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kiosk in sentence

(5) There was a kiosk which sold confectionery. The primitive power of the. is not responsible for their content. How to say kiosks in English? A conference held at Constantinople sanctioned the union on terms which were rendered acceptable to the sultan; but Said Pasha, who had assisted the sultan in centralizing at Yildiz Kiosk the administration of the country, and who had become grand vizier, was a strong adherent of the policy of armed … 85. गुमटी nf छोटी दुकान nf. Also, since the thief may be sitting nearby recording people's card numbers with a wireless device, it is possible that he can be caught before he gets a chance to leave the airport if the suspicious kiosk is reported promptly. Funds can also be loaded onto your card using a MoneyCenter Express automated kiosk within participating Walmart stores. 3 : an open summerhouse or pavilion. Kiosk in a sentence (1) I was getting cigarettes at the kiosk. LDS. Rick Riordan -- The Titan's Curse From where we stood I could see in the middle of the lake a large blank mass; it was the kiosk to which we were going. You can also order your prints from the touch-screen kiosk located in the V&A Shop. The dictator rules his country by fiat and expects everyone to obey his orders. They do not represent the opinions of Context sentences for "kiosk" in Polish. kiosks operated in popular tourist areas, preying largely on visitors to London. Primitive in a sentence | primitive example sentences. Advertising promoted the notion of how the UK 2011 census would help to shape Britain's future in areas such as healthcare and education. tl Naisulat ko iyon doon bago ko iyon ibinigay sa boss ni Alice sa kiosk. Define Kiosk. Context sentences for "Kiosk" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Pronunciation of kiosks with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning, 13 translations, 1 sentence and more for kiosks. It had humble beginnings, a mall kiosk run by optometrist Sanford Ziff. Most resorts have amenities such as a restaurant, shop, The last surviving assassin, Tito still deals in luck and fate, selling lottery tickets from a, Mrs Sharp said she called for an ambulance from the telephone, The charms included a pair of riding boots, a pair of rugby boots signifying when their son played his first game, a little church, a telephone, Officers called to the scene found the old-style red cast iron phone, Later, she was found battered and sobbing by a policeman in the village telephone, The company is even considering opening a, In May, Daugaard traveled to neighboring Minnesota to open a, Maybe she would go away after a while, but all the same he had to go upstairs and past the, Prior to entering a ship, guests will stop at a, It was a Tijuana bible. From Cambridge English Corpus Similarly, my kiosk business was very necessary to … The fish and chip kiosk has its silver shutters clamped shut and the doughnut stand is depressing. Examples of Threadbare in a sentence After living in the woods for a week without supplies, my threadbare clothing was not protecting me from the elements. Definition of kiosk noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. The kiosk account can be a local standard user account, a local administrator account, a domain account, or an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account, depending on the method that you use to configure the kiosk. He phoned his friend in a kiosk. Their central organization was in Paris and their objects were known throughout Europe, but except at Yildiz Kiosk their power was P P p almost everywhere underrated. countable noun. A conference held at Constantinople sanctioned the union on terms which were rendered acceptable to the sultan; but Said Pasha, who had assisted the sultan in centralizing at Yildiz Kiosk the administration of the country, and who had become grand vizier, was a strong adherent of the policy of armed intervention by Turkey, and the consequence was his fall from office. touch screen kiosk for the video rental company. Some merchants offer these cards to customers; in some instances buying one of these cards is as easy as grabbing one from a grocery store kiosk and then funding the card at the register. en I had placed it there before giving it to Alice’s boss at the kiosk. How to say kiosk in Spanish - Translation of kiosk to Spanish by Nglish, comprehensive English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica. (3) He phoned me from a kiosk. 3. A large-scale vaccination … 2. (6) Enquiries should be made from the pay kiosk or general office. Farther south is the park of Topchider, with an old Turkish kiosk built for Prince Milosh (1818-1839) in the beautifully laid-out grounds. German Normale Berührungssensoren wie in einem Kiosk oder interaktiven Whiteboard registrieren nur einen Kontakt. How to say kiosk in English? Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Cooling was a bit primitive. You can purchase a card by visiting the counter kiosk or by requesting a card in a specific denomination at the Starbucks drive-through. Use "primitive" in a sentence. Meaning and examples for 'kiosk' in Spanish-English dictionary. 2. Check to see if any rental car companies have placed their brochures in the kiosk. English So, in your village, there's one person in the village with a phone, and that's the phone kiosk operator. The object for sale is easy, flexible and filled with form. Heal yourself on the first Medical Kiosk. 63+1 sentence examples: 1. Press Service of the Mayor and the Moscow Government. You can also read the literature available at the kiosk in many Walmart stores. