makes this sliding miter saw and its newest models seem to focus on more maneuverable 8.5-inch saws. Look for a higher tooth count so you get nice, smooth cut edges. If you frequently cut taller trim, you likely want a saw that handles those types of cuts against the fence. Overall, we have to say that we were quite pleased with this saw. The fence measured square out of the box and you get excellent crosscut depth. If you’re serious about your woodworking, buy it for $1500. The rail forward design lets you run the saw against a wall in your workshop. Finally, you get a ton of convenience features—like front bevel adjustments and a rail design that lets you put this saw right up against a wall. No one wants to make multiple trips lugging all of the equipment around the house when cleaning up at the end of the day. Seriously, it’s not our #1 must-have, but we hope all manufacturers switch to an LED shadow cut line system soon. Makita XSL08PT 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless 12 Inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit, AWS Capable and Laser (5.0Ah) with WST06 Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 1231.33$1,231.33 FREE Shipping by Amazon That is why we have created this handy Toolstop guide. You reviews ALWAYS at least give me “food for thought” on items I would purchase. Makita LS1019L Miter Saw Review – Value The saw retails for about $550 which is in line or a little higher than some of the other 10″ miter saws. Finally, it cuts like a dream—smooth and powerful. The LED-style cut line indicator works better than any other. They give you a dual laser cut line, for example. This Makita 36V Mitre Saw Review demonstrates the DLS211ZU and its main features and benefits. Some saws lack any sort of cut line indicator while others use a laser or LED. He has a degree in recording engineering and has been involved in multimedia and/or online publishing in one form or another for the past 21 years. Lastly, you get a 3-year warranty. The Bosch T4B miter saw stand makes this less of a chore. We dub the Metabo HPT C12RSH2 (formerly the Hitachi C12RSH2) the best miter saw for the money and also our best budget miter saw for Pros. If you liked the Makita 10-inch cordless miter saw, the Makita XSL08PT/ XSL07PT Cordless 12-inch Miter Saw provides even more capacity.This flagship compound sliding miter saw helped us get a lot accomplished on several renovation projects. A circular saw that experienced users swear by, this Makita is precisely aligned right out of the box and cuts easily through most woods. Or Makita LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw With Laser. There are systems both with and without rails that don’t require any part of the saw to extend behind it as you slide the blade. A basic chop saw, for example, can give you miter and bevel cuts in all directions, but may only cut up to a 2×6 at 90-degrees.

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