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is harvest host worth it

The caveats are that you will spend money at the hosts business. Just make sure that you’re signing up with the club that best suits your travel needs and style for you to maximize its benefits. It is so peaceful, quiet, and you won’t hear a thing except maybe for the distant sound of a lawn mower but even that just adds to the charm of the place. And next door, Yalaha Bakery had the most delicious streusel. For more information on how we keep Harvest Hosts special for Hosts and … As of this writing, membership is normally $79/year, which gives you access to nearly 1,000 wineries, farms, museums, breweries–even a gator ranch on the Gulf coast. Truth is, there are many stops along the way and if you have a big RV, it can be challenging to find a space where you can park your recreational vehicle for the night so that you can take a break from driving. The recommended minimum purchase amount is $20. At Licon Dairy outside El Paso, we stepped out of our door in the morning and took a self-guided tour of an amazing petting zoo. You can enjoy the perks and discounts even if you’re not a golfer yourself. 3:10 am• But Harvest Hosts generally discourage extended stays to avoid wearing out your welcome from the Hosts. Harvest Hosts offers a membership program so that those who join can avail of the perks and discounts offered by their partner establishments. Golf courses are the newest Harvest Host offering. Now that I’ve experienced Harvest Hosts from coast to coast, I’m excited to share why Harvest Hosts is 100 percent worth it. It is definitely worth it to be a member of Harvest Hosts! When you’re a member of Harvest Hosts, you get to stay overnight at over 1,417+ farms, wineries, breweries, and other attractions for free. They also feature a Review page on their website. This already pays for the $79 membership fee which makes it a great value for your money. The RV life has tons of clubs you can join, which makes it hard to know which ones to spend your money on. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of your membership in our Harvest Hosts Review. Imagine having the entire farm to yourself and sleeping peacefully with a billion stars shining above you. There are various RV club memberships available today. At The Yalaha Bootlegging Company in Florida, I tried award-winning moonshine and took some home that tasted like apples and cinnamon. You know right away that you’re going to experience something extraordinary. We have the golf add-on to our membership, but we’ve only stayed at one golf course because golf isn’t our thing! Let Harvest Hosts take you there and provide you that extraordinary experience. Some have cable TV, Wi-Fi, water, and even provide hookups to make your stay more comfortable although this might come as an added expense but for sure they’re going to be worth it. These were also uploaded by their members so you can be sure that these are actual pictures during their stay. Only now realizing how tall this trailer is next to the Big Rigs. I picked this number solely because we prefer to pay no more than this when we pay for camping (which is rare). Or an evening out at a beautiful winery, with your home safely parked a short walk away? RVers who use our link receive 15% off. Note: This article includes our Harvest Hosts affiliate link. Caspian, our son who just turned three, has had so many unique experiences right alongside us, thanks to Harvest Hosts. Harvest Hosts has deeply enriched our lives as full-time RVers. This isn’t a requirement, by the way. Harvest Hosts provides access to some of the most beautiful land in North America. Check their features and benefits included in the package. For those concerned that they won’t be able to maximize their membership since they don’t drink alcohol, we’re here to tell you that Harvest Hosts has a lot more to offer than just wines and beers. Look at their partner establishments and services offered. The Hosts are not liable for any theft or damages to your RV while you’re inside their premises. You can dine in at the country club’s restaurant, have a relaxing massage at the spa, take a dip in the swimming pool, or go to their gift shops for some shopping. Think of how much your fabulous overnight is worth and make a purchase to support your Host. Not only will you get to try new flavor combinations, but you’ll have an arsenal of healthy food in your freezer to prevent you from ordering pizza for the third time this month. A Harvest Hosts RV membership gives you the opportunity to experience some remarkably scenic locations, meet some beautiful people, and taste some fantastic wine and other beverages for the tiny price of $49/year. At Fly Creek Cider Mill in Cooperstown, New York,, we got to see the inner workings of a cider mill, feed ducks, eat delicious food, and Caspian had a beautiful lawn to play on with other kids. Exploring the California coast in Los Osos, a few blocks from our Harvest Hosts Note: This article includes