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neil breen fateful findings full movie

Citizen Kane. Fatal Future director Michael Keane was so inspired by Neil Breen’s Fateful Findings, he went off and made his own bad movie. All Rights reserved. Fateful Findings. I am artificial. My immediate comment back to someone like you is... You know, I'm not gonna tell you what the budget is. It is my birthday. DVD in an NTSC standard. I'm gonna have T-shirts now. share. And with all of that, it’s clear that Fateful Findings isn’t a film that will offer any genuine entertainment. Last year Drafthouse Films unearthed the inept but feelgood 1987 martial arts pic Miami Connection and gave it a second life with theatrical, DVD & Blu-ray, VHS, and digital release. I've had this film review channel since 2010, and I can't believe it's taking so long, but part. Video Player is loading. Did you, like, follow him into this room to say that? 2:06. But hey, at least you had fun, so fuck it! If so, he’d better be keeping a few extra laptops handy. [clip] I can't believe you commited suicide. Breen and the pic, a sci-fi paranormal romance thriller about a novelist-turned-hacker who uncovers a government conspiracy while discovering his own repressed superpowers, got on hardcore cinephiles’ radar last year through film festival bookings and underground screenings with virtually no publicity effort in place. Double Down. I'm proud of you. and he really likes it when people are good, So the only characters you'll ever see are, [YMS] It's pretty much just a movie about Neil Breen, Interlaced with Birdemic: Shock and Terror, [clip] Now that we've paid off our fellow, [clip] So because the evil corporate businessmen. He Tweets and will eventually make in-person appearances at screenings if the film catches on. Double Down was far more confusing and the pace wasn't good, but there was plenty to love there, as well. Read More. Members. Now that Tommy Wiseau and The Room (read our review of the movie and live show) are about to reach critical cultural mass thanks to The Disaster Artist, it's time to introduce you to your next favorite cult director and movie… Fateful Findings (2013) Director: Neil Breen Stars: Neil Breen, Jennifer Autry, Klara Landrat No. The movie really gets started when he's hit by a Rolls Royce in what's probably the best scene ever made of someone getting hit by a car: I'm not here to tell you how to interpret the film. Today we review a Neil Breen film and realize that not all heroes wear capes.#NeilBreen #fatefulfindings #review(video flipped for copyright purposes. And then he crucifies them home depot style. Thanks to Twitter and a catchy title, SyFy’s B-movie creature feature Sharknado (not to be confused with 2010’s Sharktopus, also from SyFy) had America so riveted this summer it added a theatrical run to capitalize on the momentum. That's what I remember. But soon the mystical forces start to prevent him from revealing the hacked files. Our intuitive subtitle editor is free! And he does spend the whole movie being morally superior to everyone around him. A small boy discovers a mystical power as a child. Fateful Findings Best Scenes. Launch dates for broadcast, cable and streaming programs, Up-to-date lists for broadcast, cable and streaming series, Pandemic-proof vs. pandemic-contingent broadcast lineups, Signup for Breaking News Alerts & Newsletters, Get our latest storiesin the feed of your favorite networks. I thought you were against everything that involved making any kind of money? So now, these two are fighting for basically no reason. But the art of selling movies in this niche business is almost always dependent on embracing the awfulness. He was one of the voices in that room full of people. Microbudget oddity Fateful Findings is the latest wannabe cult classic to wade into the waters infested by movies like SyFy’s low-budget phenomenon Sharknado. USA Shipping. 104. In March of 2019, Breen confirmed that he would be producing a Twisted Pair sequel. Tommy Wiseau‘s awful-some (that’s awful + awesome) The Room, which screened for ten years and became a spoon-throwing, celebrity-attracting one of a kind L.A. curiosity, actually spawned a DVD/Blu-ray release, a book deal, and regular worldwide theatrical bookings. Fateful Findings may be the perfect movie for this kind of thing. Breen's third film, Fateful Findings, was compared to Wiseau's The Room by the former film's North American distributor Panorama Entertainment. Good Job. I mean, if you can figure out how to, that is. So many ill-framed tight close ups that corner you with the face of Neil Breen. Outside of those midnight movie hubs, and with no major P&A from Panorama, Findings will have to spark wannasee in the outerlands based on word of mouth alone. [YMS] Well, that explains that look he was giving earlier. Posted by 5 days ago. The Room is the gold standard for exquisitely, transcendently, historically unself-conscious awfulness, but in recent years its position has been threatened by Neil Breen’s Fateful Findings. Now this film was the last one we watched that night, So with Neil Breen being a super intelligent, And I mean, how much more powerful can a character. Cast: Neil Breen - Klara Landrat - Jennifer Autry - Victoria Viveiros - David Silva. I can't believe it. So how is