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sennheiser hd 25 limited edition review

ENG, sound … Add to my order. UDG Creator Headphone … The closed-back HD 25 are purpose-designed, professional monitoring headphones offering high attenuation of background noise. German audio brand Sennheiser is celebrating its 75-year anniversary by releasing a limited-edition headphone, as per a report by Digital Trends. The pads are included in addition to the usual black color and are limited to 25,000 units. Cable length. Since June, Sennheiser has released limited edition variants of some of their iconic models, like the HD 25 (originally released in 1988) in retro package design and extra yellow earpads, limited to 25,000 units. The closed-back Sennheiser HD 25 are purpose-designed, professional monitoring headphones offering high attenuation of background noise. Sennheiser HD 559 Open-Back Headphones (Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars 608. Details. Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones - One of the most iconic pieces of DJ gear. Sennheiser Releases HD 25 Limited Edition Headphones Posted on 2nd June, 2020 It's Sennheiser's 75th Birthday, and it looks like the cake is going to be black, yellow, and have a robust midbass response. • HD 25 - The HD 25 is our legendary HD 25 headphone with splayed headband and straight cable. Limited Edition version of the industry standard DJ Headphone with yellow leather earpads (includes a replacement pair of black earpads too) Due to their low weight and the option of one-ear listening, the HD 25 Plus headphones are indispensable for mobile monitoring. 2020 has been an exciting year for the German audio manufacturer, a year in which it celebrated its diamond jubilee. Compare list; Wish list. Headphones & Soundbars All Products MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 AMBEO Soundbar Wireless … If you’re looking for a wireless design, Sennheiser offers over-ear, on-ear, and earbud headphones with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. For those that get lucky an HD 25 Limited Edition model will arrive when you order a standard HD 25 model. Add to my order. The HD 25 PLUS (This is the one to get, worth every extra dollar) Comes with two cables (one coiled), a bag, and spare velour ear pads.. Head Gear. Besides the usual black earpads, the limited edition includes additional yellow earpads, inspired by the famous colors of another icon – Sennheiser’s HD 414, the world’s first open headphones. The original HD 25 has been released with special yellow ear pads (as well as the black) to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Sennheiser brand. Get the Sennheiser HD25 75th Anniversary Edition Headphones from Andertons Music Co. Free UK mainland delivery on qualifying orders! A […] The professional headphones are limited to just a few hundred units and are exclusively available through Sennheiser's online shops and at the Sennheiser flagship stores in Berlin, Singapore and the company headquarters in Wedemark. Currently Sennheiser offers three (3) models in the HD 25 line • HD 25 LIGHT - The HD 25 LIGHT is the essential sound of a HD 25 with a simplified headband. Home. The HD 25 Limited Edition headphones also feature a retro Sennheiser logo on the earcups and come … Activate … German audio engineering company, Sennheiser, has launched up to 30% off its HD 25 headphones for the month of June in celebration of its 75th anniversary, alongside new limited edition headphones. Sennheiser has announced its HD 800 S Anniversary Edition headphones, with a limited release of only 750. For those who buy our HD 25 in June: Who knows, you might be one of our lucky owners of the Limited Edition HD 25 with additional classic Sennheiser style yellow earpads and retro logo print, which are shipped randomly while supplies last. Recommend; Enable Social Media Product variations. HD 25 Black Sennheiser HD 25 Professional DJ Headphone with Slappa SL-HP-07 HardBody Pro Case : Shop: $150 : HD25 Black Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones : Shop: $150 : HD 25 Limited Edition Sennheiser HD 25 Closed Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone, Limited Edition : Shop: Show all 5 listings They need a … Sennheiser HD 25 Limited Edition (72) Item: REC0014879-000. BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this to a friend. Legend. £42.00 £36.00. Since its founding in 1945, Sennheiser has brought us the HD 414 in 1968, the HD 25 in 1988, the HD 800 is 2009 and on the 24th of September, it brought us the HD 560S. Icon. Phew. Find a dealer now. 1,5 m (HD 25 Plus: 1-3 m) … GEM take the quality of their products very seriously, with a unique approach to the quality of production and the materials used. VAT – free shipping … Sennheiser was founded in 1945, and so 2020 is their 75th anniversary. In Australia, the Sennheiser HD 25 headphones will be available via the company’s website for $239.95 “only in June”, instead of $349.95. Head Gear. Contact pressure ~ 2,5 N . Great for mixing in the booth or listening to tunes on the sofa. Pro Audio & PC +44 17 0877 1966 +44 17 0877 1901. Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels and of extremely robust construction, these headphones perform exceptionally well in loud environments, e.g. THD, total harmonic distortion < 0,3 %. Sennheiser HD-25. The Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones have been redesigned, featuring the classic split headband with a single-sided connection cable and a flip-away earcup for convenient single-sided listening.With a frequency response of 16Hz to 22kHz, an impedance of 70 ohms and a … Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels and of extremely robust construction, these headphones perform exceptionally well in high-noise environments, e.g. £20.00 £16.00. The New "Simpler" HD-25 Range: The HD 25 LIGHT is a less expensive single band unit, a bit like the HD 25-SP II.. The Sennheiser HD 2.10 costs Rs. Find alternative or successor products... We are happy to help you! ENG, sound reinforcement, studio monitoring and audio equipment testing. This product is no longer available! Cons: not comfortable for longer sessions, bass is not going very deep, small … Compatible with the following models: Sennheiser HD 25 Basic Edition Headphones Manufacturer: Sennheiser (79) £ 119.00. Professional Sennheiser DJ Headphones, HD25 - Limited Edition. This is a awesome headphone with pro and music monitor to use. The HD 25 as a headphone is known for everything from DJ use to tons of broadcast production work in sports and more. • HD 25 PLUS On-Ear Added by; Create date May 5, 2010; Tags sennheiser-hd-25-1-ii-professional-headphone; Overview Reviews (47) krenky; 3.50 star(s) Apr 17, 2017; Pros: Great detailed sound, amazing passive isolation, small and very practical. Sennheiser has announced the HD 800 S Anniversary Edition, a collector’s edition of the high-end headphones. 