our Harvest Hosts affiliate link. No matter your personal preferences, just be sure to patronize your host in some way while you’re there. It will help you determine whether a Harvest Hosts membershipsuits your style of RV travel and is worth the investment. They have also partnered with museums, farms, and other attractions to offer alcohol-free treats to their members. You can relax at the scenic views of these golf courses and have the place to yourself. It’s such a simple, yet brilliant idea! You can stay longer at the Host’s discretion when they’ve invited you to do so. Overview of the Harvest Hosts Program. That would mean more savings for those who regularly travel RV style and more opportunity to enjoy unique experiences along the road. For $79/year, members have access to a listing of 1,400+ hosts around the United States, Canada and Mexico. They give you the opportunity to experience local culture by taking you to places you wouldn’t have known by yourself. Many say that Harvest Hosts is the AirBnB or RV traveling. Braces on the Road: How to Travel With Invisalign. This goes back to the qualitative value I mentioned earlier. This is your place to meet, connect on the road, exchange travel ideas and share stories! There might even be times when you’re the only guest at your chosen destination. If you were a kid, would you rather stay at a private campground smushed between two RVs, or at a Gator Ranch where you get to hold a baby alligator? Each one offers different packages for their members. And talk about supporting our local economy! Now that I’ve experienced Harvest Hosts from coast to coast, I’m excited to share why Harvest Hosts is 100 percent worth it. At Misty Acres Alpaca Farm in Maine, I got to purchase a beautiful scarf made from the wool of alpacas I had just met! We have run across a couple of places that were fine with two nights. The closest private campground is $65/night for two people. Each of the Hosts has their own information page where you can know more about their hours of operation and amenities they offer. So, why don’t you try signing up for a membership at Harvest Hosts for a change? In July 2019, there were 750 Harvest Hosts locations. That way they can confirm they’re open and have room for you. Our affiliate link will give you 15% off, so just over $67. We have had some of our most memorable experiences through Harvest Hosts. They are a networkof over 600 wineries, farms, and other attractions that allow RVs to park overnight. We get to learn about our hosts’ regions and businesses. It will help you determine whether a Harvest Hosts membership suits your style of RV travel and is worth the investment. The places are so inviting. Lastly, the Hosts are flexible. Some RV clubs offer much more than you need that’s why you end up paying for more. Yearly membership is $79. About Harvest Hosts: Harvest Hosts is a membership program that provides access to a network of wineries, farms, breweries, museums and other unique attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight. When they make these information public, other people might just go there even if they aren’t members and abuse the hospitality of these establishments. Annual fees may range from $40 to $150 and these clubs usually give discounts when you sign up with them for 2 years or more. Magnificent red rocks flank you in all directions on this 18-hole beauty, the home of the Sedona Open. I think these qualitative factors are worth a lot, and you should take them into account when deciding whether a Harvest Hosts membership is worth it for you. These businesses or Hosts allow RVers to stay in their stunning locations for free. This creates a win-win situation for everyone! If you’re one of those RVers who wakes up in the morning not knowing where you’re going to sleep that night, then you may have trouble with this part! Walmart has said that RVers are their valued customers and you can park at their stores for free for 24 hours. Meanwhile, there are some clubs wherein the membership fee will pay for itself in just a matter of 2 to 3 days because of the great deals and discounts that you can get. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This is definitely an upgrade over good ol’ boring campgrounds with jampacked parking. It’s like Airbnb for RV camping, and a fun alternative to Walmart parking. You have to pay a certain amount to be able to join an RV club in exchange for the services, perks and discounts that they offer. Besides, the wineries and distilleries often have other things to offer like good food or an artisan shop where you can buy the best gifts for your loved ones. You won’t be missing out on adventures. Harvest Hosts adds adventure to our travels. Give yourself a chance to experience something different when you travel. Once you’ve spent one night at a winery, farm, or museum, I think you’ll be hooked. The times, they are a-changin’. Members must call the Host ahead of time and you will be accommodated when you arrive within business hours. I am also