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african spinach botanical name

Red Roof Design & the National Botanical Institute, Cape Town. The plant is usually green in color, but a purple variant was once grown for use in Inca rituals. ... Ainsley: A name with English and Scottish roots, Ainsley was originally a surname derived from words like anne ... Sorrel: Sorrel may come from the Germanic sur for “sour,” and refers to a sour-tasting, spinach-type plant that you may find in your salad. Morogo or Moroho, also known as African spinach, refers to a group of at least three different dark green leafy vegetables found throughout Southern Africa [cowpea, vegetable amaranth, or spider flower] and harvested for human consumption. Its leaves are a common edible vegetable consumed either fresh, or after storage using preservation techniques by canning, freezing, or dehydration. Spinacia oleracea L. Show Tabs. It received considerable impetus as a crop in the 1920s, when attention was first Flora of Zimbabwe: Utilities: List of species vernacular names. Other Uses. Its leaves vary in size from 1 - 12 inches (2 - 30 cm) and grow alternately on a round, reddish stem. Smith, C.A. Tag Archives: african spinach botanical name. Plant Botanical Names, Plant common name. Cook until hot throughout. The only name unambiguously connected with the triploid onion is A. The common name of a leaf can change depending on your location. CROPS AND THEIR BOTANICAL NAME COMMON NAME-----BOTANICAL NAME-----FAMILY NAME 1. It has many advantages such as: Classification and organisation – Entities are comprehensively organised which makes understanding and studying characteristics of particular entities easy and organized Spinach Botanical: Spinacia oleracea (LINN.) & Denton, O.A. ALPHABETICAL LIST OF CROPS WITH BOTANICAL NAME AND CROP CODE Crop name Botanical name ICC code Previous code 1 Abaca (Manila hemp) Musa textilis 9213 Alfalfa for fodder Medicago sativa 911 Alfalfa for seed Medicago sativa 911 1.8.2 Almond Prunus dulcis 361 Anise seeds Pimpinella anisum 6212 [5] A separate study asserts that Morogo is not a natural host to Fusarium, but may be cross-infected by close proximity to maize crops. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Flowers vary interspecifically from the presence of 3 or 5 tepals and stamens, whereas a 7-porate pollen grain structure remains consistent across the family. The main ingredient is an indigenous leaf vegetable, traditionally either amaranth (known by many local names including callaloo, but not Spinach or bhaaji due to taste and texture), taro (known by many local names, including dasheeen bush, callaloo bush, callaloo, or bush) or Xanthosoma (known by many names, including coco & tannia). … Among the Zuni people, the feathery part of plant ground into a fine meal and used to color ceremonial bread red. [3] The leaves can be cooked like spinach, and the seeds can be germinated into nutritious sprouts. Botanical Name Trade Name Size ... Bolusanthus speciosus African Tree Wisteria 15gal Bromeliad: Aechmea blanchettiana 'Raspberry' Bromeliad 7gal ... Cnidoscolus chayamansa - Standard Tree Spinach Tree 7gal Coccoloba diversifolia - Standard Tree Pigeon Plum 25gal Coccoloba diversifolia x … Serving suggestion: Server with hot cooked rice or couscous. This species was in use as a food source in North America and Central America as early as 4000 BC. In yoruba, the Spinach plant is called Efo tete, its botanical name is spinacia oleracea. Amaranthaceae. Contrary to being merely just a weed, it has a wide array of health benefits. Acacia arabicae Willd. The Spinach plant has several species around the world but the one common in Nigeria is called the African Spinach. USE CODE- BUY2GET1 Buy any 2 product and get 1 free !! Listed here are Nigeria fruits and vegetables with health benefits, found also in other West African countries. (In some cases, a South African-produced seed lot will be imported back into the country!) An examination of three widely consumed variants have found that its consumption may lower the risk of vascular-related chronic diseases and type 2 diabetes. It may be eaten cooked or raw, and the taste differs considerably; the high oxalate content may be reduced by steaming. Neglected & forgotten spices & seasonings of Ghana - The Purple … The plant can grow up to 2 m (6 ft) in height, and blooms in summer to fall. The Organic Matter Management Network (OMMN) is an NGO working with government ministries, research