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. Better than an object, it is easily transportable. We hid behind a little kiosk filled with souvenir crystals–wind chimes and dream catchers and stuff like that, glittering in the sunlight. A fine pavilion or kiosk, named de l'Etoile, has also survived. It was paved with large flagstones and in the centre was a beautiful kiosk or pavilion, covered with gold and raised over the reservoir of water for ablutions. If the space is going to be used as a schoolwork kiosk for your tween, make sure it'll be easy to install lighting into your configuration. For instance, if you're looking for a job as a salesperson or a cashier in a store, most Kmart stores have a kiosk where you can electronically apply for positions based on your work experience and history. The Mesmerist's Victim Alexandre Dumas They greeted each other, and the sister said to him, ‘Come, my brother—come with me into the kiosk.’ The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 4. (ˈkiˌɑsk ; kiˈɑsk ) noun. It was a primitive system. Passengers will receive their boarding pass either at the check-in counter or at a self check-in kiosk. The kiosk has tape residue, scratches, dark marks or other signs that someone may have been tampering with it. The definition of Kiosk is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Provides a guide for setting up a WWW-based kiosk using Linux, X11R6, FVWM2, Netscape Navigator 4.X, and a customized trackball. Kiosks are a type of "retail premises" —see the definition of that term in this Dictionary.] 1. in Turkey and Persia, a summerhouse or pavilion of open construction. We are selling words, in sentences, as a way to fund KIOSK during current times. 1 : a small structure with one or more open sides that is used to vend merchandise (such as newspapers) or services (such as film developing) 2 : a small stand-alone device providing information and services on a computer screen a museum with interactive kiosks. It sells things such as snacks or newspapers which you buy through a window. Word forms: kiosks. Region: Russian Federation – Photo by M. Mishin. CPAs are not generally expensive, but visiting one will indeed cost more than dropping by the quick flash tax preparation kiosk at the mall. Please collect your headsets from the sweet kiosk further along the foyer and also on your left. Break 'kiosks' down into sounds: [KEE] + [OSKS] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. If you would rather not risk having either of these documents compromised, you can always skip the kiosk altogether and check in at the desk or online at the airline's website before you reach the airport. self-service kiosk is simply used to print the boarding card. If you are interested in applying for a position as a Walmart associate, the easiest way to be considered for available openings is to simply complete an application using the computerized kiosk in your local Walmart store. kiosk mode ' accounts to enable users to access specific network facilities without logging in to their personal accounts. The imperial parks and gardens cover 1680 acres; the chief of them is the "old" garden, containing the "old palace," built (1724) by Rastrelli and gorgeously decorated with mother-of-pearl, marbles, amber, lapis lazuli, silver and gold; the gallery … The sanctuary is surrounded by a corridor into which the chambers open: on the west side is an apartment forming a court and kiosk for the celebration of the feast of the New Year, the principal festival of Dendera. 3. More example sentences A small structure in a public area used for providing information or displaying advertisements, often incorporating an interactive display screen or screens. A kiosk is a small shop in a public place such as a street or station. ; Record yourself saying 'kiosks' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily. All Rights Reserved. /ˈkiːɒsk ˈकीऑस्क्/. [Note: See clause 5.4 for controls relating to the gross floor area of a kiosk. A kiosk is available with flight arrival information. I will be standing at the news kiosk. 44. The kiosk is linked to a database of information, and to the website of Temple Bar Properties by a broadband connection. Th 2. a somewhat similar small structure open at one or more sides, used as a newsstand, bandstand, entrance to a subway, etc. 31. A person wouldn't walk into the middle of a mall and believe everything that sales person at a kiosk tells them, or take financial advice from a stranger in the coffee shop. The older apartments of the palace, such as the throne-room, the Bagdad Kiosk, and many of the objects in the imperial treasury are of extreme interest to all lovers of oriental art. add example. Then she suggested I try another kiosk. The beautiful little riverside temple, called the kiosk, was built by Augustus and inscribed by Trajan; and the latest building was the arch of Diocletian. Kiosks can enhance customer convenience in c-stores and supermarkets in various ways, including looking up information, self-checkout, and price inquiries. The facilities include valet parking, game room, a lobby Internet kiosk, and secure, complimentary, underground parking. Sentence Examples. Meet by the refreshment kiosk in the car park. A short sentence under the census logo informed the viewer that the census was a duty that must be undertaken. Kiosk; 1. The only items for sale at the terrible garage sale were broken furniture, threadbare clothes and obsolete televisions. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Kiosk but also gives extensive definition in English language. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. 3. is not responsible for their content. Visiting a Benefit counter or kiosk is quite pleasing to the eye, even if you aren't actually a fan of the products themselves. The printed version is only a piece of paper decorated with some words and lines and a mark. There is unusual text printed on the kiosk near the area where you would swipe your card. 4. Shopping for wedding gifts can be stressful when trying to locate an exact item using a fuzzy printout from a kiosk. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB No, but I see a kiosk over there where a modest meal may be had. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. kiosk solution for photo processing shops. Kiosk sentence examples. Translate Kiosk. kiosk. sentence examples. If you find that that is successful, approach management at your local mall for details on renting a kiosk. This first kiosk was wildly successful, and Ziff opened additional kiosks in Miami. √ 100% FREE. Inside you will find men 's and women 's toilets and the usherette 's kiosk on the left. Customers will be able to avoid lines by using an ATM-like, He said that after Corless saw her victim inside the store she went outside and hid in a telephone, A passing car lost control and ran into the telephone, After 3 hours with a saber saw, the crazy pointy top is finished, and the crown of a, Safety will be a key issue with a security, Bus, tram and trolleybus tickets cost 70 bani and can be purchased at any RATB, On return, one simply inserts the token into a machine or goes to a, Customers with domestic e-tickets will be able to use the, Otherwise, he recommended booking a telephone, An elderly woman was left trapped inside a telephone, Visitors to Ripon may mistake the green and cream shelter in the Market Place for an ice-cream, Six men in Cossack hats, coats and boots dance a march, pivoting to all six corners of the large, I found myself, a 10-rouble bill in hand, in front of a, The Satellite Newspapers' system downloaded newspapers to a, The only regular visitors are the labourers and derelicts who drop in to spend some time before the radio, For the rest, the hand emerges abruptly from the, Clubs can elect to charge members a fee to use the, These are admission tickets, which means there is no need to queue at the ticket, In the event, he left the magazine at home and the, The popularisation of orange juice, sold at a. First, there was the affair of the untenanted Kiosk on the Grand Parade. 6. A fine pavilion or kiosk, named de l'Etoile, has also survived. Customers will be able to avoid lines by using an ATM-like kiosk to receive refills. Example sentences: You can pick up your plane tickets at one of the airport's kiosks . The Call of the Primitive. The general style of the questionnaire is similar to that of the 2001 census. means premises that are used for the purposes of selling food, light refreshments and other small convenience items such as newspapers, films and the like. kiosk Hindi meaning, translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by You will see a telephone kiosk on the opposite side of the road. Using the in-store kiosk submits you to the distractions around you, so it's better if you can fill out an online application in peace and quiet so you don't make any mistakes. en Nikolai Gutsulyak recalls: “We often obtained food products from the camp food kiosk. Stairs in the kiosk led us up to a viewing platform that afforded us a wonderful panorama of the Mima prairie. The restaurant manager issued a fiat stating employees could not place their vehicles in the customer parking area. How to say kiosk in Hindi and what is the meaning of kiosk in Hindi? Definition of kiosk. √ Fast and Easy to use. The wooden house (built in 1481, restored in 18 9 2) which the prince occupied, a church of St Demetrius, erected at the spot where he was killed, and a kiosk on the site of a convent where his mother was forcibly consecrated a nun, are the principal memorials of this incident. How to use kiosk in a sentence. The kiosks operated under a variety of names, including Premier Skincare, Orogold and Seacret Spa. It was towards this kiosk that we were rowing. Hindi translation of 'kiosk'. (4) There's a newspaper kiosk in the station. See 4 authoritative translations of Kiosk in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. Any of various unmanned, free-standing structures housing, variously, interactive terminals, video monitors, etc., located in retail stores or other public places for the use of customers, the general … √ Over 1,500,000 translations. They sold them in the newspaper, Oldest in the list is the red K2 telephone, Instead of picking one of the main car hire companies with a, You can even combine the features and make a looping autoplay DVD for a, Some people say I make the best joe in town. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Examples of Fiat in a sentence. But you know there's a, He went on to say that if the decision to disbar him was confirmed, he would become a florist and set up a, Popular Tyneside food chain Sambucas are turning a miniature golf course, I went down it with a swoop, landed in a heap beside the, They turned from the sea into the broad walk of the Villa, and walked towards the, And with that the Ulemas and Halil's comrades were led away to the, An Edwardian postcard shows well-dressed promenaders enjoying afternoon tea around Thoms refreshment, One of the hottest channels for communication today is the information, Mark Sharman, 37, of School Street, Long Lawford, has opened his shoe repair and key-making. a small structure having one or more sides open, used as a newsstand, refreshment stand, bandstand, etc. 5. Shortly after the self-financed company had been set up, work started on a bespoke in-store touch screen kiosk for the video rental company. The facilities include valet Parking, game room, a lobby Internet kiosk, and secure, complimentary, underground parking. a small machine in a public place which you can use to get tickets or information about something: With the goal of one-stop service, the kiosk lets guests select rooms and print hotel receipts and airline … For example, you can upload your images at an in-store kiosk or online with Wal-Mart and edit before you print. an interactive … 5. On arrival at the airport, the self-service kiosk is simply used to print the boarding card. Kiosk in a sentence. Maybe she should be flattened by a telephone kiosk on a wavering winch. Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'kiosks':. Example sentences with "kiosk", translation memory. Kiosks can also be placed on the sales floor and at the ends of aisles to help customers find specific products and look up other information without asking an employee. (2) We were eating hamburgers at a kiosk. Court documents, however, indicate Gur’s businesses also … kiosk in American English. I bought a magazine at the station kiosk.

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