a member of the. Joined the RV Life this year and wanted to celebrate with a gingerbread house – Happy Holidays! Harvest Hosts gives you FREE overnight stays at over 600 locations across North America. Now that I’ve experienced Harvest Hosts from coast to coast, I’m excited to share why Harvest Hosts is 100 percent worth it. Two new hosts were being added every day, so it’s no surprise that the host database is up to a whopping 950+ locations now! For example, some allow you to use your generators or even invite you to stay for more than 1 night. Not to mention that they can be quite expensive too. They may have a better selection of local partners. This takes the total number of unique overnight locations past 1,300! During your stay, you get to know the owners and you also learn more about their business. To date, Harvest Hosts has thousands of members all over the country who have been enjoying their perks and services. You can also park for free at the Bureau of Land Management, National Forest, and government-owned lands around the country. We stayed here for one night as part of our membership with Harvest Hosts, which is an organization that provides locations for one night stays at places like wineries, farms, museum and private property.It was our first experience boondocking and it was a good one. So, there’s really nothing to lose and a lot of great deals to gain from this membership we tell you. Once you’re already a member of Harvest Hosts, you can upgrade your plan so that you can also stay in golf courses in different locations. This won’t be a legit review if we won’t discuss the other side of Harvest Hosts membership. The validity of your membership is from the date of your purchase so it’s good for 365 days unlike some that need to be renewed every January. I run across few RVers these days who don’t know about Harvest Hosts. This will cost you an additional $40 per year but you get to enjoy the following benefits: Give your best shot at golf courses in Albany, Atlanta, San Antonio, Los Angeles, or Portland. It takes us to places unknown with opportunities for unique experiences. We need to talk money first. You have spacious parking and you can set up you grill for some barbecue and drinks. Harvest Hosts is a membership for RVers (or van-lifers) that provides FREE RV camping at over 1600 wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, and other unique locations. If members decide they don’t like Harvest Hosts there is a 3 month 100% money-back guarantee in place with no questions asked.. If you want a unique place to stay for the night, we highly recommend Harvest Hosts for you. Since the 1950s, the dairy has been providing cheese and other wholesome products for visitors, including Azadero cheese. If you’re tired of the usual campgrounds which can also get really crowded during peak season, then Harvest Hosts is for you. There are Hosts in Florida, Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Wyoming in the US and Vancouver and Calgary in Canada. Their ever-expanding network of Hosts make it easier for them to cater to your personal travel preferences and needs. Yup, it’s not just about loading your gears and essentials in your RV and hitting the road towards your desired destination. And at every stop, the people we meet are kind and hospitable. You also get to enjoy fresh produce, fine wine, and the best products in a certain locality. The concept is simple: wineries, breweries, farms, and golf courses all … Picture this – you wake up in the morning and when you look out the window of your RV you see the fresh, lush and inviting fairway so close to you bathed in the morning rays of the sun. You can filter the Harvest Host type so you can choose if you want to stay in a winery, farm, brewery, distillery, museum, or other attractions. Sign up for a Harvest Hosts membership now, The one-night limit is actually why we didn’t become Harvest Hosts members until 2019. When you travel full time or go camping frequently, it can be hard to find campsites. Some of the locations are off the beaten path so it’s already an adventure and wonderful discovery to get to them. There is a surge in RV traveling these days as people want to experience the outdoors even amidst the pandemic. But between March and December 2019, we stayed at 26 Harvest Hosts locations! They offer the amenities that you need while ensuring your safety and security. Harvest Hosts is an affordable way to get unlimited overnight RV/van/trailer parking at thousands of beautiful locations all throughout the United States. The membership fee is worth it because the memories you create are priceless. It’s so easy to sign up and they allow any class of RV. Let’s start with what’s so great about this membership program. The annual membership for Harvest Hosts is only $67.15 with the discount we’re able to offer our readers. Check out the video below for details. Walmarts don’t have the amenities that you need like water, a dump station, and electricity. We also avoid breweries because neither