she supposed to feed that fake baby now? As of June 20th, liteally on the website for ten years. Microbudget oddity Fateful Findings is the latest wannabe cult classic to wade into the waters infested by movies like SyFy’s low-budget phenomenon Sharknado. [YMS] Hey guys, this probably looks very different.; 2:04. Universal Shifts ‘Boss Baby’ Sequel To September 2021; DWA’s ‘The Bad Guys’ Moving To 2022, How The Box Office Will Power Back In 2021 Despite Covid Woes & Streaming Obsessions, Hybrid Horror ‘The Nightmare’ Brings Boogeymen To Sundance – Hot Clip, Shawn Hatosy Signs With MGMT Entertainment, Julia Roberts To Produce & Star In ‘Batkid Begins’ Feature Film, Exhibitor Stocks Rise After $16.7M U.S. Gavin Newsom Says, Lori Loughlin Released From Prison After Two-Month Stretch For Role In College Admissions Fraud Scandal, Covering The Trump White House, Podcasts To Watch For, Charitable Efforts & More. [clip] I'm gonna shoot this damn car full of holes! Play Video. Fateful Findings. [YMS] Later, Neil Breen is in an argument. Episode #101: Fateful Findings Audio Preview ... movie, podcast, movie podcast, Neil Breen, hacking, best hacker, Fateful Findings. [YMS] He shows up to the trailer outside a storage locker where she's being kept prisoner to find the kidnapper conveniently asleep on the job. DRAMA; A computer scientist/novel writer with supernatural power begins to hack into secret government files and when his relationship with his girlfriend crumbles, he reunites with his childhood girlfriend through mystical forces. Fateful Findings Trailer. Eat it up. We Just Watched Fateful Findings! [YMS] This is literally the second film in a row. 2 comments. It's been, what, like. Duration / … 2001: A Space Odyssey. We want to hear from you! Jennifer Autry as Leah. I think this scene kinda speaks for itself: [YMS] Neil Breen, aka God, has been making films since 2005. so as soon as I saw their video, I was like: So I promptly bought every single one of his films. [YMS] So now, we're having a barbecue by the pool. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. I have those blinds. and I gotta say, this trilogy is quite the holy trinity, So before we get into Fateful Findings, let me give you a quick, So first of all, if you haven't seen RedLetterMedia's, Watching everyone loose their shit, while, is probably the best thing you could watch to, and the rest of the movie is just the same, then later edited his movie together only to, - "Yeah, I don't care about the boom girl.". [clip] - What's this kind of shot called again? You did it. because I've seen his shirts in person, I know he doesn't use cheap shit and he actually uses good materials to print the shirts, and this way, at least I'm able to have a level of, So it's a win/win for everybody, the design. You can't make this shit up, people! He'll just say it out loud to himself! If you love bad movies and you want the full Neil Breen experience, Fateful Findings is where you need to start. An adult female character who is clearly wearing no bra. Precedents for cult movie success are few but flashy. [YMS] We then see a storage locker and a big ass book, We then see two kids running through a field and they then walk, [YMS] So now, the girl's moving away and they have, [Hitler] Es ist ein kleine wurzellose internationale, [YMS] So this kid grows up to be Neil Breen, and we. [YMS] Four years later and Neil Breen releases. [Derek Savage] Gun self-defense for women covers. With Neil Breen, Klara Landrat, Jennifer Autry, Victoria Viveiros. fateful findings movie rights truth Fateful Findings is a 2012 American independent science fiction film directed, written, produced, edited by, and starring Neil Breen, who was also in charge of production design, set decoration, makeup, sound editing, catering, and casting. Although he still has superpowers bestowed on him from a magical rock. Metropolis. [ ♪ College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero ♪ ]. “I think people want to be entertained – they don’t want to be hit over the head with informational movies about current events [like] The Fifth Estate,” says Strutin, who first saw Fateful Findings when it came across his desk as a blind submission. On the peripheries of the mainstream dance the campy breed of Verhoeven’s classic Showgirls, while over in Europe Uwe Boll’s built an entire cottage industry out of bad movies. Why would you credit something that nobody did??? So if you watch the whole trilogy and take a sip of beer. Why would you credit something that nobody did? [clip] Are you tired of this happening to you? And you don’t have to take our word for it: The experts at The Flop House recently featured Breen’s film Fateful Findings on an episode of the show, and The A.V. Someone disappears through basic editing tricks. Fuck it! Upload subtitles. Fateful Findings (2013) Every now and then I come across a movie that's so bad I have to see it again. "What happened, YMS? Breen's fifth feature film, Twisted Pair, was released in October 2018. Go for it. 29/01/2015 "STEROIDS" forget Benoit; forget "no more Choke holds" Vince! And nowhere on the website does it say this. Addeddate 2016-10-30 22:13:36 Identifier FATEFULFINDINGS ... Filmmaker Neil Breen … Klara Landrat as Emily. Most are more energetic than Neil Breen, but nobody sets the