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lake trout jigging lures

Lures and Tools for Jigging Lake Trout. Some ice fishermen like to try to catch lake trout by using a method called jigging. Followers 2. Case in point: I was ice fishing for lake trout one time in Thunder Bay in Lake Superior, and had augured two holes in the ice about 40 to 50 feet apart. Jigging can be a very successful method of freshwater fishing, which uses light gear, but requires a learning period before you reap the benefits. Trout anglers often tie flies to mimic these short-lived winged adult insects, while lake trout-especially giant fish of double-digit proportions—will gobble up mayfly-imitating lures. Living in depths up to 150 feet, many anglers struggle to connect with these fish using … 99 One of the coolest things about winter lake trout is they can be caught regularly on artificial lures. In this article, I go over the best lures for jigging speckled trout. It is the preferred area for the boats jigging, and on some days there will be 25 or more boats dead in the water jigging these spots. My favorite lures were actually designed for salt water. The concept was and is simple: find fish on your electronics, and drop your presentation right on their heads. Getting the jig down the 100’ to the fish is only half the battle. Jigging’s erratic motion mimics wounded fish and is a tried-and-true method. Vertical jigging for lake trout is an extremely productive way of targeting these beautiful and aggressive fish, and an incredibly fun way to catch lake trout on light tackle using a hands-on technique. Drop the lure to the bottom, reel up about a foot and jig the lure up sharply 1-3 feet and then let it free … Jigging lures are often 1-2 oz jigs. But several years ago, I decided to trade in the traditional big water tackle to explore the world of vertical jigging salmon, lake trout, and … Like most fisherman on Lake Michigan, I grew up doing A LOT of trolling. Its unique design and plastic fin allow the lure to sway back and forth on an upward jig and … Jigging can be great for really targeting fish in a precise location and depth. Lake trout like to spend time where it's colder. You're more likely to find a good supply of lake trout in a deep, cold lake than in a shallow, warmer lake. It's a ton of fun. Check around your region to find out the best places to go trout fishing, or ask local anglers where the deepest spots of your local lake are. Anglers can add a soft plastic trailer for action and bulk. Best lake trout jigging lures. When trolling for lake trout, the preferred rods are anywhere from 7’6” to 9’6”, medium heavy, with a fast action. 7.Watch Your Rod After snatching your bait, Lake Trout will generally take off without notice. Mackinaw, also called lake trout, are found across the Northwest and have been introduced to high mountain lakes as well. You can also fish relatively aggressively for lake trout, jigging a spoon, jigging rapala or tube jig with a lot of … Vertical Jigging for Lake Trout/Togue By Daddy Mac Lures Pro Staffer Tim Moore From Tim Moore Outdoors When I mention lake trout fishing to most anglers I usually get one of two responses, “I love trolling” or, “I hate trolling.” For many lake trout angler, trolling is synonymous with lake trout fishing. Jigging for lake trout is a technique a friend of mine, Jerry Zabriskie introduced to anglers on Flaming Gore 25-plus years ago. It produces lots of fish and can be used to catch whitefish, lake trout and yellow perch. Naturally, your jerkbaits will migrate with the waters which sets off more natural looking lures. We were trolling in Wickiup Reservoir early in the morning after camping at a nearby trailhead. Jigging lake Trout through the ice. Shimano Tekota 500 series or equivalent are excellent choices for reels. So now that we know that lake trout feed on fish species, not unlike themselves it gives us a good idea of what type of lures and live bait will work. One of the first big fish I ever caught was a lake trout. When fishing the thermoclines (scum-line) we will run around 2.5 mph, but when fishing the bottom in deep water (100 to 200 feet) we run slower. Having the correct tackle isn’t enough to catch speckled trout at Lake Pontchartrain’s bridges. Vertical jigging is perfectly suited to catching lake trout in the summer because the fish concentrate in and around well-defined locations that are easy to find—if you know what to look for. There are situations when lure style is the biggest key. The Jigging Rapala (Especially the Silver and White color) is an old favorite that’s been around the ice fishing scene for countless years.

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