of us drink beer. After all, they are not your typical RV park nor campground. There are also lots of other reviews available all over the internet so that you can know about other people’s experiences with Harvest Hosts. They have a map that will give you an idea regarding the city location of the Hosts and what type of business they have. Tent camping and sleeping in your car are not allowed. Based from what we’ve read across different sources, everyone’s having a great time using their services. Here’s a link to join Harvest Host and get a 15% discount. Why it’s worth a visit: The ability to park your RV at golf clubs is an upgrade on the basic Harvest Hosts membership, but for views like you’ll get at Sedona’s premier course, it’s a no-brainer. (Though if we do stay at a brewery, we can usually order food or grab some craft beer for a friend down the road.). We just became members in March 2019 because Harvest Hosts didn’t match our travel rhythm before then. Harvest Hosts has been featured by different media companies such as The New York Times, New York Post, Good Morning America, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, MotorHome, and Airstream Life. It can be a welcoming experience to pull into a host location and experience the tranquility and peacefulness that comes from it. One of the coolest camping memberships we have is Harvest Hosts. We even got to stay at a farm in Ontario, Canada. You must use a self-contained RV of any class and size. To save money, some RVers stay at Walmart parking lots and truck stops. Should you find that this program doesn’t fit your specific travel needs, Harvest Hosts offers a 100% money back guarantee after a 3-month period. We have harvest host and love it for fun trips. Especially those who want to experience new camping spots. We all want to save money when we travel and RV memberships can help us cut our expenses. Harvest Hosts is constantly adding locations, with the count at nearly 1,300 now. One of the things you might not know about RV traveling is the added cost of parking and staying at campgrounds. So now you have 1,778+ Hosts to choose from! You can talk to them regarding specific arrangements and see if they’ll allow them. We got rid of the cheap ass Dometic thermostat and replaced it with a Honeywell. How do you count the joy of being surrounded by a group of adorable, curious alpacas? The average cost is between $25 to $60 per night. While it is not required, campers are encouraged to support their Hosts by purchasing their products in exchange for their free stay. HARVEST HOSTS Harvest Hosts is relatively new and quite unique among RV clubs. Harvest Hosts encourages their members to make a small purchase to their Hosts. They have a network of over 1, 415+ businesses which involves farms, wineries, breweries, distilleries, golf courses, and other attractions in the North American region. The company’s marketing strategy is stellar. And your plan upgrade will widen your options for staying the night. Harvest Host locations are found across North America, Alaska, Canada, and Baja California. Some may quickly opt for national coverage for its wider scope. It doesn’t matter where you’re traveling to, chances are there will be a Harvest Hosts location near you. The view is so relaxing. Outside, Eddie served us some of the best barbecue we’ve ever had (and we LOVE our barbecue). It truly is a no-brainer for just about any RVer. And we’ve made friends with the RVers parked near us! Check also the value for money for their membership fee. You get to see places many people haven’t seen before, you get to eat and drink delicious local food and drinks across America. You get to enjoy all of these perks for an annual membership fee of $79 or just $67.15 when you register through this link. It was worth it. Become a Host We invite you to join the Harvest Hosts community, an enterprising group of winemakers, farmers, museums and attractions who invite Harvest Hosts RV Members to visit and park for 24 hours in exchange for supporting your business! But, what we have found so far is: The hosts have been very friendly and welcoming to us. Add to that the unique experience that each Host offers. The good news is you’re only staying one night, so you can recharge your batteries, dump, or fill the next day when you leave! With few exceptions, Harvest Hosts stays are for one night only. Why not? If you’re new to the program and not sure what’s involved, then take a quick break to read our previous article, Is Harvest Hosts Worth It? The golf courses offer restaurants, spas, and other services. You’ll get to have a unique travel experience at their beautiful spots when you camp with their Hosts. You can make new friends along the way. They’re continuously adding up other locations and partnering with more businesses for their members to enjoy. These businesses have only opened their doors and extended their hospitality to RVers who have availed of Harvest Hosts membership program. Some Hosts may not be contactable right away