screen alight here. Comments. [ ♪ Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now aka Rocky theme song ♪ ], [YMS] So naturally, Neil Breen steps in by. Neil Breen - Twisted Pair 2018 Trailer. It's a legitimate, [YMS] I shit you not, this man is the next big, Quite honestly, the biggest reason I'm reviewing this, So sometime last year, someone tweeted me, suggesting, When I finally got around to watching it, it was one of, that my roommate from downstairs had to come. He must now face the dire and fateful consequences of his actions. Aficionados of outsider cinema who aren’t already familiar with Las Vegas architect/DIY auteur Neil Breen’s baffling oevure are hereby advised to get on that, now. 4.2k. So one of the subplots to this film is that Neil Breen, And I guess he didn't really know how he was. [YMS] And last but not least, we have the masterpiece known as Fateful Findings, starring Neil Breen. ... go for it. [YMS] Well, there you have it. And just when you thought news couldn't get any better, [clip] I am not of this earth. If this, [YMS] So in conclusion, all of you need to, Now, if I truly wanted to dissect these films and mention, Partially, because I want there to be plenty of, The other reason why I left out so much is because, There are so many common elements in each of his films. Box Office Start Tops ‘Tenet’; Threequel Gets Fast-Tracked, Los Angeles County Stay-At-Home Order Extension “Likely” Coming Tomorrow, Gov. A shot of clothes hitting the floor or ground. I'm telling. You see, Neil Breen is the ultimate moral authority. Neil Breen as Dylan. the actual process of purchasing his films is, but then add special instructions to the seller to. 11. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. ... "Fateful Findings is the best/worst B movie about cyber government surveillance....may be the best or worst important movie of our time. Apocalypse Now. [YMS] Fateful Findings is a work of sheer Breen-ius. Well, it means whatever you want it to mean. On the TV was an infamous cult classic hit: 2013 fantasy drama “ Fateful Findings, ” a mind-numbing, belly-busting, head-scratching, tour de force of a film directed, starring, and written by Neil Breen . [YMS] Well, thanks for stopping by, Neil Breen, you were too good for this planet. You tell me what you think the budget was, you tell me what you think budgetarily it took to, Later, it seems as though Neil Breen has found the most, [YMS] One of my favorite things about Neil Breen's, I shit you not, all you gotta do is change the footage to black. To top it off, in Fateful Findings, Neil Breen does this on old, broken laptops that aren’t even turned on. Neil Breen Fateful Findings Trailer - Video Results. Neil Breen Writer. It’s not for sale anywhere. The reason why I'm not wearing one of these shirts right now is because they're literally two days away from being complete and printed. Do you feel like you're always struggling to stay awake? I am Here....Now. but I wouldn't really have a level of communiation with, However, I have a friend that literally started his T-shirt. Fateful Findings (2013) You have to give Neil some credit, his fake blood looks insanely realistic in this film. Are your accessibility or localization needs BIG? Alexandra Michalski. It is not a midnight movie. [clip] Wha-What-What where the, uh, but if you don't mind, No, budget, budget, producers, low-budget Indie producers. His childhood 'finding' gives him amazing paranormal powers. It's during this scene where piece-of-shit, So this girl gets a call on her cellphone, and I, "If only there was a product that allowed me. Starring. Play. [YMS] Wow, you're, like, not even gonna clean that up. While Fateful Findings may be a slog to watch and isn’t quite as quotable as The Room, I think it makes for a fun party film to watch with friends ... Movie Reviews Tagged: Neil Breen, fantasy, live action, sci-fi. In all seriousness, Neil Breen clearly has a passion. He actually uses the same fake company names in every movie. You've never been to a carpeted hospital? Amara’s platform and services can help. All right, now can we all imagine just how dramatic and emotional this must have been in Neil Breen's head when he was planning this out? Panorama, a micro-distributor whose strategy includes opening features outside of the competitive L.A. and NYC markets, is plotting a January 19 midnight movie debut in Cleveland. DOUBLE DOWN (2006): Neil Breen, the sole legal owner to all rights to the … He wakes him up to knock him out and then, He saves the day and then his house turns, Neil Breen holds a press conference in front of the, [clip] I have discovered more information, [YMS] And in response, we see a compilation of. [clip] - "Stop Music Courtesy by". But you can laugh at how bad it is, and it’s fortunately just mad enough that it’s an enjoyably terrible movie. Neil Breen mentions or demonstrates his magic powers. So the movie starts out with more free play music, yaaay! The only 100% doctor recommended, [YMS] So now, he's having dinner with his friends and the. [YMS] Now, we're at his friend's house and the carpet looks. Find movie and film cast and crew information for Fateful Findings (2013) - Neil Breen on AllMovie In this film, he tones down the narcissism just a tad and plays an actual human being instead of an