44 600,00 ₹ Usually dispatched in 6 to 10 days. Original retro Sennheiser logo print; Standard black earpads included in box, to … The limited-edition was inspired by the famous colors of another icon – Sennheiser's HD 414, the world's first open headphones. black. 3,5/6,3 mm stereo. The audio brand has announced an anniversary edition of the HD 25 headphones.They have been priced at $100 after a $50 price cut. Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 25 Headphones - 75 Years Anniversary Limited Special Edition 4.6 out ... Sennheiser HD 25 Plus On-Ear Closed Back Monitor DJ Headphones + Slappa HardBody PRO Headphone Case 4.9 out of 5 stars 29. Jack plug. supraaural . Load more reviews. DJ headphones and pro monitoring headphones need a few things in order to work well for those professions. Specifications Color. Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone - Reviews. Rather than regularly selling the HD 25 Limited Editions, Sennheiser has instead priced the normal HD 25 headphones at $100 (a steep discount from the normal $150 MSRP) and anyone who orders a pair in the month of … HD 25 Blue Limited Edition; On Ear DJ Headphone HD 25 Blue Considered to be the "Industry Standard" for DJs, HD 25 can be found in DJ Booths around the world. HD 25 Blue - - Headband,Double Sided,Home Audio,HiFi System,TV Set,Headphone Amp,Passive noise reduction,Closed acoustic design,Monitoring,Wired,Vocal,Instruments,On-Ear,On-Ear,Professional Headphones & Headsets,Studio,Broadcast,DJ,Stage & Monitoring - Sennheiser Discover True Sound. The Sennheiser HD 25 - Industry standard for DJs, Studio & Live Monitoring Workhorse. £ £ £ 129.00 £ 87.00 incl. 509177 Buy now. The HD 25 Limited Edition headphones also feature a retro Sennheiser logo on the earcups and come packaged in a box with a stylish retro sleeve. 10 990,00 ₹ V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Over-Ear Headphones … HD 25 Blue Buy now £ 87.00 incl. SOLD OUT! Sennheiser decided to spice things up even further with a Willy Wonka style opportunity to get a limited edition set with golden-ticket colored pads. 3,990, which is a lot of money considering you can fetch the much better Denon AH-D510R or even the Audio Technica ATH-M30X at a similar price. Sennheiser headphones are known for their quality sound, sleek designs, and long-lasting durability. The official … Sennheiser HD 25. VAT – free shipping Article No. New Podcast Bundle - Limited Time Upgrade your podcast audio with the HD 280 … Sennheiser has also released a few limited edition versions of these over the years, with aluminum ear cups and different cosmetic designs. Characteristics. Special offers when purchasing Sennheiser HD25 Blue Limited Edition Headphones View all ‹ Magma Headphone Case. And they also used to come in a few different impedance variations, but the 70 ohm model is now the main one. There is also a new retro logo on … Sennheiser has launched the HD 25 Robin Schulz Edition, a white version of the legendary HD 25 monitoring headphones adorned with the signature of Germany's star DJ. If you want to travel light, options have so far been limited, so Sennheiser has made the HD 4.50 BTNCs both lightweight and flexible. Headphones. Anniversary Edition. Many of their wireless options include wired functionality, so you are not always limited to listening to Bluetooth-compatible devices, and you can continue listening even after … This limited release boasts the same unrivalled stereo sound, noise cancellation and exceptional battery life as the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2. Sennheiser will make a total of 25,000 units of these headphones available for purchase worldwide. For a more in depth review of the HD-25 - Go Here.. The HD 25 is the classic model - great, but you might as well get the plus.. Ear coupling. Performs exceptionally well in loud environments. The HD25's are closed-back and purpose-designed for professional monitoring offering high attenuation of background noise and Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels. Frequency response (Headphones) 16 - 22000 Hz. As a tribute to Sennheiser’s heritage, the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 Anniversary Edition features the original Sennheiser logo and an exclusive all-black look. By naming this pair of headphones the HD 560S, it does seem that the company is reviving the legacy of the HD 560 series … Sennheiser HD25 Blue Limited Edition Professional DJ Headphones. Buy now. (0 Sennheiser HD25 Blue Limited Edition Headphones reviews) Ask questions about this product 5-Star Guarantee and Price Promise; Email Wishlist 5. This combined with the GEM Life Time Limited Warranty can assure you that our products are built to last. 75 years of Sennheiser Limited Edition All you need is a bit of luck! Sennheiser is releasing a limited edition retro-coloured set of HD 25 headphones to mark its anniversary. Distinguishing the Limited Edition model from the regular version are yellow earpads, which are a nod to the brand’s HD 414 model — Sennheiser’s very-first open-ear headphone model. UDG Ultimate DIGI Headphone Bag U9950BL. Buy now from your favorite online store!

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