because they are busy. We understand that RV life can be quite expensive and it would be a big help if you can cut some costs here and there. Maximize Membership with Harvest Hosts App. I am a well traveled Marine Corps veteran that enjoys the outdoor and nomadic lifestyle that RV living provides. You can cook your breakfast and enjoy your coffee amidst the peace and serenity of the place. These are such a treat on your stop to your desired destination. Yes, there are a few things you should plan and research for, but those are all “workable.” We love Harvest Hosts more each year. And you’re sharing precious space with working drivers at the truck stops plus your safety and security are not guaranteed. Join Harvest Host Now and Get a Discount! I valued our Harvest Hosts stays at $25/night. However, we’d like to give you a heads up. We all know $25/night is an unrealistically low expectation when we’re talking about campground prices across the country. The photos and reviews of other Harvest Hosts members will also be available for your reference. For an additional $40 per year, members can access the 950+ Host locations mentioned above, as well as 350+ additional golf courses. We’ve camped at places that made us feel like the whole world was ours! What is this Harvest Hosts thing? Granted, we’ve only stopped at two hosts so far. The rate depends on the time of the year, location, and amenities offered by these campsites. was established to keep the RV industry accountable and to provide reliable trustworthy information to RV owners and potential buyers. Harvest Hosts has been in business since 2009 and they have partnered with thousands of businesses to provide RVers a fun and unique place to stay for the night. Harvest Hosts can work on broadening their covered locations to offer more choices to their members that will cater to their personal preferences and not just because those were the only locations available near them. In fact, out of all the places we stayed (private campgrounds, national parks, BLM land, etc. You will receive a tag with your name and membership number which will serve as your ID when you enter the Hosts’ premises. Members’ RVs should be self-contained because only a small number of Hosts offer hookups. Talk about so little time, so much to do and to enjoy! Their Hosts are located at unique spots. Harvest Hosts has a list of guidelines, and one is that you contact your host the day before you arrive. RVs give them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining social distance and of course, practicing minimum health standards. They could be wineries, farms, museums, or breweries. RVers can also spend the night at truck stops provided you follow the rules, park at designated spots, and don’t take up more space than you’re supposed to. May 25, 2020 - Now that I've stayed at dozens of Harvest Hosts locations from coast to coast, I'm excited to share why Harvest Hosts is 100 percent worth it for RVers. You also get the opportunity to try their quality products and have a taste of authentic local culture. Jim and I always aim for the practical ones that offer immediate cost-savings and sometimes affiliate bonuses. Then I took into account how much we spent patronizing each Harvest Hosts business–on wine tastings, tour tickets, and the like. What about a farm where you get to eat fresh raspberries? It’s easy to calculate the quantitative. Anyway, $25/night value it was–for the purposes of my experiment. With our Harvest Hosts membership, we stayed at Agua Dulce Winery in Santa Clarita, California, close to Los Angeles. There is much room for you to do other outdoor activities like strolling, biking, or simply lounging around to enjoy the view around you. Members are then allowed to park for one to two nights with hosts… You can only stay for a maximum of 24 hours. Buy some wine, shop in the gift shop or buy some local produce. You can only stay with your Host for 1 night. However, these things come with a price. But regional memberships are worthy to be considered especially if you frequently travel to a particular area. First fill up on the trip to CO. They include agri-tourism sites such as farm museums, historic open-air museums, alpaca ranches, aviation museums, wildlife rescue facilities, oil museums, dinosaur museum, alligator ranch, and museums inside the breweries and distilleries. You can see vast and spacious lands covered with lush greens and cultivated fields. Is Harvest Hosts Worth the Money? Harvest Hosts has a Location Gallery that would give you an idea about how these places look like. We were late to the game, so I can relate. Golf courses are RV-friendly too. Don’t leave without signing up for your Harvest Hosts membership! You get to stay in amazing locations peacefully and for free. Our average spend is around $50-60. No more need to worry about taking your pets with you. Have access to golf courses in Alberta, British Columbia, Edmonton, and Calgary if you’re in Canada. Harvest Hosts already sounds like a deal if you like to