alien super Jesus. I can say with certainty it’s one of the most memorably terrible movies I’ve ever lived through. Fateful Findings (2013) ... Neil Breen. [clip] What draws you to create those kind. Before watching it, I knew about 2013's Fateful Findings, the breakthrough for writer/director/producer* Neil Breen, only that it was notorious. ", Seriously though, it's great that I'm doing this thorugh. He was actually in this video that you just watched. Pass Thru. Neil Breen's DOUBLE DOWN (Trailer); 3:54. ... "Full of heart and special vision. Want to caption or translate video? [YMS] Meanwhile, the film decides to emphasize. Meanwhile, his wife stays at home and kills herself. Once again, this film is quite repetitive. Apparently, it was such a magical day that she keeps this fucking booklet inside her pocket everywhere she goddamn goes for thirty fucking years! Anyway, very special thanks to Brendaniel who agreed to do some very short notice voice-acting for that informercial segment. James Nguyen’s Birdemic lost money on its initial $10K budget but snagged a home media release through genre label Severin Films and hatched a sequel. I can move from one time plane to another. With magic rocks, laptop violence, and hacking the government yet again, this film is one of Neil… [YMS] Now, it's up to you whether or not you want to make an actual bingo board out of it, or just drink any time one of these things happens, but here's everthing from his films I noticed. So they kill him in a very griddy and realistic way. Anyone know how to watch/download Fateful Findings in full? 113. [clip] I resign today, as president of the bank. is because I kind of wanted all the stars to align before signing onto something or making kind of a commitment like that. I’m told Findings had at least one other specialty distributor knocking at Breen’s door before he went with virtual unknowns Panorama for zero upfront in exchange for certain guarantees and his involvement in all aspects of the film’s release and marketing. There's a video where he read the entire script to Bee Movie. [clip] I'm going to continue hacking into these, About all this national and international, [YMS] So apparently, Neil Breen's wife is a pill junkie and, Neil Breen says "Let's talk", but then the. Panorama co-founder Stuart Strutin is banking on the pic’s WTF factor to find the special kind of audience that delights in this kind of hot mess spectacle cinema. Action Figure Wish List: Fateful Findings. If only he had, So everybody else leaves but luckily, he's had, You know, on second thought, I'm not really all that sure, Because apparently he doesn't need needles and, Also, apparently they feel as though it's necesssary. Filmmaker Neil Breen – a Las Vegas-based architect by day who wrote, directed, produced, edited, production designed, and cast himself front and center as the star of the pic to frequently awkward effect – has pacted with NY-based Panorama Entertainment targeting a handful of regional theatrical engagements hoping for hot word of mouth and repeat late-night bookings to propel the film into cult glory. - Hey, it's 90 minutes in and we have an antagonist, great!; More Neil Breen Fateful Findings Trailer videos. mace, knife protection, mace, karate self-defense, baseball, bullying, karate self-defense, bullying, baseball! We all Lose "Especially" STARS & Want-a-be's. He is then separated from his childhood girlfriend. Man, if that isn't a good deed, I don't know what is. About. And by that, I mean he's not saying anything at all, but the way they filmed her makes it seem as, So he got hurt pretty bad and now he's in a. Fateful Findings A Neil Breen Film. Shortly after that, he starts feeling a sudden urgency, [YMS] But apparently, somebody already knows what he's. save hide report. Movie name ... Fateful.Findings.2013.DVDRip.x264-HANDJOB Watch online Download Subtitles Searcher: 1CD 27/11/2018: 74x srt: 0.0: 0: 4.6: hywel: Fateful Findings (2013) But I figured I would advertise them in this, but here's the design, if this looks like something. Keane joins Samurai Cop 2 … Directed by Neil Breen. The father, the son and the holy alien space Jesus. He's pretty much the only character that's not a scumbag or drug addict. [clip] I'm hungry. After the one hour and 40-minute run time had ended, … I have those blinds. We have truly been blessed with quite possibly the most important new voice in independent cinema. Findings first earned geek cred through screenings at Austin’s Ain’t It Cool-sponsored Butt-Numb-A-Thon and L.A.’s Cinefamily. Unmute. The Godfather. Fateful Findings - Trailer - YouTube. A computer scientist/novel writer with supernatural power begins to hack into secret government files and after his relationship with his girlfriend crumbles, he reunites with his childhood girlfriend through mystical forces. A computer-scientist/novelist reunites with his childhood friend, hacks into government databases, and faces the dire and fateful consequences of the mystical actions he obtained as a child. [YMS] Yeah, that's right, check his pulse. Related Posts. They’ve also booked Seattle hoping word of mouth from Findings’ Seattle Film Festival screening will bring ticket buyers out into the rainy Northwest to tap their curiosities.

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