institutions, church agencies and other NGOs and committed farmers to develop better land husbandry methods … African Herbs. Sow seed 2 to 4 inches (5-10cm) apart. Scientific names or Binomial Nomenclature is a scientific process wherein entities such as plants, animals, living entities are named and they are derived from Latin. Africa stirapple---Chrysophyllum albidum-----Sapotaceae 5. Stevenson, Matilda Coxe 1915 Ethnobotany of the Zuni Indians. SI-BAE Annual Report #30 p.87, World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Amaranthus_cruentus&oldid=982605038, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 05:31. Spinacia. Spinach seed will germinate in 5 to 9 days at 70°F (21°C) Germination will take longer if the soil is cooler, about 21 days at 50°F (10°C). Species across the genus contain concentric rings of vascular bundles, and fix carbon efficiently with a C4 photosynthetic pathway. How to Grow Spinach in Pots Amaranthus cruentus is a flowering plant species that yields the nutritious staple amaranth grain. Botanical Name: Taraxacum Common Names: Bitterwort, blow-ball, cankerwort, clockflower, Irish daisy, lion’s tooth, piss-in-bed, pissinlit, priest’s crown, puffball, swine’s snout, telltime, yellow gowan Dandelion is a weed belonging to the daisy family and is easily available in most parts of the world. BOTANICAL NAME: Talinum triangulare COMMON NAMES: Waterleaf, Surinam Purslane, Philippine spinach, Florida spinach FAMILY: Talinaceae, formerly in the family Portulacaceae ORIGIN: South America, now widespread in the tropics PLANT DESCRIPTION A short-lived perennial, to 30 - 100 cm high, forming an attractive, clumping plant. It is usually grown from seed as a half-hardy annual, that is sown under glass in early Spring and planted out in summer. David Beaulieu Scientific Plant Names, O-P . Due to the adaptation to various soils as well as climates, Malabar spinach is treated as the best tropical Spinach in the tropical world. Stir in all remaining ingredients. Cover seed lightly with soil. See Growing Spinach for information on how to grow spinach. Chenopodiaceae. As the name implies, the plant is actually bitter and is used in preparing the popular Nigerian bitter leaf soup. [4], However, in some circumstances Morogo may increase the risk of fungal infection, specifically fusariosis, especially among immunocompromised individuals such as those suffering from Aids. The name callaloo is appended to restaurants, magazines, shows, songs, bands, books, and more. Background. Botanical Name Common Name Name of Family Distribution Traditional Uses of Plants Photo 1. It’s got a tough (hard) papery glossy texture and is somehow tasteless without any distinctive smell. Other Names— Spinacia oleracea (Scientific Name), Persian vegetable, palak, bōsī cài, 波斯菜, leafy greens. Efo igbo, efo tete efo yanrin, ego shoko etc. spinach. I boil plunge the spinach into the boiling water then cover for 2 - 5 minutes. [3] Space rows 12 to 14 inches (30-35cm) apart. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Family: N.O. African spinach (Amaranthus cruentus) is an edible-leaved member of the pigweed family grown widely in Africa for a cooked green vegetable. Culinary Uses. Traditional African vegetables in Kenya: production, marketing and utilization. Common Name . Preferred Scientific Name. [5] The crushed leaves and blossoms are also moistened and rubbed on cheeks as rouge.[6]. Rape, (Brassica napus, variety napus), plant of the mustard family (Brassicaceae), grown for its seeds, which yield canola, or rapeseed, oil. There may be native Nigerian vegetables that look like spinach but they are not the same as the spinach found in temperate regions. Canola oil is variously used in cooking, as an ingredient in soap and margarine, and as a lamp fuel … Morogo leaves have a protein content of up to 36%. Important benefits ofAfrican Spinach. Common names of South African plants. It is one of three Amaranthus species cultivated as a grain source, the other two being Amaranthus hypochondriacus and Amaranthus caudatus. The ultimate vitamin content is dependent on the age of the plant and method of preparation; the plants contain vitamin A and vitamin C and complement the low levels of calcium, magnesium and iron in maize. Planting Spinach. (2004) Plant Resources of Tropical Africa 2. Spinach varieties come in Savoy, Semi-savoy, and Flat-leafed types, with many cultivars of each.

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