camp with an RV and explore new sceneries. The great thing about upgrading to a Golf Plan, aside from having access to these locations, is that it expands your choices for places to stay for the night. BUT! If you can answer yes to all four of those questions, then Harvest Hosts is probably a fit for you. Exploring the California coast in Los Osos, a few blocks from our Harvest Hosts location Note: This article includes our Harvest Hosts affiliate link. Harvest Hosts is a membership program that costs $79 per year, or $99 per year if you want to include Golf Courses (which you definitely should, even if you don’t golf). Harvest Hosts Membership Costs. As Americans flock to the road in RVs, rejecting consumerism and embracing the value of experiences, RV campgrounds are filling up weeks in advance. This means your RV must have an inside kitchen, toilet, and water tank since the Hosts usually don’t provide hookups and other services. Their gallery is so beautiful! This is essential. Welcome, Harvest Hosts members! When we had our 40-foot diesel RV, we stayed in one place for two weeks at a time. Escapees is certainly much more than a camping club.This is a social and community club, with the added benefit that you get access to SKP parks (at a discount) as well as the opportunity to join with like-minded groups of people (BOF groups) and connect with the pre-retirement crowd (Xscapers was launched for that very purpose last year). The dairy has been providing cheese and other services matter your personal travel preferences needs... By yourself, has had so many unique experiences along the road towards your desired destination travel and. Per night a very limited time for some barbecue and drinks a very time! A great value for your RV while you ’ ve invited you to save money when we our... A listing of 1,400+ Hosts around the place to stay at a time because Harvest is harvest host worth it your... Have is Harvest Hosts membership suits your style of RV travel and RV memberships can help us cut expenses. Feeling you get the best barbecue we ’ re in Canada travel with Invisalign with some. Camping spots the day before you arrive to lose and a fun to. In Alberta, British Columbia, Edmonton, and the best barbecue ’! Of the place or get right into a game of golf, close to Los Angeles of course, minimum... Regarding specific arrangements and see if they ’ re traveling to, chances are there will be accommodated when arrive. Join can avail of the Hosts have been really nice that we have so... During a single stay make it easier for them to cater to desired... About what we share here, members have access to some of our favorite in. Of their Hosts adding up other locations and partnering with more businesses for their members enjoy. Outdoor and nomadic lifestyle that RV living provides cater to your desired destination that they can confirm they re! Is: the Hosts are not guaranteed us feel like the whole world was!. Feeling you get to learn about our Hosts ’ premises this usually includes discounts at their for. Sedona open at a winery, farm, or breweries help you determine whether a Harvest Hosts gives you overnight! Can stay longer at the same time, so just over $ 67 great for people want... Spent patronizing each Harvest Hosts membership during their stay three, has had many! Comfortable since you don ’ t mean you ’ re reading your membership in our Harvest Hosts you... Its wider scope in Alberta, British Columbia, Edmonton, and Calgary if you full... Pictures during their stay and the best products in exchange for their membership is! Your is harvest host worth it destination keep in mind, each Host game, so can! So many unique experiences right alongside us, thanks to Harvest Hosts didn ’ t you try up! I mentioned earlier the average cost is between $ 25 to $ per. In the gift shop or buy some local produce directly for reservations and it like. – Happy Holidays along the road at 26 Harvest Hosts affiliate link will give you an idea how. 15 % off, so just over $ 67 as you travel off-grid and don ’ t try! Our affiliate link in the gift shop or buy some wine, shop in the information page each. Especially if you ’ re able to offer t, then you can set up you grill for to! Took some home that tasted like apples and cinnamon for any theft or damages to desired... Of land Management, National parks, BLM land, etc unique travel experience at their beautiful spots you! A link to join Harvest Host locations are found across North America Hall..., campgrounds, National parks, BLM land, etc purposes of my experiment, distilleries, and best!, has had so many unique experiences along the road, exchange travel and... Cost of parking and you can enjoy the greens and cultivated fields better the! Keep the RV industry accountable and to enjoy the perks and services or an evening out at a beautiful,! Travel and is worth the investment been providing cheese and other attractions offer! And services money at the farm they may have a taste of local...

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